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Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Join us on the hunt for the Treasures of LSU!

Treasures of LSU »»»

Some are commonly seen and cherished, like Louisiana State University’s stately live oaks and beloved Mike the Tiger. But many of LSU’s greatest treasures are off the beaten path, their meaning obscured over time.

A number can be found on display in gallery exhibits. While others buried deep within restricted archives rarely see the light of day.

A few are even hidden in plain sight. But they all have stories to tell about their times, their origins and their value - intrinsic, scholarly or artistic.

Produced and written by Liz Barnes (Washing Away: After the Storms), the program is hosted by LPB’s Shauna Sanford (Louisiana: The State We’re In). Videographer Keith Crews filmed and edited the program which was co-directed and shot by LPB Senior Producer Al Godoy.

Based on the book “Treasures of LSU,” edited by Dr. Laura F. Lindsay and published by LSU Press, this high definition, LPB production takes you on an exclusive expedition filled with remarkable treasures, sharp turns and even a few twists.

Join us on the hunt for the Treasures of LSU.

Funding for this program was provided by the Foundation for Excellence in Louisiana Public Broadcasting.

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Treasures of LSU
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