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Monday, April 24, 2017
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Louisiana: The State We're In
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About Louisiana Public Broadcasting's
Louisiana: The State We're In

Louisiana: The State We’re In, Louisiana's only statewide news magazine and one of the longest running television programs in the nation, is in its 40th season on the air. The program currently airs Fridays at 7PM and Sundays at 4:30PM on the six-station LPB network that includes stations in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Monroe and Shreveport. It also airs on LPB’s sister station WLAE-TV32 in New Orleans on Fridays at 7PM.

This award-winning show combines in-depth coverage about the important issues in the state along with expert analysis of those issues. This includes continuing coverage of stories like the lasting effect of the BP oil spill on Louisiana’s coastline, the devastating floods of 2016, or the continuing coverage of healthcare, education and state budget issues.

Since its inception in 1976, “Louisiana: The State We’re In” has been a leader in coverage of the Louisiana Legislature. Its goal has always been to explain how legislation will affect the lives of the people of the state. That coverage expands during the legislative session to include daily updates and a wrap up of the week’s events on the Friday broadcast that features live interviews with lawmakers and experts on legislation.

The program also has features stories on the art, culture and the people and places that make Louisiana so unique. Additionally, the show features "Prescription for Health" featuring Dr. Rani Whitfield discussing important health issues including how to prevent cancer, heart problems and strokes.

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Kelly Connelly Spires

Kelly Connelly Spires

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Kelly Connelly Spires produces Capitol Beat, a nightly news segment during the legislative session, assists in the production of Louisiana Public Square, and contributes to Louisiana: The State We’re In as well as other projects. Prior to joining LPB, Connelly covered politics out of three southern Capitols, including Baton Rouge. Versed in broadcasting as well as print and online media, her work has been published in LaPolitics Weekly, Business Report’s Daily Report and Louisiana Sportsman Magazine. Connelly holds a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and a minor in Politics from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. She got her start in broadcasting in the Radio Training Program at Baton Rouge Magnet High School. She was hired as a part-time reporter and anchor her senior year of college at KUAR in Little Rock before continuing to KUT in Austin. When she’s not producing, Connelly enjoys cooking, practicing yoga and spending time on her front porch with her partner Steve Spires and their two dogs, Mr. Man and Miss Buttons. She is the second Connelly to work at LPB, after her father, former Baton Rouge newsman John Connelly.

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