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Critical Math Lessons Begin Airing July 6th on LPB!

LPB's Learning@Home Site now featuring Critical Math Lessons Broadcast Schedule July 6-31!

Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB), in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education, Great Minds, Illustrative Math (IM), and SchoolKit, will broadcast K-Algebra critical math lessons on LPB's main channel statewide. Weekly At-a-Glance schedules will be posted on the Learning@Home website and on LPB's LearningMedia Facebook page each week. 

Great Minds Lessons: To download/print free Eureka Math curriculum materials, go to You will be prompted to set up a free account if you don’t already have one. 

Illustrative Mathematics: To download/print free Illustrative Mathematics curriculum materials, go to

Broadcasts will be available on your local LPB station, WLPB-DT - Baton Rouge (Channel 27-1 on most televisions), KLPA-DT - Alexandria (Channel 25-1 on most televisions), KLPB-DT - Lafayette (Channel 24-1 on most televisions), KLTL-DT - Lake Charles (Channel 18-1 on most televisions), KLTS-DT - Shreveport (Channel 17-1 on most televisions), KLTM-DT - Monroe (Channel 13-1 on most televisions), WYES (Channel 12-1 on most televisions)

  • Eureka Math instruction videos
    • Grades K-2, 12 Noon - 1:30 PM, T-TH
    • Grades 3-5, 12 Noon - 1:30 PM, M-W-F
  • Illustrative Math instruction videos
    • Grades 6-8, and Algebra, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Science and Social Studies documentaries linked to state standards
    • 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM, M-F
Why Are People Wearing Masks? Answering Your Child's Questions

When children ask questions that are difficult to answer, like those surrounding the pandemic, it’s best to answer them simply in language they understand.

How Play Helps Kids Navigate Difficult Times

In this global health crisis, when children may experience stress and adversity, play becomes more important than ever — here's how you can help them process difficult events and emotions through imaginary play.


Summer is full of opportunities to play and learn! Camp @PBSKIDS has lots of ideas to fill your days with creativity, exploration and fun.

PBS LearningMedia - Educational Digital Media Library for Learning at Home

Register for a PBS LearningMedia Informational Webinar! Sign up today and learn how easy it is to search for quality lessons and fun activities that families and children enjoy while learning!

Always check the LPB Learning@Home website at the top for current webinars.  Here are a few coming up, just click on a date to register -- JULY 1JULY 8JULY 15.  All webinars are at 10 AM or you can watch an archived webinar HERE.

Don't forget to sign up for a FREE account for PBS LearningMedia!  Here you can easily search for videos, lessons, interactives and more by grade level and subject area.  

Check out the Camp PBS LearningMedia Collection! Whether you're looking for music and dance activities, science experiments, family-friendly adventures, or learning about dinosaurs (plus more!), you will find media and activity resources in the Camp PBS LearningMedia collection. We’ve gathered fun, exploratory resources for you to use as you plan summer fun. This collection of resources leverages fun, educational activities to include in your daily schedule, as well as resources to help seed ideas for introducing topics to your campers. Happy exploring!

Summer Check-List

Summer is a great time to explore new things, like trying a new fruit or reading a new book. Download the "Summer Bucket List" printable and encourage your child to keep track of the activities they'd like to do over break.

13 Books About Race and Diversity

Children’s books are one of the most effective tools to engage with young children on important issues. To encourage conversations around race and diversity with your kids, check out this @PBSKIDS list of books to read together as a family.

How to Talk Honestly With Children About Racism

How are you preparing yourself for difficult conversations with your child about racism in America? Here is some guidance that can help initiate honest discussions with picture books, activities, and questions to ask your child. 

Printable Summer Activity Book

Inspire learning all summer long with this printable book bundled with great kid-friendly activities from @naturecatshow, @xavierriddlehq, @MollyOfDenali, and other @PBSKIDS favorites! 

Encouraging Nature Play

Authentic play fuels healthy brain development and is foundational to learning. Here are a few tips to help foster creativity, imagination, problem-solving and so many more developmental benefits through outdoor play.

Talking to Kids: Families Come In All Shapes and Sizes

It’s normal for young kids to be curious about others' families. They usually don’t need much explanation, just the positive acknowledgment that families can come in many different shapes and sizes.

Feel More Confident about Parenting with Bright by Text

Get tips and resources promoting child development, targeted to your child’s age from prenatal to 8 years old and other timely, important community messages, right to your cell phone with Bright by Text...sign up online today!

July PBS KIDS Family Nights - Starting @ 6 PM on LPB KIDS!

July 3 -- It's movie night! Kick back and join us to watch your favorite @PBSKIDS movies from @DanielTigerTV, @XavierRiddleHQ and @ArthurPBS!

June 10 -- It's a spooky night on @PBSKIDS! Tune in for "Halloween in July" with Halloween episodes from your favorite shows!

July 17 -- Tonight a wish machine lands on @SesameStreet! What will the gang wish for? Find out on @PBSKIDS Family night!

July 24 -- It's the most wonderful time of the year! Cozy up for "Christmas in July" holiday episodes from Cat in the Hat, @LetsGoLunaHQ, @NatureCatShow and @WildKrattsOfficial.

July 31 -- Tonight, @PBSKIDS Family night becomes the ODDest night of the week with an @ODDSQUADPBS marathon!

Stay safe and healthy LPB families!  Keep doing an amazing job with your families!

Take care, Nancy Tooraen,