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Be A Friend | 20,000 for 2020 | Membership Drive | 
"Blow the trumpet, sound the alarm and don;t forget to all join arms as we grow our members of LPB to 20,000 friends by 2020."

The Campaign

Friends of LPB has launched a campaign to increase our membership and we need your help!

Our goal is to grow our circle of friends to 20,000 members for 2020. Please help us reach our goal!

A letter from FLPB Board Chairman, Robert Emmert

This year marks a very special time for Louisiana Public Broadcasting. We are celebrating 45 years of improving the lives of all Louisianans with the highest quality programming that educates, enlightens and entertains, now reaching audiences over-the-air, on the web, in the home and in the classroom. LPB is the leader in educational television in our state, provides a civil public square for meaningful dialogue, is a trusted source of information and a stage for cultural and arts programming. We are thrilled about achieving this milestone, and our members including you deserve all the praise for making this possible.

Your membership is the vital funding that we in turn use to purchase all the extraordinary PBS programs you see and enables us to create documentaries that tell Louisiana’s story. Friends of LPB’s “20,000 Friends for 2020 Campaign” is well underway, but we cannot reach our goal without strong community support. Help us expand our circle of friends to 20,000 members by the end of this year. The generosity of those who share our vision will ensure LPB continues to educate, inspire, and lead in the digital century.

Thank you for your support!

signature:Robert Emmert