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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Enviro-Tacklebox™(Module 4) - $25.00

1. Erosion: On the Move
The formation and relocation of soil are studied during visits to Niagara Falls, the South Dakota Badlands, and farm fields in Illinois and Kansas. Viewers explore the importance of soil as a resource necessary for our present and future generations.

2. Rebirth in Fire
Prescribed burns are routinely used to maintain a healthy forest environment and manage resources. Travel to Kisatchie National Forest and Yellowstone National Park to learn about the natural recovery process for native plants that benefit from fire.

3. Force of Floods
Learn about the 1927 Mississippi River flood and more recent flooding tragedies in various parts of the US. The Channeled Scablands formed by the Missoula floods provide a spectacular example of the habitat changes caused by floods.

4. The Earth: Work in Progress
Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and sinkhole formation dramatically change the Earth's surface, often redesigning local habitats. This episode introduces several scientists researching these processes and forces of change in our environment.

5. Glaciers: Movers & Shapers
At the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, massive glaciers carved valleys and lakes as they retreated northward. Examine the awesome force of glaciers, now found at high elevations and latitudes, as they shape the landscape of the North American continent.

This module consists of five 20 minute video lessons on 1 DVD.

Enviro-Tacklebox™(Module 5) - $25.00

1. Carbon: The Element of Surprise
This episode illustrates both the fast and slow track paths of carbon between living things and non-living processes.

2. The Aggravation of Accumulation
The process of bioaccumulation primarily of synthetic chemicals and its impact on the food chain are examined in this episode.

3. Behind the Numbers
Population fluctuations are linked to changes in various abiotic and biotic factors.

4. Hypoxia: The O2 Blues
The results of nutrient enrichment on the quality of waterways and the health of plants and animals in aquatic systems are examined.

5. Rotten but Not Forgotten
This episode focuses on the fundamental process of decomposition, an essential component in a balanced ecosystem.

This module consists of five 20 minute video lessons on 1 DVD.

Enviro-Tacklebox™(The Series) - $125.00

This series, designed for middle school students can be easily integrated into existing science curricula. Each video lesson focuses on a specific topic related to Science in Personal and Social Perspectives Content Standard F of the National Science Standards. The series explores five themes: what happens to our bodies during exercise; the effects of UV radiation on human health; how a family's everyday activities correspond to the need for risk assessment; how science and emerging technology are linked to environmental concerns; and how population dynamics affect our water. These fast-paced programs feature many on-location segments.

More information at Enviro-Tacklebox™

This series includes five modules. Modules 1, 3, 4, 5 each consist of five 20 minute video lessons. Module 2 consists of four 20 minute video lessons and one 60 minute professional development tape. ($125 for all five modules)

Ernest J. Gaines: Louisiana Stories - $25.00

An in-depth look at the man who journeyed from the land of dirt roads, magnolias and majestic oak trees to the big city of San Francisco and back again. Ernest J. Gaines received national acclaim as the author of The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, A Gathering of Old Men, and My Father's House. Old photographs illustrate what family members remember about Gaines' childhood and his career. Couple that with the reminiscences of Ernest J. Gaines himself, comments from other writers and scholars, and passages from his books, and you'll find yourself in the South of long ago.

Evangeline - $25.00

Longfellow's epic poem comes to life on stage in the tragic love story of Evangeline. This outstanding musical was shot in the historic Strand Theater in Shreveport, Louisiana.

An Evening at The Governor’s Mansion: A Christmas Celebration DVD - $25

A special performance by singer/songwriter Zachary Richard, featuring the Myrtle Place French Immersion Children’s Choir. This performance was recorded live at the Louisiana Governor's Mansion in December, 2016.

An Evening at The Governor’s Mansion: A Christmas Celebration with Paul Groves DVD - $25

Governor John Bel Edwards and the First Lady host a joyful Christmas celebration with Metropolitan Opera star Paul Groves, accompanied by New York City Opera tenor and LSU Kirkpatrick Professor Emeritus Robert Grayson. Hear Christmas classics including “White Christmas,” “I'll Be Home for Christmas,” “O Holy Night,” “Silver Bells,” “Silent Night,” and many more.

Facts on Fire - $100.00

Approximately 4,000 people die from fire each year and over 25,000 are injured, not to mention the millions of dollars in property damage which occurs. The saddest part is that many of these tragedies are preventable. That's why proper fire education is essential to minimizing loss of life and property. Join firefighters Sonny Cudd and Chris Spurlock as they review fire prevention techniques with other fire service professionals. "Facts on Fire" is an eight-part series to show how a few minor precautions can help prevent fires in the home and other locations. The programs in the series are: "Home, Safe Home," "Equipped for Safety," "Built for Safety," "Safe for the Holidays," "Escape from Death," "Outdoor Offensive," "Special Groups, Special Needs," and "In the Wrong Hands." Get the facts that could save your life! Telly Award winner.

