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Sunday, June 25, 2017
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In A Good Place Journey with three families in their search to find a good place for the ones they love...

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When caregivers are confronted with the daunting challenge of finding an environment that meets the unique needs of their loved ones, guilt and anxiety arise. This 30-minute program takes caregivers (and prospective caregivers) through an array of real-life experiences that empower them to become more effective in their search for the best possible nursing home.

Caregivers for the elderly are often faced with making difficult, emotional decisions in a short amount of time, or in some cases, immediately, as their family members experience difficult physical or mental setbacks. Often the only alternative is placing that person into a nursing home. Using personal stories from caregivers along with valuable advice from experts in the field of nursing care, this program provides information useful to the decision-making process.

In a Good Place also conveys an accurate picture of the emotional, psychological, financial, and physical stress that caregivers are suddenly faced with when they find themselves no longer able to provide 24-hour care. Join us as we look at caregivers and their search for a good place.


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