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LPB and PBS KIDS presents Alma's Way

Premiers on October 4th at 7:30 AM & 3 PM on LPB and 4 PM on LPBKIDS!

This new series from Fred Rogers Productions follows 6-year-old Alma Rivera, a proud Puerto Rican girl who lives in the Bronx with her parents and little brother. In each episode, Alma offers a window into her everyday life, which includes her close-knit and loving family, friends and neighbors. The series is created by actor and writer Sonia Manzano, who positively impacted the lives of generations as “Maria” on SESAME STREET. ALMA’S WAY gives children ages 4-6 the power to find answers to their problems, express their feelings and respect the unique perspectives of others.

Don't miss all the fun, hands-on activities, videos, and digital games for Alma on  PBS LearningMedia, and PBS KIDS!

Muhammad Ali - Free Classroom Resources from Ken Burns In The Classroom

He embodied self-affirmation and Black pride. Explore how Ali’s identity and prominence as a Black young man in America was shaped by family, faith, education, and oppressive systems and structures.  These rich and engaging lessons with supporting materials and extensions, capture the very essence of this global icon through Inquiry Design Models, Socratic Seminars and  Analyzing Multimedia Platforms.  Examples of these lessons for grades (6-8,9-12) are:

Inquiry Design Model: Should Professional Athletes Use Their Platforms and Status to Speak Out about Social and Political Issues? By examining various sources, students will analyze whether or not professional athletes should utilize their status and platform to speak out about social and political issues. Based on their analyses, students will construct a claim in which they defend their argument about whether or not they should. 

"American Exceptionalism" & the Role of Elite Black Athletes in Society: Students will reflect on why Ali, and other prominent figures, have been granted status and celebrated by the American public, only to have those same sentiments taken away. Students will analyze the key themes of American racism, white supremacy, and power from video clips from Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali’s Spiritual Journey: Socratic Seminar & Research Extension: Lesson activities invite students to research the Nation of Islam through guided questions on a note-catcher. Next, students will participate in a Socratic Seminar about Ali’s evolving relationship with faith and his commitment to the Nation of Islam. As a culminating activity, students will create a timeline of key moments in Ali's religious journey by combining information depicted in the video clips, takeaways from the Socratic seminar, and additional takeaways from recommended readings and research.

Math For All Ages

Math + Arts -- Use dance, drama and music to teach math concepts with these videos, lesson plans and other support resources. (all grades)     

Mighty Mathematicians -- The videos, interactives, documents and more from PBS KIDS make math as easy as 1-2-3. Resources focus on counting, operations, geometry and more. (PK-grade 5)

Think Math -- These interactives, videos and other support materials provide students with real-world connections, opportunities to think more deeply about math, and ways to use logic and computation to solve problems. (grades 5-8)

KERA’s Math Skills Practice Page -- This page has dozens of engaging activities, games, interactive lessons, videos and other resources to help students strengthen math skills at home or in the classroom. (kindergarten – Algebra I)

Zombies and Calculus -- These fun videos and discussion questions from NOVA show that populations of humans and zombies change through time according to a pair of differential equations. Because human and zombie populations are related, the growth rate of each population depends on the current numbers of both humans and zombies. (MS & HS)

Against all Odds: Statistics -- This group of resources drawn from the Annenberg Learner explains key concepts in statistics, from calculations to display graphics. The series includes videos, a glossary and faculty and student guides. (HS)

Sesame Street In Communities  Presents Make Believe With Math

 You can create math moments in young children's lives, especially during pretend play.

Join us for an interactive course designed for all early childhood educators! Together we’ll explore the importance of math and pretend play in early childhood, key math objectives for children ages 0-5, and ways to create more math moments in student’s lives, especially during pretend play. This course will provide fun and simple activities and ideas that you can begin using right away. This course is now open. Register for this course


Updates To PBS LearningMedia

PBS has updated the Lesson Builder Tool and Student Site Function in PBS LearningMedia, a free collection of standards-aligned teaching resources for all grades and core subjects. The Lesson Builder improvements make it easier to duplicate and differentiate activities and track student completion of assignments. The Student Site has a new look to appeal to all ages and instructions to help students in grades 6-12 explore the site on their own.  

Learning Media Tutorials -- These 3 to 5-minute videos cover all the basics for using LearningMedia, including why and how to create an account, how to assign and share content, and how to access assignments and student results.

LPB | PBS LearningMedia

Grades K-2: Kitchen Chemistry-Episodes |The Ruff Ruffman Show--Order up! In this series of five episodes from The Ruff Ruffman Show, Ruff and his twin brother Scruff compete to be the best caterers at a party! As Ruff tries his best to make his culinary creations come to life, he runs into a few problems along the way. He is excited to discover that by investigating solids and liquids and exploring heating and cooling, he can use science to become a better cook. But will that be enough to make Ruff king of the cook-off? These videos have been captioned in both English and Spanish.(Media Gallery) This resource is part of the RTL 2015-2020 Initiative collection.  

