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Wishing You a Happy Valentines Day From LPB!

All this week on LPB, Luna, Leo, Carmen and Andy are visiting amazing people and places around the world in new episodes of @LetsGoLunaHQ! Can your family print and collect these postcards from their travels?

Odd Squad: Odd Beginnings coming Feb. 17th

Attention Agents! New agents are joining the @OddSquadPBS team on February 17  at 7 AM on LPB in an all-new movie special! Ask your child, if they joined the Odd Squad, what would their name be and what special skills would they use? Did you know that @ODDSQUADPBS agents have special numbers on their badges? Create your own, very special Odd Squad Badge!

Helping Your Child Make New Friends

What's your child's definition of a good friend? Brainstorming a list of friend qualities is one way to help young kids identify when other kids are showing kind and empathetic behavior and encourage them to do the same.

Children’s Books for Building Friendships

Can a bully become a buddy? In "Enemy Pie" a play date and some delicious recipes inspire new ways to turn enemies into friends. Read on for more friendship-themed books for kids 2-8!

Growing Early Friendships

Are your toddlers fascinated by the kids around them, only to later scream and cry when they have to “share” one of their trains? That means that their social skills are developing and that they are ready to learn how to take turns! Read on for 7 ways parents can help.

Black History Month Books for Kids

Reading is one way to build listening and thinking skills as well as celebrate heritage! Explore Black History Month with one of these 19 books selected for kids ages 2-8.

Teaching Your Child About Black History Month

By kindergarten, most children have heard of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and learned that he was an advocate for peace and equality. Here are ways to take Black History a step further this month and year-round.

February PBS KIDS Family Nights - Starting @ 6 PM on LPB KIDS!

February 7 -- It's @PBSKIDS Family Night! Tonight we're visiting friends from around with world with @LetsGoLunaHQ. Between episodes chat with your child about the ways each place is similar or different from your home!

February 14 -- Happy Valentine's Day from @PBSKIDS! Tonight's PBS KIDS Family Night is a marathon of Valentine's Day-themed adventures in kindness, friendship and creativity from @DanielTigerTV, @PegPlusCatTV, @MollyofDenali and more! 

February 21 -- Tonight, @PBSKIDS Family night becomes the ODDest night of the week with an @ODDSQUADPBS marathon! In an all-new Odd Squad movie special new agents join the team. How many new agents can your kids spot?  

February 28 -- Tonight's @PBSKIDS Family Night is full of adventure with @MollyofDenali! As Molly and her friends explore Alaska, chat with your kids about your family's own adventures!

There's lots to celebrate in February!  LPB hopes you can find time to celebrate with each other and have fun family times!

Take care, Nancy Tooraen,