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Happy New Year from PBS KIDS & LPB!

Meet "Team Hamster!" Sadie, Mateo, and Tasha, the hamsters from @RuffRuffmanPBS, invite kids ages 4-8 to build, test, and redesign to solve problems and save the day in a new set of games and videos from @PBSKIDS.

Also, in "Scribbles and Ink" season two, kids can use new digital art tools to draw, paint and collage their way through adventures in the clouds, museum paintings, a desert island, and the world of Snoogleandia!

Lots and Lots of PBS KIDS Apps!

All free, educational, safe and loads of fun!

Access thousands of free videos, including full episodes, anytime, anywhere, with the @PBSKIDS Video App! All of your kid's favorites covering reading, science, and more are there, from @danieltigertv and @wildkrattsofficial to @naturecatshow and @OddSquadPBS.

Encourage your child to see the science that's all around them with @PBSKIDS' free Play and Learn Science App! Play games covering core science concepts and gather tips for extending the learning into the real world. Ideal for at-home learning!

Is your child learning about sharing? Trying to understand their feelings? @PBSKIDS' free Daniel Tiger for Parents App has songs and videos to help teach life's little lessons, anytime, anywhere, along with tips for using @danieltigertv songs in everyday life!

Encourage kids to see the fun in science! From Bridge-a-rama to Sorta-ma-gogo, @PBSKIDS' free The Cat in the Hat Builds That App features games and activities that introduce kids to STEM learning while they play and learn in their backyard, or wherever they may be!

Digital Literacy: Raising Tech and Media Savvy Kids

How do you help your child build digital literacy skills? Watching media together and discussing social media usage are just a few ways you can teach them to be tech-savvy.

Tips for Using Virtual Assistants with Kids

Is it okay to let kids ask endless questions to voice-enabled devices? Since children don't think about AI-powered tech the same way adults do, here's how you can help them get the most out of virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri.

How Smart Media Can Help Kids and Parents

Good media engages kids’ minds and helps them learn new things! What guidelines do you use to choose the best media and apps for your child?

How to Overcome Your Fears About Kids’ Screen Time

We as parents need to challenge negative thinking about our kids' screen time, and consider the potential for good! Here are three of the most common digital media fears and tips for how to overcome them.

LPB Daily Activity Calendar - January

PBS LearningMedia - Educational Digital Media Library for Learning at Home

Register for a PBS LearningMedia Informational Webinar on our LPB Learning@Home website! Sign up today and learn how easy it is to search for quality lessons and fun activities that families and children enjoy while learning!

Don't forget to sign up for a FREE account for PBS LearningMedia!  Here you can easily search for videos, lessons, interactives and more by grade level and subject area.

Learn Along Bingo Packets -- These bilingual, weekly Learn Along Bingo packets (one for PreK & K, one for Grades 1 & 2) will include a range of thematic learning opportunities for children to choose their own learning adventures.

Managing Uncertainty in COVID Times

The past several months have left many of us feeling uncertain and off-kilter. Showing empathy to yourself and your kids is just one way you can turn emotions around.

Kids Regressing? Help Them Cope With Stress During Coronavirus

Since kids aren't likely to say, “Hey Mom and Dad, I feel stressed and need help right now,” what should you look for? Here are the signs of distress you should be aware of, along with ways you can support kids' sense of resilience.

Celebrating Birthdays and Holidays During Social Distancing

The reality of celebrating special occasions while social distancing can be a little strange! What strategies do you use to help your child manage expectations and enjoy special days from a safe distance?

Seasonal Virtual Backgrounds

Make your virtual calls feel more festive with new seasonal backgrounds from your favorite @PBSKIDS shows including @arthurpbs, @danieltigertv, @PegPlusCatTV and more.

January PBS KIDS Family Nights - Weekends Starting @ 6 PM on LPB KIDS!


January 15--You belong at @HeroElementary! Tonight on @PBSKIDS Family Night, join the Sparks' Crew for a mini-marathon of exploring the scientist in us all and what makes all humans truly super.

January 22--Tune in for an @OddSquadPBS mini-marathon on @PBSKIDS Family Night! Whether facing off against a warehouse of robots, or going undercover to catch the leader of the Villain Network, there is no occurrence too strange for the Odd Squad to solve with math fun.

January 29--It's back-to-back episodes of @ArthurPBS, tonight on @PBSKIDS Family Night! Watch as Arthur and friends explore real issues faced by real kids, while problem-solving and learning about life's little lessons along the way.

Fun Printables for Family Movie Night:

Family Night Snack Box
Family Night Movie Tickets
Family Night Movie Marquee

Stay safe and healthy LPB families!  Keep doing an amazing job with your families!

Take care, Nancy Tooraen,