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Friday, June 23, 2017
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Through food, music, and art, we are able to break barriers and bring people together to enjoy one thing we all have in common --- LIFE.

Situated on the banks of the Ouachita River just north of Monroe, Louisiana, in the heart of the north delta lies a barn where people from all ages and walks of life come together to celebrate their distinctive culture. The North Delta Ramble is a series of barn parties whereby each event has a distinguished chef, band, and visual artist, who all come together to create the perfect "gumbo" of a party. Through food, music, and art, we are able to break barriers and bring people together to enjoy one thing we all have in common --- LIFE.

Volume III of the North Delta Ramble features an end of summer bar-b-q barn burner with Monroe’s award winning chef Cory Bahr welcoming to the delta James Beard finalist Derek Emerson from Walker’s Drive-In in Jackson, MS … Our host and curator, New Jersey transplant and used carpet magnate Stan Leubin, welcomes all to town for this end of summer barn side bar-b-q for a crowd of over 500 people combined with an art show from Clarksdale MS based artist Stan Street and music from NOLA based Honey Island Swamp Band … All the ingredients come together to provide yet another “Louisiana Saturday night done right” …. So sit back, come take a ride with us through the North Delta, get to know our featured chefs, band, and artist, and prepare to be entertained ….

Volume II has New Jersey transplant/used carpet salesman/promoter extraordinaire Stan Leubin running all over northeast Louisiana to promote his Ramble that was filmed in April. This epic "Louisiana Saturday night done right" features a crawfish boil from Monroe based south Louisiana native, and local legend Larry Cormier of Cormier's Cajun Catering, an art show in the barn from NOLA based Monroe native Emory Nolan, and music from south Mississippi based roots rock band Rosco Bandana.

Volume I welcomes you to the world of the North Delta Ramble, a colorful collection of food, music, and art presented by Stan Leubin, a New Jersey born used carpet salesman who has moved to Monroe, LA in search of the finer things in life. Our host Stan takes viewers on a north delta ride via his 1951 bus, the Red Rambler, bringing people together through food, music, and art - showcasing what the north delta region of Louisiana collectively celebrates -- life and the pursuit of happiness. This premiere episode features Chef Cory Bahr, Music by Holy Ghost Tent Revival, and Art by Artist Caroline Youngblood.

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