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Sunday, June 25, 2017
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The Forgetting Alzheimer's disease touches nearly every American family.

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Alzheimer's disease touches nearly every American family, wiping away vast stores of personal memories and human connections. This two-hour special, based on the best-selling book by author David Shenk, is aimed at helping Americans better understand and cope with this fearsome disease. The centerpiece is a 90-minute documentary: the first television program to tackle the entire spectrum of the Alzheimer's epidemic - the firsthand tragedy, the rising numbers, humankind's age-old fascination with dementia and the worldwide effort to find a cure. Three victims and their families bring viewers up close to the intense, real-world experience of Alzheimer's disease. Linda Hunt narrates.

An informative half-hour program, hosted by David Hyde Pierce, followed the documentary and leads viewers to local and national experts and resources.

Learn More:
• PBS site: The Forgetting •

Locally supported by:
Alzheimer's Services of the Capital Area and LPB



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