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Happy Father's Day!  Super Summer Learning at Your Fingertips with LPB!

LPB's Learning At Home Resources

Happy Father's Day to all the dads from LPB!

As you transition into a summer routine and give yourself a break from learning at home, LPB will continue to provide great, fun summer activities for your family.  Check out LPB's Super Summer Learning at Your Fingertips, especially the 50 Summer Crafts for Learning! Enjoy your time with family and stay cool this summer.

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LPB’s Girls Virtual Road Trip to the Museum!

WATCH: A sneak peek screening of the PBS show PREHISTORIC ROAD TRIP

WHEN: June 13 – 10:30AM-12:00PM

FOR: Girls in grades 4th-6th


WHERE: Online


WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Access to the internet along with a computer, laptop, or phone

School may be out for the summer, but the learning doesn't have to end. The upcoming PBS program Prehistoric Road Trip will get kids excited about natural science and so will LPB’s Girls Virtual Road Trip to the Museum! It's a fun-filled online/interactive event and preview screening in partnership with the LSU College of Science, Geaux Science Explorations (which is funded by the Halliburton EAB Foundation) and the East Baton Rouge Parish Library.

This online event won’t sacrifice fun for safety - we can do both! The event begins with a sneak peek of LPB’s upcoming 3-part series Prehistoric Road Trip, premiering June 17. Emily Graslie, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent at the Field Museum and host of the YouTube series The Brain Scoop. As the host, writer, and executive producer of the show, Graslie takes attendees on an epic road trip through America’s fossil country. This preview will have girls excited about watching the series, and give them a better understanding of our planet’s past and a look at what new discoveries might mean for its future.

Next, attendees will get a chance to hear from women scientists representing several fields; Geologists, Ornithologist, Mammalogist, and Ichthyologist. GIRL POWER in the sciences is well represented by scientists from Louisiana State University!

Each attendee will receive their own Girls Virtual Road Trip to the Museum! science kit that’s full of activities you can complete at home - then share your “discoveries” online with us! Register NOW!

Hero Elementary on LPB!

Premiers June 1st -- 7 AM on LPB or 10 AM on LPBKIDS!

You can also catch it on June 5th at 7 AM on LPB or 6 PM on LPBKIDS.

If you're a kid with superpowers, you belong at Hero Elementary! It's where young heroes in training can learn how to master their less-than-perfected powers and practice day-saving action. But when their superpowers aren't enough for the job, they can always rely on an additional arsenal of powers: The Superpowers of Science! These kids may be superhuman, but it's science that makes humans truly super.

LPB's Weekly Top 5 Picks in The Advocate will continue through June!

Don't miss them!  Our Weekly Top 5 Picks will continue through June!

Each week, The Advocates' websites and social media channels will feature a top five list of resources for students in all grade levels, plus tips for parents and educators. Just click on the grade level and program name to go directly to that resource.

PBS LearningMedia - Educational Digital Media Library for Learning at Home

There's still time to register for the PBS LearningMedia Informational Webinar on June 4th at 10AM.  Sign up today and learn how easy it is to search for quality lessons and fun activities that families and children enjoy while learning!

Don't forget to sign up for a FREE account for PBS LearningMedia!  Here you can easily search for videos, lessons, interactives and more by grade level and subject area.  

Check out the Summer Learning Collection! Avoid the "summer slide" and keep the spirit of curiosity alive with these informal, anytime learning resources. This collection of videos and activities encourages students in grades PreK-12 to spend the summer asking questions, spinning stories, and exploring all the ways that learning can be fun.

Celebrating Dads!

Happy Father’s Day! Today we're cuddling up with reads, such as “Daddy and Me” and “Just the Two of Us,” to celebrate the loving bond shared between fathers and children.

How will you make Father's Day special? Kids can celebrate Dad and his favorite things with a board game they make themselves — then, invite Dad to play along!

The Mrs. Bush's Story Time Podcast

This is such a treasure!  The Mrs. Bush’s Story Time Podcast is a new podcast for families, featuring original recordings from the radio program of the same name. The podcast brings to life former First Lady Barbara Bush’s commitment to family literacy and lifelong learning for a whole new generation.

Books for those Glorious Summer Days

What were some of your favorite summer reads as a kid? Kids-of-all-ages book author Meg Medina shares some of her top recommendations for readers of all skill levels and ages for the summer! 

Summertime Solutions: The Benefits of Unstructured Play

Do you feel pressure to create the “perfect summer" for your kid? Feel free to shed the guilt! @PBSKIDS shares reasons why unstructured play is one of the best ways to help your kid learn and grow during the summer.

How to Choose the Best Apps for Summer Learning

There are many opportunities to boost learning on the go online while on summer break! Here are @PBSKIDS five favorite apps for families.

Stargazing and Other Astronomy Activities You Can Do With Kids

Explore the wonders of astronomy with your child this summer, with a little help from @OfficialReadyJetGo!

June PBS KIDS Family Nights - Starting @ 6 PM on LPB KIDS!

June 5 -- Tonight on @PBSKIDS, meet the students of @HeroElementary, a school for budding superheroes! From brain power to super strength, these super students have it all!

June 12 -- Get ready for an amazing creature adventure! Tonight the @WildKrattsOfficial team will explore Alaska, the deep sea, the Amazon River and even go back in time!

June 19 -- Celebrate Father's Day weekend with a very special family night, dedicated to the dads of @PBSKIDS!

June 26 -- Tally ho! Tonight's @PBSKIDS Family Night is a nature adventure with @NatureCat and his pals. Tune in for three of our favorite Nature Cat movies!

Stay safe and healthy LPB families!  Keep doing an amazing job with your families!

Take care, Nancy Tooraen,