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Program synopsis

In the summer of 2005, two hurricanes -- Katrina and Rita -- battered the Gulf Coast from east Texas to Alabama. But it was Katrina that pushed her way ashore at the Louisiana–Mississippi border and shared her full fury with those two states. The nation and the world watched as the tragedy unfolded, but what about now? What is the status of recovery, three years after America’s worst natural disaster? Join us as Louisiana Public Broadcasting teams up with Mississippi Public Broadcasting to present: “Coastal Comeback: Louisiana and Mississippi After Katrina” -- a special edition of Louisiana Public Square. The program will explore the status of recovery along the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf coast and New Orleans and surrounding parishes by showing the highlights from town meetings held in New Orleans, Louisiana and Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

As with all human calamities, Katrina has generated many passionate feelings and opinions about the storm and its aftermath. Separating fact from opinion is often not easy, especially when the scale of the disaster is so massive. It is difficult for most of us to comprehend the size of the area impacted by the hurricanes of 2005. But when you realize we are talking about an area the size of Great Britain, it helps in understanding the immense challenge this region faces in rebuilding. The number of destroyed homes alone is staggering.

Here’s a breakdown: In Louisiana, more than 500,000 homes were damaged, with more than 100,000 mostly or completely destroyed. In Mississippi, over 200,000 homes were damaged, with over 15,000 heavily damaged or destroyed. In the three years since the storm, more than one hundred billion dollars has been committed or dispersed to aid in the recovery.

“Coastal Comeback” takes viewers to two of the areas hardest hit by Katrina – Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana. We’ll be talking with guests invited from the surrounding parishes, counties and coastal communities. They will speak their minds and ask tough questions of our panelists, who are top experts in the fields of housing, economic development and the government’s response during the recovery.

Louisiana Panelists:

  • Dr. Edward Blakely - Recovery Administrator for New Orleans
  • Walter Leger, Jr. - Chairman of the LRA Housing Taskforce
  • King Milling - Vice-Chairman of Whitney Bank
  • Karen Rowley - Special Projects Manager, Public Affairs Research Council

Mississippi Panelists:

  • Ashley Edwards - Policy Analyst to the Governor’s Office of Recovery and Renewal
  • Marianne T. Hill - Senior Economist, Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning
  • Brad Loar - Director, FEMA Region 4, Mitigation Division
  • Mike Womack - Director, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency [MEMA]

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Background Information:
GulfGov Reports
(Study of the Communities Damaged by the 2005 Hurricanes)
from the Rockefeller Institute



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Program synopsis

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  • WRKF- Wednesday 8/20 at 9AM CST - Baton Rouge - Public Radio - Interview with Jim Engster


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