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A New School Year Means A Fresh Start With Resources From LPB!

Are you familiar with ALL the educational resources available to you from LPB?  Check out these resources as you plan for your new school year. As children, teens and educators return to school, whether to a physical classroom or virtual one, LPB's educational resources will be there as a trusted source for complementing classroom instruction with high-quality videos, interactive activities and other engaging digital learning tools.  LPB is the state's largest classroom over the air, on any device, in the classroom, and in your community. Along with three digital libraries, see what other wonderful resources are waiting at your fingertips!

LPB Raising Readers Facebook Page - Raising Readers is a national literacy campaign focused on building reading skills at home, at school, in child care, and in the community.

LPB At Home Learning -  Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education provides teachers, parents, caregivers, and students with resources to continue learning at home.

Sesame Street in Communities - You’ll find tons of multi-media tools in both English and Spanish designed for children from birth to six, a period when brains are developing rapidly and your nurturing interaction makes a lasting difference. The site covers a wide range of topics, from school readiness to building healthy habits to tough issues such as divorce and hunger.

PBS Kids - Visit PBS Kids for interactive games, videos, and educational resources designed to teach children essential content, skills, and behaviors for school and life success.

Bright By Text - Bright By Text  is a free program for parents and caregivers that sends tips and resources promoting child development, targeted to a child’s age from prenatal to 8 years old, right to their cell phone.

LPB KIDS 24/7 - LPB2 broadcasts PBS KIDS shows 24 hours a day on television and offers a live stream, making it easy for Louisiana children to watch their favorite series.

PBS KIDS Video and Games APP - PBS KIDS, the #1 educational media brand for kids, offers all children the opportunity to explore new ideas and worlds through media

Virtual Professional Learning - Our Virtual Professional Learning Series is created for teachers—by teachers—to bring together content experts and educators from all backgrounds. With an emphasis on fun, engaging, accessible, and free tools for classrooms, these bite-sized opportunities are designed to connect educators with each other and PBS shows, themes, and content. With topics ranging from history to digital engagement, educators will find something they need to enhance their practice and perspective. Upon completion, PBS provides a certificate of attendance for each one hour virtual professional learning event.

PBS Teacher's Lounge Blogs - Latest blog posts, PBS content in the classroom, Tech Tools, and Virtual Professional learning. 

LPB | PBS LearningMedia

Starting School With Daniel Tiger - Grades PK-K It's the beginning of the school year and there are so many new experiences coming up! Join Mister Rogers and Daniel Tiger as they prepare themselves school. Through The Fred Rogers Company episodes, clips, activities and articles, help your children and students gain a much more thorough understanding of what school life will be like.

How an Idea Becomes a Law - Grades 3-5, 6-8 When a member of congress, the president or even an ordinary citizen like you has an idea for a new law in the United States, that idea needs to first become a bill. This episode of Social Studies Shorts follows the path that an idea potentially takes – in this case, to the House of Representatives, through committee, to the Senate and to the president’s desk – to become a law.

Perseverance in Mathematics -  Grades 9-12 Because students’ ability to persevere is intricately linked to their metacognitive abilities, teachers have to teach students how to reflect and what to reflect on. This video provides context about implementing Common Core Standard #1 for Mathematical Practice: “Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them“ in your classroom practice.

Register for a PBS LearningMedia Informational Webinar on our LPB Learning@Home website!  Sign up today and learn how easy it is to search for quality lessons and fun activities that families and children enjoy while learning! If you do not have a PBS LearningMedia account, sign up now!

Sesame Street In Communities  Presents  Sesame Strong -Get The Resources You Need To Help The Children In Your Care

What Is Racial Literacy? -  The resources in this initiative can support you in building racial literacy in all children (and there are even two new friends on Sesame Street here to help. 

The New Normal  - The pandemic has created unique and sometimes lasting challenges for everyone. One concern as children reenter school is that they may have missed opportunities to develop the social-emotional and subject-area skills needed to thrive in the classroom. But strong, caring connections can go a long way in building these skills!

Building Classroom Community - Going back to on-site learning this year can present challenges for everyone. Children and adults may not be used to being around more than several people at a time! Friendships may have shifted because of quarantine practices, and children may be more anxious about taking the kinds of healthy risks that help them learn. Consider these ideas from this article.

 Discovery Education  Features Interactive Virtual Field Trips

Join us live for our new Virtual Field Trips or watch them on-demand after their premieres. Each no-cost Virtual Field Trip comes with a companion guide packed with standards-aligned, hands-on learning activities! Register Here for this exciting New Adventure

20th Anniversary of 9/11: A Day for Good Deeds, September 7 at 12PM  Grades 5-12  - Designed for students born after September 11, 2001, this experience highlights the many ways people in the United States came together and works to reframe the historic event as a day of unity while highlighting the importance of valuing diversity.

