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Saturday, July 22, 2017
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Situation: Disaster! - Situación: ¡Desastre!
Two Disaster Preparation videos hosted by Erik Estrada

Situation: Disaster! - Situación: ¡Desastre! »»»

No part of America is safe from natural disasters. Whether it's a hurricane, an earthquake, or a blizzard- you will almost certainly at some time face nature's worst forces. When it happens- will you be prepared for the situation? Will you know how to protect your family and your property? And will you understand what to do after the calamity is over? Let us help you prepare now, before you find yourself in the Situation: Disaster!

As a result of the widespread devastation the Gulf Coast experienced from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) realized that the general public needs readily accessible information about how to prepare for and cope with natural disasters.

To that end, LPB requested and received a Fire Prevention and Safety grant from the Department of Homeland Security to develop and produce a two part video series hosted by noted actor Eric Estrada, entitled “Situation: Disaster,” to provide emergency preparedness information about a wide variety of natural disasters, from hurricanes and tornados, to severe thunderstorms and winter storms, to earthquakes, wild fires and floods.

In an effort to reach the widest audience possible with practical tips on what to do before a natural disaster occurs and how to cope immediately afterwards, “Situation: Disaster” was produced in both English and Spanish.

This program made possible by a grant from the U. S. Department of Homeland Security
Este programa se ha efectuado por subvención del Departamento de Seguridad de la Patria de los Estados Unidos.


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Situation: Disaster!

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