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Leslie Bourgeois, Archivist for the Louisiana Digital Media Archive (LDMA)

LPB’s Leslie Bourgeois, Archivist for the Louisiana Digital Media Archive (LDMA), will be speaking on two panels at the Association of Moving Image Archivists 2017 conference. AMIA is the world’s largest international association of professional media archivists, and is holding its 2017 conference November 29 through December 2 in New Orleans.

On Thursday, November 29, Bourgeois will speak on a panel called Louisiana, The State We’re In: Challenges, Collaboration, & Opportunities She’ll chronicle the history of the LDMA project and the benefits of its collaboration with the Louisiana State Archives in both preserving our audio/visual collections and making them available to the public.

On Saturday, December 2, Bourgeois will speak on a panel called “Building the AAPB: Inter-Institutional Preservation and Access Workflows.” She’ll address LPB’s participation in the American Archive of Public Broadcasting, the digitization workflow, and LPB’s role as one of the first AAPB participating stations to use the AAPB as a portal of discovery for LPB’s assets on the LDMA.

Bourgeois recently helped the First United Methodist Church in Alexandria to preserve a film called Christ is Born that was made in 1943. The film was made as a partnership between the church and servicemen who worked in Hollywood, but were stationed at nearby Camp Livingston during World War II. The film was shot entirely in Alexandria using church members in the cast. It was produced to be shown by the USO.

Bourgeois is the first fully-trained archivist in the history of LPB. Since 2009, she has been responsible for organizing, preserving and cataloging LPB’s archival collection, which dates back to the station’s debut in September 1975. Bourgeois is the project manager for the LDMA, a joint project between LPB and the Louisiana State Archives. She also manages LPB’s participation with the American Archive of Public Broadcasting, a project under the direction of the WGBH Media Library and Archives and the Library of Congress

For more information, contact Margaret T. Schlaudecker at (225) 767-4276, or email mschlaudecker@lpb.org.