Louisiana Public Broadcasting's one-hour discussion program.

The purpose of this series is to stimulate intelligent, focused discussion of pressing, topical issues which need to be addressed through our democratic system of government. By using a model of deliberative discussion to generate a consensus on the right questions to ask, and by arranging for officials at the highest level of government to respond to these questions, LPB hopes to create a forum where citizens and their leaders can come together to seek solutions. We call this forum Louisiana Public Square.

The program will combine video background stories and conversations about the most important issues facing the State of Louisiana, with a focus on one main topic each month.

Studio audience members will be polled before and after the program concerning their opinions on that month’s topic. Viewers may also take part in the survey on the LPB website. The results of the studio audience survey will be included at the end of the program while the on-line results will be posted on the LPB website.

If you have a question or comment, e-mail us!. Some of these e-mail questions will be asked during the program.

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Some questions and comments may be included in the program.

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