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Thursday, December 13, 2018
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This Old State House
Celebrate hard work and spiritual values

This Old State House »»»

Many think the Louisiana capitol is Art Deco but the highly embellished walls and outside friezes celebrate the public building with images honoring the common dreams of the people who built it.

Once you know the language of the symbols these Depression-era artists used, Louisiana’s Capitol reveals a grand intent. It celebrates hard work and spiritual values. In this program we literally read the ‘writing on the walls.’

Completed in 1932 at a cost of five million dollars, the state capitol was a dream come true for then-U.S. Senator Huey Long. The most colorful political figure of the 1930s, Long ran Louisiana as a notorious populist and rivaled the power and popularity of President Franklin Roosevelt.

Renovations begun last year will cost more than the capitol did to build. Cracks in the front steps, water damage and decades of neglect are detailed in the program. Speaker of the House Hunt Downer complains that the original furniture, hand made to match the interior details and colors, is long gone.

Yet we see, in This Old State House, some pieces being returned and how restorers are reclaiming the original intent of the design one room at a time.

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