Washing Away: Losing Louisiana
Educational Video Clips
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Leah Chase:
Chase 17:35-20:34
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Chase 50:16-53:50
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Domingue Family:
Domingue 8:38-11:29
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Domingue 26:55-29:23
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Domingue 42:39-44:50
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Preston Doré:
Doré 11:30-14:14
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Doré 29:25-31:50
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Doré 45:00-47:40
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Ted Falgout:
Falgout 14:14-17:13
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Falgout 31:51-35:05
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Marlon Horton:
Horton 5:54-8:37
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Horton 40:38-42:36
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Kerry St. Pé:
St. Pé 2:30-5:53
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St. Pé 31:51-35:05 & 38:02-40:36
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St. Pé 53:52-55:55
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Educational outreach for Washing Away made possible by the generous support of America’s Wetland: Campaign to Save Coastal Louisiana.

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