Grades K-2,3-5: Pattern Recognition |Cyberchase Interactive Games--Identify the patterns using addition, subtraction and geometry to solve the puzzle and crack Hacker's code in this Cyberchase game.(Interactive)

Grades 6-8: Colors Underwater--Observe how different wavelengths of light penetrate to different depths in the ocean and see how colored objects change appearance as they descend underwater. Use this resource to develop and use models of the absorption of light and observe how different wavelengths of light interact with water.(Media Gallery)

Grades 9-12: Hackers & Cyber Attacks: Crash Course Computer Science #32--Not all hackers are malicious cybercriminals intent on stealing your data (these people are known as Black Hats). There are also White Hats, who hunt for bugs, close security holes, and perform security evaluations for companies. And there are a lot of different motivations for hackers.(Video)

Register for a PBS LearningMedia Informational Webinar on our LPB Learning@Home website!  Sign up today and learn how easy it is to search for quality lessons and fun activities that families and children enjoy while learning! If you do not have a PBS LearningMedia account, sign up now!

 Explore How Discovery Education Can Be Your Daily Learning Platform

There are lots of ways to use Discovery Education in your classroom every day, so what's the best way to get started? Learn how to get the most out of your experience with 30 Ways to DE! Each day features a fun, useful tip on how DE can serve as your daily learning platform. From signing in to creating engaging learning experiences to utilizing Quiz, we cover our most popular tools, features, and resources. Check out the Bonus 31 to design learning activities.

LPB New Digital Series - Safe Haven: Louisianan's Green Book

“THE NEGRO MOTORIST GREEN BOOK” Visit the exhibit, then explore the local history with the new LPB Digital Series

From restaurants to eat in to places to sleep, The Green Book was more than just a travel guide for Black vacationers in mid-century America, it was a survival guide. From 1936 to 1967, the book featured businesses that were African-American friendly during the Jim Crow era.  Now Louisianans can get an immersive look at what it was like for Black travelers during that time thanks to a fascinating Smithsonian traveling exhibit that brings the guide to life. “The Negro Motorist Green Book” is at the Capitol Park Museum until November 14, 2021. The exhibit is curated by Candacy Taylor, one of the nation’s leading Green Book scholars and with the generous support of ExxonMobil Corporation.



Many Louisiana businesses were featured in The Green Book and a new LPB digital shorts series will help you learn their stories and explore our state’s history in greater detail. Safe Haven: Louisiana’s Green Book begins Friday, October 8, with the first episode premiering on LPB’s YouTube Channel.  Watch for a new episode every Friday through November 12.

The series is being shot and co-written by LPB’s Emma Reid and Kara St. Cyr, who also serves as our on camera guide. St. Cyr learned a lot of Louisiana history working on the digital shorts and appreciates the perspective she gained about her own history, as well. “One of the most sobering aspects of this project is not that this happened at all, but that the existence of sundown towns is so recent. African Americans used The Green Book to navigate cities like Denham Springs while my parents were small children. This puts everything into perspective. I can appreciate my ancestors even more now that I understand the sacrifices they made just to live.”

The series is underwritten by ExxonMobil Baton Rouge. “There are so many Louisiana story-telling opportunities associated with the history of The Green Book,” says Stephanie Cargile, public and government affairs manager for ExxonMobil Baton Rouge. “ExxonMobil really wanted to focus on our state’s role and we knew LPB could help. It’s an important part in the history of race relations in our state.”

Watch for details in the November edition of Visions about a special event featuring a screening of all eight episodes of the LPB series along with the exhibit at the Capitol Park Museum. 

October is National Bullying Prevention

Cyber-bullying is where one or more children targets another through technology such as the Internet, cell phones, or other devices to threaten, harass, or embarrass another child. Cyber-bullying goes beyond just bullying, because it can follow you home (e.g., through text or e-mail messages, blogs, social networking web site, etc.). You can stop cyber-bullying by not responding to any of it, saving the evidence, and reporting it. Created for grades 6-12, this Video encourages using courage to follow the appropriate steps to stop Cyber-Bullying.

Get Artsy With ZIGGY – Share Your Creations

Ziggy’s Arts Adventure is LPB’s educational children’s puppet show that’s all about exploring art in its many forms and learning how it can enrich our lives. A new episode premieres online every Monday at www.lpb.org/ziggy and also on Ziggy’s YouTube channel. So far Ziggy and his friends have helped us explore all kinds of artistic concepts, like composition, contrast, rhythm, and space. Now it’s time to show us what you’ve learned!

LPB wants fans to share pictures of their Ziggy creations! Put on your thinking caps and let your creativity take over! You can draw Ziggy using crayons, pens, pencils, paint, or markers. You can even create your own Ziggy puppet. Let your imagination run wild! Share a photo your creation with LPB and email it to ziggy@lpb.org . Don’t forget to include your first name, your age, and the city where you live. We’ll share your creations on the Ziggy webpage at www.lpb.org/ziggy.

Want to learn more about creating Ziggy? Watch the season premiere of Art Rocks! The Series (Friday, Oct. 1 or streaming on-demand at www.lpb.org/artrocks) to meet Ziggy creator and puppeteer Clay Achee. 

LDMA :  We’re celebrating National Seafood Month with some classic Louisiana seafood dishes.

In honor of National Seafood Month and National Gumbo Day on October 12th, the LDMA is highlighting some of the best seafood recipes featured on LPB’s cooking shows through the years.  Get inspired to make some classic Louisiana seafood dishes with the help of some of our favorite chefs, including John Folse, Leah Chase, Paul Prudhomme, and Ms. Lucy. Enjoy viewing some of the best seafood dishes and recipes Here