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Friday, December 14, 2018
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Historical Food Towns of Louisiana - Chef John Folse

Historical Food Towns of Louisiana - Chef John Folse »»»

“Nothing tends much to enlarge the mind as traveling, that is, making visits to other towns, cities and countries besides those in which you were born." —Isaac Watts

Expand your horizons and take a unique , scenic vacation that won’t cost a fortune! You’ll even take home “souvenirs”—secrets that will make a difference when preparing meals for family and friends. Chef John Folse gives a personal, informative tour of some roads less traveled throughout the state of Louisiana. Each episode is like a mini-vacation through Louisiana with, of course, a sampling of the native cuisine! Your eyes and taste buds will be treated to such foods and locales as Smothered Pork Chops with Wild Mushrooms from Ruston…Hearty Coushatta Catfish Stew from the Coushatta Indians in Elton…Fresh, hot Biscuits and Stuffed Cornish Hen with Cane Syrup Glaze from a syrup mill in Grant…and Irresistible Louisiana Crab Cakes and Old Maid’s Potato Salad from the state’s eastern Gulf Shore area.

Then get ready for a second tour with Chef Folse as he takes you to Germantown, Transylvania, Fishville and his own hometown of Donaldsonville. In this series, Chef Folse prepares such delicious dishes as Baked Chicken and Oyster Casserole. Seafood and Broccoli Lasagna, Cajun Baked Ham and Beans, Hushpuppies and Fig Cake. So make your reservations now and invite your friends to come along!

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