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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Louisiana: The State We're In
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August 11, 2017
On a special edition of Louisiana: The State We’re In, we examine our state one year removed from the catastrophic floods of August 2016. A family takes us through their emotional ordeal of fleeing and losing their home and where they sit a year later. So many state schools were left in ruins - the head of schools takes us on the path to recovery, and what about the next time? State and parish leaders discuss steps taken that could make Louisiana better prepared.

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CLICK HERE to view in player: July 28, 2017
Excellence in Academics, Julia Hawkins, Antiques Roadshow New Orleans

John Sterling Dawson / Excellence in Academics

The predominantly black high ranking school district in West Feliciana Parish stands in contrast to numerous national studies which show blacks and other minorities often pull down test scores. We’ll show you the legacy that helped shape a culture of excellence in that rural part of Louisiana.

Julia Hawkins

Meet Julia Hawkins of Baton Rouge, who at 101 is doing things many people half her age and younger would find difficult. How this great grandmother and retired teacher takes it all in stride as the world marvels at the world records she’s set in track and field.

Industrial Tax Matters

While Industrial Tax Exemption Program (ITEP) was championed by former Gov. Bobby Jindal, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced modifications to the program in 2016. What has been the impact of the changes made to the tax exemption plan? How effective is the ITEP in growing jobs? What has the program’s cost been to local communities? Louisiana Public Square explores.

Antiques Roadshow New Orleans

Go behind-the-scenes with the appraisers and the crew of PBS’ Antiques Roadshow as it set up shop in New Orleans. We met people from all over the state eager to learn the value of their treasures.

More Episodes: Page 3 of 250 pages  <  1 2 3 4 5 >  Last »

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