More info at Facts on Fire.

Fats Domino: Walkin' Back to New Orleans - $25.00

The story of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer's harrowing rescue during Hurricane Katrina and his triumphant, and possibly final, return to the stage for a benefit concert almost two years after the storm.

Domino's concert, captured in high definition, was no small feat for the shy performer who, throughout his six decade music career, has never been comfortable in the spotlight. Still shaken by the devastating impact Katrina had on his city and his life, Fats took the stage to raise money for the post-Katrina rebuilding effort. In the process, he lifted the spirit of the entire city.

In addition to some of Fats' greatest hits performed live in concert at legendary New Orleans music club, Tipitina's, the program gives audiences an up-close, never before seen look into the life and storied career of the reluctant music legend. In a rare interview with Fats, viewers gain insight into this humble performer and how he changed music without even trying.

Food, Fun & Friends - $25.00

Get tips on throwing the perfect party from nationally known authors and TV personalities Holly Clegg and Beverly Church.

The Forest Where We Live - $25.00

This one hour documentary, narrated by actor Sam Waterston, tells the story of a fascinating and endangered habitat that eighty percent of our citizens call home: America's urban forests. Urban forests are critical components of every day life for the majority of Americans, yet they are often overlooked or taken for granted by most citizens.

The Forest Where We Live (The Series) - $25.00

A series that teaches middle and high school students about the economic, sociological and environmental benefits of trees and other foliage in our cities.

Six video lessons on 1 DVD. Teacher Guide included with the purchase of the series.

1. Urban Forestry, What is it?
2. The History of Urban Forestry
3. Deforestation in America
4. The Science of Urban Forestry
5. And Who Shall Lead the Way
6. A Natural World

More information The Forest Where We Live (The Series)

Forever LSU - $25.00

LSU is an institution rich in history, having seen many landmark moments in its 150 years of operation, as well as paving the way for many other historical moments in Louisiana and worldwide.

As part of LSU's sesquicentennial celebration of the founding of the university, Louisiana Public Broadcasting and LSU have joined forces to create an hour-long documentary on the rich history of the university.

The colorful story of LSU starts in 1860 in Pineville when the State Seminary of Learning was founded as a small military academy whose first superintendent was William Tecumseh Sherman, later infamous for the burning of Atlanta during the Civil War.

The documentary also cites major events like the enrollment of the first female student in 1904 and the first black student in 1953 but it was not until the 1960s that the campus was truly integrated with Kerry Pourciau's election as Student Government Association President in 1972.

These are just some of the momentous events in LSU's history featured in the documentary. It also features interviews with famous alumni and scholars.

Forever My Love: Music from the Bayou - $25.00

In this documentary, Gerry McGee, the son of Contemporary Cajun music legend Dennis McGee, and Pat Mire roam the countryside in a 1976 Cadillac convertible, stopping along the way to play with many of Dennis' former students including Cajun legends Michael Doucet of Beausoleil, Zachary Richard, Steve Riley, famed slide guitarist Sonny Landreth, D.L. Menard, Al Berrard and many others.

Frame After Frame: The Images of Herman Leonard - $25.00

His hobby of shooting portraits of the jazz immortals of the 1940s and 50s has landed his photographs in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian Institution. He counts Quincy Jones and Tony Bennett among his closest friends. He has done photo shoots in the Himalayas, lived on an island with no electricity, traveled the Orient with Marlon Brando, and photographed the most beautiful women in the world on commercial shoots around the globe. By all accounts, Herman Leonard has led a remarkable life. Narrated by Tony Bennett, Frame After Frame: The Images of Herman Leonard tells the story of the life and work of this renowned photographer through interviews with Herman and his friends and, of course, through the extraordinary photographs he has produced.

Francofete 2000 - $25.00

Louisiana celebrates 300 years of French heritage with special concert from the Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge. The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Xiao-Lu Li performs a wide range of music, including the world premiere of The Journey's End,: a special work composed by Jay Weigel. The concert also includes "Memory" from Cats, selections from West Side Story and Georges Bizet's L'Arlesienne Suite No. 2.: Featured soloists are tenor Joseph Wolverton and trumpet player Eldridge Walker.

