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Happy New Year 2018!! LPB will be bringing you new opportunites, inspiration and engaging resources to your classrooms this year!

Don't forget to follow our LPB LearningMedia Facebook page this year! This way you won't miss any opportunities that might pop up that weren't in the newsletter.

1. We’re excited to announce that an enhanced PBS LearningMedia experience is now available to all users, offering free access to state standards for the first time ever! Don't have a PBS LearningMedia account yet? Go to LPB's Education Page and scroll down to the LPB LearningMedia login box. Click on "Not yet a member, Sign Up now!" How does it work? Simply select a resource, then scroll down and expand the “Educational Standards” section. The information that pops up will reveal how your resource aligns to national and/or state standards.

Have you checked out PBS LearningMedia's Tools? Create a media-rich lesson plan, a dynamic storyboard presentation, or a word search puzzle in a snap! Tap into our suite of FREE teacher productivity tools, RIGHT HERE.

2. Edcamp is happening in Bossier and in Baton Rouge! Have you heard about Edcamp? Best of all, it's completely FREE, breakfast and lunch are provided and tons of prizes are given away!

Edcamp is the "un-conference" professional development model that is open to those who work in various learning environments, including informal and childcare settings. Edcamp is open to all teachers; however, sessions will available for early childhood educators to have the opportunity to share in professional experiences and discuss best practices for fostering early childhood development and kindergarten readiness. Edcamp’s personalized, participant-driven approach gives educators control over what they learn and fosters a strong sense of community among attendees. Participants propose topics they want to discuss or learn more about, build the agenda and then choose sessions to attend based on their interests and experiences. All attendees are encouraged to share ideas and methods that will enhance their practice. Click here to register for EdCamp in north Louisiana on January 27th and click here to register for EdCamp in Baton Rouge on February 24th.

3. Coming up this January and February! Register for the “More Than a Month” series of film screenings + panel discussions designed for classroom viewing in celebration of Black History Month. The 3-part online event series features the films “I Am Not Your Negro,” “Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart,” and “Tell Them We Are Rising.” Viewers will be able to ask questions of producers and directors LIVE through the OVEE platform! Hosted by ITVS and PBS Education. SIGN UP NOW!

4. If you missed the Splash & Bubbles Webinars For Early Childhood Educators from KPBS, no worries! You can still register and view the recordings here! The webinars help equip formal and informal educators with information and kid-friendly resources to help make marine science fun for kids ages 4 to 8! Free lesson plans, activity ideas and more! Presenters include marine biologists and early childhood education expert Moisés Román, from UC Berkeley’s Harold E. Jones Child Study Center, who will explain how each topic aligns with curricular objectives for grades PreK through grade 2.

5. Celebrate Digital Learning Day and Black History Month in this dynamic and interactive webcast! Throughout World War II, African Americans pursued a Double Victory: one over the Axis abroad and another over discrimination at home. Major cultural, social, and economic shifts amid a global conflict played out in the lives of these Americans. Discover fascinating stories of struggle, setbacks, triumphs, and heroism of individuals who changed history in the Electronic Field Trip: Fighting for the Right to Fight: African American Experiences in World War II. In this live 50-minute program, student reporters examine artifacts from The National WWII Museum's signature special exhibit, travel to California to learn about injustices in a segregated military at Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial, the site of the deadliest munitions disaster during the war, and explore Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historical Park to understand transitions and tensions in American defense factories. In this interactive cross-country journey, students in grades 6-12 learn how the pursuit for both victory and equality shaped the story of World War II and transformed the United States for decades to come. During the webcast, your students will have the opportunity to participate live through polling and Q & A with Museum experts.Two opportunities to watch on Thursday, February 22: 9:00 a.m. or Noon Central. Classroom participation is free but requires advance registration. Sign up today!

6. Don't miss ODD SQUAD: World Turned Odd one hour special with a sneak peek of PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC which premiers on February 19th! When Oona, Olympia, and Otis accidentally change the past, they undo every odd case Odd Squad has ever solved! The agents embark on a mission across time to set things right. Watch it on January 15th at 3:30 p.m on LPB and at 7 p.m. on LPBKIDS. For additional airings check the online schedule and search for World Turned Odd. Your kids can also become an agent and join the Odd Squad online anytime.

7. Don't forget the LPB Louisiana Young Hero Awards --Nominations Now Open!
A Young Hero can be defined in many ways, but to those who know them they are exceptional students who devote their time, talents, and energy to make a difference! Now in its 23rd year, the LPB Louisiana Young Hero Awards, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Baton Rouge, annually honors students in grades 7-12 who excel in the classroom, serve their local communities, and sometimes demonstrate great personal courage in overcoming adversity. Nominations are now being accepted for our 2018 Louisiana Young Heroes (Click here to nominate.)! The deadline for entries is January 31, 2018. For more information, call Margaret Schlaudecker at 225-767-4276 or email heroes@lpb.org.

I hope this new year brings you much love and laughter! It's always nice to have new fresh start! I hope you're able to enjoy some of these exciting resources this month. Don't forget to follow LPB's LearningMedia Facebook page for more up-to-date information, timely resources, news, contests, etc.

Take care, Nancy Tooraen