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PBS KIDS Halloween

Hey! It's a wonderful kind of Halloween!  Get ready for all things spooky with classic Halloween stories from PBS KIDS favorites, including Ready Jet Go!, Pinkalicious & Peterrific, Splash and Bubbles and Arthur starting October 14th. After watching, carve your very own favorite PBS KIDS show pumpkin!  Click HERE for PBS KIDS pumpkin carving templates!

@PBSKIDS Halloween


How Caring for Living Things Helps Kids Build Empathy

Does your toddler have a younger sibling? Assigning kid-sized tasks, such as passing you baby wipes, is a small way to raise empathetic kids and super siblings. @PBSKID

Day of the Dead Books for Kids

The Day of the Dead is a time of both joy and quiet remembrance as families honor their loved ones who have died. Explore how this holiday is celebrated across Latin America in this list of books for kids 2-8. @PBSKIDS

Encouraging Your Child to Become a "Helper"

Pop quiz: Which request is more likely to motivate preschoolers to pick up their toys?

A: “Please help clean up this room.”
B: “Please be a helper and clean up this room.”

Answer: B. Kids want to be viewed as helpers and the language parents use can inspire positive behavior! @PBSKIDS

5 Tips for Making Math Less Tricky and More of a Treat on Halloween

Math can be a spooky topic to approach with your little one. Here are five ways to put a Halloween spin on fractions, counting, telling time and other math skills. @PBSKIDS 

Helping Children Reach New Heights

Provide learning opportunities to help your child reach new heights! Bright by Text...text LPB to 274448

October PBS KIDS Family Nights - Starting @ 6 PM on LPB KIDS!

October 4 -- It's Pinkalicious' birthday! Join in on the celebration tonight during @PBSKIDS Family Night!

October 11 -- Tonight's @PBSKIDS Family night takes place in @MollyofDenali's fictional hometown of Qyah, Alaska! Can your family watch the episodes and find each of these animals

October 18 -- Hey! What a wonderful kind of day for an @ArthurPBS marathon on @PBSKIDS Family Night! As you watch, share and explain which characters are your favorites.

October 25 -- It's a spook-tacular @PBSKIDS Family Night! Celebrate halloween with specials from @ArthurPBS, The Cat in the Hat and @wildkrattsofficial

I hope you and your family enjoy these resources!  Have a happy and safe Halloween.  Take care, Nancy Tooraen,