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'Tis the Season for Gratitude with LPB and PBS KIDS!

Families and Caregivers...Don't miss this virtual Thanksgiving Holiday boredom buster!

Play & Learn with LPB
Tuesday, November 23
10:00-10:45 AM on Zoom
Ages 5-8, but all family members welcome!

This Thanksgiving, LPB is planning for a quick (45 minutes!) session of online exploration, play and discovery on Tuesday, November 23 at 10AM via Zoom!  All registered attendees will receive an email with a list of materials needed for the hands-on activity.  We promise they'll all be easy to find around the house. Register HERE!

Thanksgiving Hub on PBS Parents

Check out the Thanksgiving Hub on PBS Parents.  Thanksgiving can be a special day for young children and families. Special traditions, family gatherings, and big meals are staples of the holiday. Children love the food, festivities, and time at home with loved ones. Many families also have traditions of volunteering and giving back to the community. This year, consider practicing gratitude as a more regular routine — you can ask “Who are you grateful for?” every night before bed or at the dinner table. Encouraging thankfulness builds empathy and encourages kids to think about all the people who help them every day.


The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) has exciting news for parents! LDOE recently launched a brand new innovative technology app called PimsPoints. The app rewards parents with PimsPoints for simply engaging with their child’s educational experience. Parents can earn PimsPoints by participating in activities such as an open house or a parent-teacher conference. The app will also send notifications of opportunities to be engaged at their student’s school as well as general information about student learning. After participating in school events and completing learning tasks, parents can exchange their PimsPoints for digital rewards and coupons provided by local businesses.

Parents can download the free PimsPoints app on their Apple or Android device beginning November 15, 2021

More details can be found HERE.

November Celebrations

November is Native American Heritage Month -- From "Fry Bread" to "A Day With Yayah," celebrate Native American Heritage Month with books by and about Indigenous Peoples that highlight their heritage, cultural pride, and strength!

November 2 is Election Day --  Research shows that talking about the voting process with kids makes them more likely to vote when they're adults! Explore our top book picks that can help you strike up a conversation with your children about voting and democracy.

November 4 is Diwali -- Celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Light, by adding extra sparkle to your home! In this fun and interactive activity, you and your child learn about Diwali while making your own Diwali candles.

November 8 is STEM Day -- Here's how you can create a home environment that supports spatial thinking, a skillset that's vital to children’s success in math and science.

November 11 is Veteran's Day -- Veterans Day allows Americans to honor military veterans across the country. Teach children about the history of this observance with "All About the Holidays!" Have a conversation about military veterans in your family.

November 13 is World Kindness Day -- How are you celebrating World Kindness Day with your children? Download and print the @Elmo's World Kindness Bingo card and encourage your kids to see how many acts of kindness they can complete!

November 15 is National Recycling Day -- How do you make caring for the environment a priority at home? In honor of National Recycling Day, we're sharing tips parents can use to motivate kids to help clean up the environment!

November 25 is Thanksgiving -- Create a new Thanksgiving family tradition! On your next nature walk, collect leaves to make DIY autumnal leaf cards, then, use them to send a note of gratitude to loved ones!

November 30 is Giving Tuesday -- #GivingTuesday is all about caring for others! Use this special day to help your kids understand the importance of being a helper and making caring choices.

November 30 is also National Computer Security Day -- For National Computer Security Day, explore how you can help your kids enjoy the good and avoid the bad parts of using computers and the Internet!

Native American Stories

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month by reading the diverse stories of Indigenous Peoples with your child, from "How the Stars Fell into the Sky: A Navajo Legend" to "Iktomi and the Coyote: A Plains Indian Story"!

Don't miss the PBS KIDS READ ALONGS -- "Crane Song" and "Berry Itchy Day" from @MollyofDenali.

Give Thanks With These Craft Ideas

Encourage your kids to recognize the things for which they are thankful! As a Thanksgiving craft, invite them to create a gratitude jar — all you need is a container, paper, crayons, and stickers.

You can also celebrate the season by creating a festive centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table! This family activity will give your kids a chance to see how much they have to be grateful for.

Ask your kids: What are you thankful for? Then, invite them to create a gratitude turkey 🦃 featuring those things that they can add to throughout the holidays!

Thanksgiving Thankful Notes

Download this set of Thanksgiving "I'm thankful for you" note cards and encourage your kids to add their own message. Then, send a note of gratitude to a loved one!

LPB Daily Activity Calendar - November 2021

PBS LearningMedia - Educational Digital Media Library for Learning at Home

Let's Go Luna follows Luna the Moon and her adventures with Andy, Carmen, and Leo as they travel around the world. Explore cities from all over the globe with these fun videos, and check out the great activities and games that connect cultures from around the world.

Don't forget to sign up for a FREE account for PBS LearningMedia!  Here you can easily search for videos, lessons, interactives and more by grade level and subject area.

Register for a PBS LearningMedia Informational Webinar on our LPB Learning@Home website! Sign up today and learn how easy it is to search for quality lessons and fun activities that families and children enjoy while learning!

Celebrate Family Traditions

Do you have a family tradition that you always share with your child? This activity will help your kids learn more about their family and how traditions honor their heritage and history!

7 Ways to Connect Kids to Their Family Heritage

Researchers have found that kids who know about their family history tend to be more resilient! Here are ways you can help your child feel more connected to your family’s cultural history.

November PBS KIDS Family Nights - Weekends Starting @ 6 PM on LPB KIDS!


November 5 -- By plane or sled or snowshoe, Molly is always ready to explore! Tonight on @PBSKIDS Family Night, join @MollyOfDenali and friends for a mini-marathon of epic adventures in beautiful Alaska!

November 12 -- There's no place like home, but there's also nothing like a family road trip! Tonight on @PBKIDS Family Night, don't miss a @danieltigertv double feature, "Won't You Be Our Neighbor?" and "Tiger Family Trip!"

November 19 -- Celebrate the season of family togetherness and gratitude with @ArthurPBS, @wildkrattsofficial, @cyberchase, WordGirl, @PBSmarthaspeaks, and "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"! It's a @PBSKIDS Family Night of festive holiday episodes!

November 26 -- Grab a cozy blanket and settle in for the night with all of your PBS KIDS favorites! Tonight on @PBSKIDS Family Night, it's a back-to-back lineup of movie adventures featuring @MollyOfDenali, @wildkrattsofficial, WordGirl, and @ArthurPBS!

Fun Printables for Family Movie Night:

Family Night Snack Box

Family Night Movie Tickets

Family Night Movie Marquee

Stay safe and healthy LPB families!  Keep doing an amazing job with your families!

Take care, Nancy Tooraen, ntooraen@lpb.org