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Friday, December 14, 2018
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This six-part series tells the colorful story of Louisiana for the citizens and students of our state.

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Louisiana: A History is the most ambitious and exciting project in the history of Louisiana Public Broadcasting. This six-part series tells the colorful story of Louisiana for the citizens and students of our state. More than just a review of historic events, this series explores the rich legacy of the many cultures that have left their imprint on Louisiana, and will help viewers understand why Louisiana is truly a state like no other.

The series begins with pre-history and explores the major eras, events and personalities that have shaped Louisiana through the modern era. It includes the contributions and history of every region of the state and reflects our cultural diversity, a critical factor in understanding why Louisiana is different from other southern states.

Louisiana: A History combines historical renderings, rarely seen photographs, and historical documents with powerful videography to create a unique view of our state. Using old journals, correspondence and family reminiscences, the story also reveals the voices of real people describing how they lived, worked, played and survived. In essence, this series explains “what we are” as a state by showing us “who we are as a people.”

To ensure historical accuracy, an Advisory Council made up of the state’s top historians, teachers, museum directors, nationally recognized authorities, and authors has been involved in the project since its beginning to provide guidance for the LPB staff.

Premiering in 2003, the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase, Louisiana: A History included a companion teacher guide and book - Louisiana: An Illustrated History as well as the current website. There is a strong educational component to the series with each program edited to enhance its value for classroom use. The entire series has also been made available to schools, libraries and families. Please feel free to explore this website to learn more about Louisiana: A History.


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