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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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The Golden Band from Tigerland (LSU) - $25.00

The Golden Band from Tigerland features the history of one of America's premier marching bands from its humble beginnings to the present.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 10: St. Mary Parish - $25.00

Adventure is in abundance in the land where the continent's largest swamp meets the America's Third Coast and host Tom Gregory wants to experience it all while he is in St. Mary Parish.

Exploring the Atchafalaya Basin, Tom takes a swamp tour with renowned nature and wildlife photographer C.C. Lockwood and comes face-to-face with the symbol of America at the Eagle Expo. He goes out to harvest wild crawfish with Swamp Pop legend Don Rich and comes back with more than just lunch-- Don then invites Tom to Gros' Marina for a weekend swamp party that is pure Cajun.

Also in this episode, Tom visits the Sovereign Nation of the Chitimacha and discovers not only the tribe's ancient tradition of basket weaving, but the place where all the locals go. That "place" may never be the same. During his journey through St. Mary, Tom also learns about how Morgan City became the African jungle in the first Tarzan movie ever filmed back in 1917. Annual festivals like "Rhythms on The River" and "The Louisiana Shrimp & Petroleum Festival" are featured, as is the Wedell-Williams Memorial Aviation & Cypress Sawmill Museum, and The Rig Museum-"Mr. Charlie".

The episode is a perfect travel guide for your own adventure along the Cajun Coast.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 09: St Bernard Parish - $25.00

In this episode of Go Coast: Louisiana, Emmy Award winning host Tom Gregory explores the cultural treasures, the scenic beauty and the bountiful world-class fishing of New Orleans' most historic neighbor: St. Bernard Parish.

From the last vestiges of Spanish Colonial Louisiana at Los Islenos Festival to the Chalmette Battlefield, the site of the Battle of New Orleans, to the frontline of the battle against hurricanes and coastal erosion, the past becomes present for visitors of St. Bernard. With the help of national food writer and Nola Food Goddess, Lorin Gaudin, Tom also eats his way across St. Bernard and discovers the unique flavors of this native, coastal cuisine.

Discover why St. Bernard is "Da Parish" when Go Coast: Louisiana goes down river!

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 08: Going Coastal - $25.00

Go Coast Louisiana is "Going Coastal" this Sunday, July 21 this special episode, host Tom Gregory takes a "walk on the wild side" of the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Pirates, cannons, hot sauce and various forms of wildlife are only part of this look back at some of the people and places that make this area so unique. Go Coast's host Tom Gregory gets up close and personal with a few alligators, reenacts a Civil War Battle, discovers the heat of the Tabasco factory, and walks the plank at The Contraband Days Festival' and that's just a few of the adventures in this episode.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 06: Vermilion Parish - $25.00

In Vermilion Parish, Tom discovers the history about how the Cajuns came to Louisiana. While there, Tom revels in Abbeville's Giant Omelette Celebration and witnesses firsthand the return of the endangered Whooping Crane to Louisiana. Also after catching musicians D.L. Menard and Michael Juan Nunez play live at an old livestock auction house, Tom hits the stage at a Cajun Music Jam in Erath. And if you are in Cajun Country, there will be food!

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 05: Jefferson Parish - $25.00

In this episode, Tom feasts at Family Gras, drives race cars at NOLA Motorsports, looses golf balls at TPC of Louisiana and dines in style with Chef Andrea -"the Mama Mia Master". He also goes honky-tonking at The Rivershack with Christian Serpas and Ghosttown.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 04: Southwest Louisiana (Calcasieu & Cameron Parishes) - $25.00

In this episode, Tom swashbuckles his way through the pirates of The Contraband Days Festival, travels both the Boudin Trail and The Creole Nature Trail, parades though Louisiana's largest Mardi Gras Museum and finds the beat of Lake Charles' nightlife.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 03: Iberia Parish - $25.00

In this show, host Tom Gregory gets an inside look at the Tabasco Factory, canoes Bayou Teche, eats his way through New Iberia's Main Street and joins the Sugar Queen in the annual Sugar Festival Boat Parade. The show also highlights Avery Island's Jungle Gardens, Rip Van Winkle Gardens, and the historic Lake Peigneur disaster.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 02: Plaquemines Parish - $25.00

This episodes features host Tom Gregory reenacting the Civil War battle at Fort Jackson, oyster fishing out of Venice and taking an Eco-Tour down the mighty Mississippi River. The show also feature the Orange Festival and Citrus Industry, Woodlands Plantations, and of course a little fishing.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 01: St. Tammany Parish (Northshore) - $25.00

With the help of celebrity chef John Besh, award-winning recording artist Amanda Shaw, and native american historian and musician GrayHawk Perkins, Tom Gregory discovers the many treasures of St. Tammany Parish.

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