Know More, Do More Science Fair Central | Home Depot September 23 at 12 PM  Grades 6-8 - Empower students with greater appreciation for sustainability and conservation by exploring the actions they can take to build greater self-reliance and a healthier planet.

Girls4Tech Cybersecurity Video Series Girls4Tech | Mastercard September 28 at 12PM Grades 6-8 - Inspire middle school students to decode their everyday lives and hack into a better future for our planet using the basics of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

Testing the Limits Virtual Field Trip FUTURE U. | Boeing  September 30 at 12 PM Grades 5-12 - Witness what goes on behind-the-scenes at Boeing to ensure safety and quality in all their programs while meeting engineers and seeing the labs where they test the limits of new aerospace ideas and materials.

JOIN LPB & WELL BEINGS AS WE EXPLORE YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH Coping Through Covid: What Parents & Teachers Should Know

Coping Through Covid: What Parents & Teachers Should Know

From the loneliness and isolation of lockdown to the fears and uncertainty of the future, coping with COVID-19 can be hard for adults who have had years of practice developing coping mechanisms.

Now imagine what it’s like for our young people.

LPB is teaming up with Well Beings for a community conversation about the unique challenges our high school and college students are facing as they work to navigate through this unexpected world we now find ourselves in. This interactive virtual event will help Louisianians understand some of the more distinct issues our young people are facing and provide resources that will help us move forward toward recovery.

Louisiana’s Youth Mental Health: Coping Through Covid | Tuesday, Sept. 21 6-7:30-pm | No registration is required. Go to www.WellBeings.org/lpb for details. 

LDMA : We’re celebrating National Dance Day With Some Fun Dance Stories!

In honor of National Dance Day on September 18th, the LDMA is highlighting some fun stories on the art of dance.  Through the years, LPB has featured performances from a wide variety of dance styles, including Ballet, Cajun, Classical Indian, Contemporary, Flamenco, Hip Hop, and Native American.  LPB has also featured interviews with famed choreographers with Louisiana roots.  Start exploring these stories  HERE

Some of the highlights include:

Classical Indian Dance (1987) - In this segment from Folks, watch Asha Ramachandran of Baton Rouge demonstrate a classical Indian Jathiswaram dance.

Chef John Folse’s Cajun Louisiana (1994) - Learn more about Louisiana’s rich Cajun culture, including the art of Cajun dancing and the tradition of the fais do do.  

Baton Rouge Hops Festival (2011) - See a visit to the Baton Rouge Hops, a festival celebrating hip hop dance and culture, in this segment from Louisiana: The State We’re In.

Journey of a Dance (2014) - Watch highlights from a performance combining two distinct dance styles, Indian kuthak and Spanish flamenco, in this segment from Art Rocks!

Chitimacha Powwow (2018)  - See a Louisiana: The State We’re In segment on the Chitimacha Powwow, a gathering of 20 tribal nations, including a look at the competitive dance competition. 

  September Programming Highlights

Louisiana Public Square: Vaccines: Freedom, Fear and Facts Wednesday, September 8 at 7PM -- A fourth wave of Covid-19 has swept across our country in recent weeks, and no state has been hit harder than Louisiana. Despite numerous vaccines being available to any person over 12, Louisiana continues to break records for cases and hospitalizations never seen before in this pandemic. With less than 40% of our state fully vaccinated, many citizens feel this fourth wave was avoidable. But why is there still so much vaccine hesitancy in Louisiana after all of the evidence that shows vaccines work? There are many factors, but none seem to be more prevalent than freedom, fear, and faith.

Nova: Bat Superpowers Wednesday, September 15 at 8PM -- Bats have been implicated in deadly epidemics such as COVID-19 and Ebola, yet scientists are discovering evidence that they may hold a key to a longer and healthier life. From caves in Thailand and Texas to labs around the globe, NOVA meets the scientists who are decoding the superpowers of the bat.

Muhammad Ali 4- Night Event Sunday-Wednesday, September 19-22 at 7PM --  A portrait of one of the best-known and most indelible figures of the 20th century, a three-time heavyweight boxing champion who insisted on being himself unconditionally and became a global icon and inspiration to people everywhere. Binge the entire series on the night of the broadcast premiere for free at video.lpb.org.

In Their Own Words: Elon Musk Wednesday, September 29 at 7PM -- Revel in the life story of a thrilling 21st century Iron Man come alive. See how Musk went from bullied boy to young innovator to self-taught rocket scientist, ultimately becoming one of the richest men in the world.