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Monday, May 21, 2018
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The Forest Where We Live - $25.00

This one hour documentary, narrated by actor Sam Waterston, tells the story of a fascinating and endangered habitat that eighty percent of our citizens call home: America's urban forests. Urban forests are critical components of every day life for the majority of Americans, yet they are often overlooked or taken for granted by most citizens.

Food, Fun & Friends - $25.00

Get tips on throwing the perfect party from nationally known authors and TV personalities Holly Clegg and Beverly Church.

Treasures of LSU - $25.00

Many of LSU's greatest treasures are off the beaten path, their meaning obscured over time.

A number can be found on display in gallery exhibits. While others buried deep within restricted archives rarely see the light of day.

A few are even hidden in plain sight. But they all have stories to tell about their times, their origins and their value - intrinsic, scholarly or artistic.

Based on the book "Treasures of LSU," edited by Dr. Laura F. Lindsay and published by LSU Press, this high definition, LPB production takes you on an exclusive expedition filled with remarkable treasures, sharp turns and even a few twists.

Join us on the hunt for the Treasures of LSU.

Facts on Fire - $100.00

Approximately 4,000 people die from fire each year and over 25,000 are injured, not to mention the millions of dollars in property damage which occurs. The saddest part is that many of these tragedies are preventable. That's why proper fire education is essential to minimizing loss of life and property. Join firefighters Sonny Cudd and Chris Spurlock as they review fire prevention techniques with other fire service professionals. "Facts on Fire" is an eight-part series to show how a few minor precautions can help prevent fires in the home and other locations. The programs in the series are: "Home, Safe Home," "Equipped for Safety," "Built for Safety," "Safe for the Holidays," "Escape from Death," "Outdoor Offensive," "Special Groups, Special Needs," and "In the Wrong Hands." Get the facts that could save your life! Telly Award winner.

More info at Facts on Fire.

Evangeline - $25.00

Longfellow's epic poem comes to life on stage in the tragic love story of Evangeline. This outstanding musical was shot in the historic Strand Theater in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Ernest J. Gaines: Louisiana Stories - $25.00

An in-depth look at the man who journeyed from the land of dirt roads, magnolias and majestic oak trees to the big city of San Francisco and back again. Ernest J. Gaines received national acclaim as the author of The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, A Gathering of Old Men, and My Father's House. Old photographs illustrate what family members remember about Gaines' childhood and his career. Couple that with the reminiscences of Ernest J. Gaines himself, comments from other writers and scholars, and passages from his books, and you'll find yourself in the South of long ago.

Enviro-Tacklebox™(The Series) - $125.00

This series, designed for middle school students can be easily integrated into existing science curricula. Each video lesson focuses on a specific topic related to Science in Personal and Social Perspectives Content Standard F of the National Science Standards. The series explores five themes: what happens to our bodies during exercise; the effects of UV radiation on human health; how a family's everyday activities correspond to the need for risk assessment; how science and emerging technology are linked to environmental concerns; and how population dynamics affect our water. These fast-paced programs feature many on-location segments.

More information at Enviro-Tacklebox™

This series includes five modules. Modules 1, 3, 4, 5 each consist of five 20 minute video lessons. Module 2 consists of four 20 minute video lessons and one 60 minute professional development tape. ($125 for all five modules)

Enviro-Tacklebox™(Module 5) - $25.00

1. Carbon: The Element of Surprise
This episode illustrates both the fast and slow track paths of carbon between living things and non-living processes.

2. The Aggravation of Accumulation
The process of bioaccumulation primarily of synthetic chemicals and its impact on the food chain are examined in this episode.

3. Behind the Numbers
Population fluctuations are linked to changes in various abiotic and biotic factors.

4. Hypoxia: The O2 Blues
The results of nutrient enrichment on the quality of waterways and the health of plants and animals in aquatic systems are examined.

5. Rotten but Not Forgotten
This episode focuses on the fundamental process of decomposition, an essential component in a balanced ecosystem.

This module consists of five 20 minute video lessons on 1 DVD.

Enviro-Tacklebox™(Module 4) - $25.00

1. Erosion: On the Move
The formation and relocation of soil are studied during visits to Niagara Falls, the South Dakota Badlands, and farm fields in Illinois and Kansas. Viewers explore the importance of soil as a resource necessary for our present and future generations.

2. Rebirth in Fire
Prescribed burns are routinely used to maintain a healthy forest environment and manage resources. Travel to Kisatchie National Forest and Yellowstone National Park to learn about the natural recovery process for native plants that benefit from fire.

3. Force of Floods
Learn about the 1927 Mississippi River flood and more recent flooding tragedies in various parts of the US. The Channeled Scablands formed by the Missoula floods provide a spectacular example of the habitat changes caused by floods.

4. The Earth: Work in Progress
Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and sinkhole formation dramatically change the Earth's surface, often redesigning local habitats. This episode introduces several scientists researching these processes and forces of change in our environment.

5. Glaciers: Movers & Shapers
At the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, massive glaciers carved valleys and lakes as they retreated northward. Examine the awesome force of glaciers, now found at high elevations and latitudes, as they shape the landscape of the North American continent.

This module consists of five 20 minute video lessons on 1 DVD.

Enviro-Tacklebox™(Module 3) - $25.00

. Commons Sense
The fish in the ocean, the planet Mars, Antarctica and even Space itself can be thought of as a "commons." This episode investigates the concept of a "commons" through visits to places such as the National Marine Fisheries Institute at Woods Hole, Cape Cod, the Louisiana Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge, and the Boston Commons.

2. Non-Native Invasion
Invasive, non-native plants and animals compete with native species for resources. This episode explores the environmental impact of invasive species and measures used to control them. Viewers will travel to Boston's Logan Airport, Stone Laboratory in Ohio and the swamps of Louisiana.

3. Student Solutions
This video provides a small representative sample of student efforts that promote improved environmental quality in their community. Meet students who are improving their environments in Hampden, MA; El Paso, TX; Huntingdon, PA; Juarez, MX; and Sonderton, PA.

4. Spin on Sprawl
Each year hundreds of thousands of acres of green land are converted to residential and commercial centers. This episode investigates some of the effects of urban sprawl: flooding, habitat loss and additional commuting time. Learn about efforts in Portland, OR and Celebration, FL to implement "smart growth" and "growth boundary".

5. Enviro Rules
In this episode learn about the processes used by state and local governments to establish Enviro Rules, regulations for proper resource management.

This module consists of five 20 minute video lessons on 1 DVD.

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