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Early Childhood Educator Opportunities

Sign up today for one of LPB's Sesame Street in Communities Virtual Lunch & Learn webinars. There are many dates available in February and early March 2021 for you to choose ONE that best fits your schedule from 12-12:45 PM. Every day, you make a difference by helping kids and families grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. You’re an important part of the “circle of care” that surrounds the families and kids who need it most.

We’ve created these 45 minute virtual Lunch & Learn webinars to support you in this critical work by showing you how to use hundreds of multi-media tools to helps kids and families enrich and expand their knowledge during the early years of birth through six, a critical window for brain development. These resources engage kids and adults in everyday moments and daily routines—from teaching early math, school readiness, health emergencies and much more!

All educators that attend and complete a survey will be entered in a drawing for great prizes!

All virtual sessions will be using Zoom, so please be sure you have a Zoom account. For more information visit

Register Here

Louisiana Young Heroes Call for Nominations

Louisiana Public Broadcasting is proud to announce the 26th annual Louisiana Young Heroes program and the statewide call for nominations of students to be recognized as Louisiana Young Heroes in 2021. A Young Hero is defined as an exceptional young person who has excelled in academics, given significantly of themselves through public service, overcome adversity, exhibited extraordinary heroism, or inspired others through their deeds and strength of character.

Nominees must be Louisiana students in grades 9-12, enrolled in an academic institution or homeschool program, and cannot be older than 18 years of age. 

Nominations and supporting materials should be submitted through the online form at The deadline for entries is Monday, March 15, 2021. (Previous winners are not eligible.)

For more information email

Discovery Education Spring Ambassador Cohort

Explore creative ways to engage students in remote, hybrid, and in-class learning by participating in the Spring 2021 Ambassador Cohort. Connect with a Discovery Education leader and other participants through three live, online professional learning sessions, complete skill- building weekly activities, then share what you’ve learned with your peers.

Session 1- Your Discovery Education Experience  Explore Discovery Education Experience 

Session 2- Create & Collaborate  Move from content consumer to digital creator

Session 3- The Discovery Education Student Experience  Expand the walls of your classroom and find ways to extend learning beyond the bell

Register here  (Deadline for Registration is February 8, 2021)

PBS LearningMedia Content Highlights

Teacher Planning Kits for January-March This Planning Kit is packed with resources, just like our last Planning Kit, that you can use in your classrooms  to better engage some of your students who have limited or no access to the internet, and no matter your new school routine.

Grades PK-2Team Hamster! -is an interactive digital series that helps kids 4 to 8 think creatively and use engineering skills to solve problems with everyday tools. This interactive digital series allows viewers to build, test, and redesign to save the day with hamsters Sadie, Mateo, and Tasha – classroom pets by day, secret engineers by night. Step into the hamsters’ world through animated stories and games. The stories set up problems that kids help solve by playing games using simple machines, tools, and creative thinking. The pint-sized hamsters show kids that “big or small, they can solve it all"! Play and Watch on the PBS KIDS Games App, PBS KIDS Video App and 

Grades 2-5: States of Matter | States of Water Experiments are cool with a curious baby polar bear and his who, what, when, where and why questions about the three states of matter. Get hands-on with ice and record your observations through drawing and writing.

Grades 7-12: Journey through an Exploded Star Navigate the fiery aftermath of a supernova in the “Journey through an Exploded Star” interactive simulation in 360°. This never-before-seen 3D view of a supernova remnant, built with real scientific data, allows students to visualize the electromagnetic spectrum. It features research by a team of scientists led by Smithsonian astronomer Kimberly Arcand. Take an immersive tour as she explains the data collected from across the electromagnetic spectrum and captured by multiple telescopes. She’ll explain how and why scientists study the entire spectrum: to gain a comprehensive picture of these cosmic explosions.

Register for a PBS LearningMedia Informational Webinar on our LPB Learning@Home website!  Sign up today and learn how easy it is to search for quality lessons and fun activities that families and children enjoy while learning!  If you do not have a PBS LearningMedia accountsign up now!

LDMA -Black History Month

During the month of February, the LDMA is highlighting Black History Month.  Explore our videos about Louisiana history during the periods of slavery, segregation, and the Civil Rights Movement. Also, be sure to check out the complete Black History Month topic to see more stories and interviews with black Louisianans who have made significant contributions to the state. Check Out Black History Month

Play Cyberchase Fractions Quest for FREE!

Introducing Cyberchase Fractions Quest a web-based math game from from WNET and FableVision Games. Fractions Quest takes students in grade 3-4 on an immersive journey that integrates an interactive adventure with a research-based approach to fractions contexts.        Use code WNETFREE at by Feb. 15, to access a free classroom license through June 30.

February Highlights--LPB Celebrates Black History Month

This month LPB is proud to celebrate Black HistoryWe bring you a lineup of films and moments, memories and people in Black history that inspire!

LPB spotlights the highly anticipated PBS series The Black Church: This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song from filmmaker Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and a number of other special programming and digital offerings.

Monday, February 8 @ 8:00pm  American Experience: Goin’ Back to T-Town  Hear the extraordinary history of Greenwood, a successful Black community in segregated Tulsa. In a nostalgic celebration of old-fashioned neighborhood life, Black residents of "T-Town" relive their community's remarkable rise and ultimate decline.

Tuesdays, February 16 and 17 @ 8:00pm  The Black Church: This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song  This intimate two-part series from Henry Louis Gates, Jr., examines the 400-year-old story of the black church in America, exploring its role as the site of African American organizing, resilience, autonomy, freedom and solidarity. Both episodes will be available for streaming at or with the LPB App beginning the night of the broadcast premiere.

Fridays at 7:00pm in February  Louisiana: The State We’re In  Louisiana’s Black Church: The Politics of Perseverance

From the Civil Rights Movement of days past to the struggles of the modern age, LPB explores the importance of the Black Church in Louisiana, taking you on a journey across our state to discover how the black church helped Louisiana’s African American community persevere through centuries of turmoil and show the history and the culture that makes our state so unique. Go to for more, including videos and educational resources.

Monday, February 15 @ 8:00pm  American Experience: Voice of Freedom  Explore the fascinating life of celebrated singer Marian Anderson. In 1939, after being barred from performing at Constitution Hall because she was Black, she triumphed at the Lincoln Memorial in what became a landmark moment in American history.

Friday, February 19 @ 9:00pm  Driving While Black: Race, Space and Mobility in America Discover how the advent of the automobile brought new freedoms and new perils for African Americans on the road in this deep look into the dynamics of race, space and mobility in America over time.  

Monday, February 22 @ 9:00pm  Independent Lens: Mr. Soul!  Celebrate SOUL!, the public television variety show that shared Black culture with the nation. Ellis Haizlip developed SOUL! in 1968 as one of the first platforms to promote the vibrancy of the Black Arts Movement. Its impact continues to this day.