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Friday, September 21, 2018
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Louisiana: The State We're In
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May 26, 2017
LSWI4037 - May 26, 2017

Legislative Report, Vice President Mike Pence, Breton Sound’s Oyster Future, Festival de la Bretagne

Legislative Report The Legislature has two weeks left and there is no solution yet on the next year’s state budget or the huge revenue gap looming in 2018… $1.3 billion dollars of “temporary” state sales taxes will disappear July 1, 2018… Governor Edward’s may have to call his fourth special session of his term. SHARE

Reforming Criminal Justice Should alternatives to prison be used for criminals charged with non-violent offenses? Should judges have more flexibility in sentencing? Should the state increase more opportunities for probation and parole? Should Louisiana pay sheriffs less for housing work release inmates? Louisiana Public Square looks for answers to these questions and more. SHARE

Breton Sound’s Oyster Future Louisiana’s oyster industry still stands to gain a $26 million infusion of money resulting from damage to reefs in the 2010 oil spill. But, it will need every dime it can get to withstand the continuing impact of the oil spill, changes in the salinity of the water because of a 2012 breech in the Mississippi River that’s impacting Breton Sound (once the most abundant source of oysters, now the least productive) and the impact over-fishing. In addition, attempts to prevent coastal erosion could also be very destructive to oyster beds, if plans are not drawn very carefully. One-third of the nation’s oyster supply comes from Louisiana. SHARE

Festival de la Bretagne A festival in Scott, Louisiana, is partnering with Breizh Amerika to educate Cajuns about their European roots, through Festival de la Bretagne. Bryan Theriot, 47-year-old owner of Gallery Acadie says, "There was a large pocket of Bretons that migrated with the Acadians because of the French Revolution. They were Catholic and were being killed in the revolution, so people assume they were Cajun, but they’re Celtic. This is a unique part of that history here that has never been told.” SHARE

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