From Cotton Fields to Cyberspace: The Barksdale AFB Story - $25.00

From it's meager beginnings in the early 20th Century through its historic contributions to the security and protection of our country, Barksdale AFB is highlighted in this documentary by producer Michael Campisi.

General Robert H. Barrow, USMC: A Legacy of Leadership - $25.00

A documentary about General Robert H. Barrow, the 27th commandant (man in charge) of the U.S. Marine Corps - a man of unquestionable integrity, character and courage.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 01: St. Tammany Parish (Northshore) - $25.00

With the help of celebrity chef John Besh, award-winning recording artist Amanda Shaw, and native american historian and musician GrayHawk Perkins, Tom Gregory discovers the many treasures of St. Tammany Parish.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 02: Plaquemines Parish - $25.00

This episodes features host Tom Gregory reenacting the Civil War battle at Fort Jackson, oyster fishing out of Venice and taking an Eco-Tour down the mighty Mississippi River. The show also feature the Orange Festival and Citrus Industry, Woodlands Plantations, and of course a little fishing.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 03: Iberia Parish - $25.00

In this show, host Tom Gregory gets an inside look at the Tabasco Factory, canoes Bayou Teche, eats his way through New Iberia's Main Street and joins the Sugar Queen in the annual Sugar Festival Boat Parade. The show also highlights Avery Island's Jungle Gardens, Rip Van Winkle Gardens, and the historic Lake Peigneur disaster.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 04: Southwest Louisiana (Calcasieu & Cameron Parishes) - $25.00

In this episode, Tom swashbuckles his way through the pirates of The Contraband Days Festival, travels both the Boudin Trail and The Creole Nature Trail, parades though Louisiana's largest Mardi Gras Museum and finds the beat of Lake Charles' nightlife.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 05: Jefferson Parish - $25.00

In this episode, Tom feasts at Family Gras, drives race cars at NOLA Motorsports, looses golf balls at TPC of Louisiana and dines in style with Chef Andrea -"the Mama Mia Master". He also goes honky-tonking at The Rivershack with Christian Serpas and Ghosttown.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 06: Vermilion Parish - $25.00

In Vermilion Parish, Tom discovers the history about how the Cajuns came to Louisiana. While there, Tom revels in Abbeville's Giant Omelette Celebration and witnesses firsthand the return of the endangered Whooping Crane to Louisiana. Also after catching musicians D.L. Menard and Michael Juan Nunez play live at an old livestock auction house, Tom hits the stage at a Cajun Music Jam in Erath. And if you are in Cajun Country, there will be food!

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 08: Going Coastal - $25.00

Go Coast Louisiana is "Going Coastal" this Sunday, July 21 this special episode, host Tom Gregory takes a "walk on the wild side" of the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Pirates, cannons, hot sauce and various forms of wildlife are only part of this look back at some of the people and places that make this area so unique. Go Coast's host Tom Gregory gets up close and personal with a few alligators, reenacts a Civil War Battle, discovers the heat of the Tabasco factory, and walks the plank at The Contraband Days Festival' and that's just a few of the adventures in this episode.

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 09: St Bernard Parish - $25.00

In this episode of Go Coast: Louisiana, Emmy Award winning host Tom Gregory explores the cultural treasures, the scenic beauty and the bountiful world-class fishing of New Orleans' most historic neighbor: St. Bernard Parish.

From the last vestiges of Spanish Colonial Louisiana at Los Islenos Festival to the Chalmette Battlefield, the site of the Battle of New Orleans, to the frontline of the battle against hurricanes and coastal erosion, the past becomes present for visitors of St. Bernard. With the help of national food writer and Nola Food Goddess, Lorin Gaudin, Tom also eats his way across St. Bernard and discovers the unique flavors of this native, coastal cuisine.

Discover why St. Bernard is "Da Parish" when Go Coast: Louisiana goes down river!

Go Coast Louisiana Episode 10: St. Mary Parish - $25.00

Adventure is in abundance in the land where the continent's largest swamp meets the America's Third Coast and host Tom Gregory wants to experience it all while he is in St. Mary Parish.

Exploring the Atchafalaya Basin, Tom takes a swamp tour with renowned nature and wildlife photographer C.C. Lockwood and comes face-to-face with the symbol of America at the Eagle Expo. He goes out to harvest wild crawfish with Swamp Pop legend Don Rich and comes back with more than just lunch-- Don then invites Tom to Gros' Marina for a weekend swamp party that is pure Cajun.

Also in this episode, Tom visits the Sovereign Nation of the Chitimacha and discovers not only the tribe's ancient tradition of basket weaving, but the place where all the locals go. That "place" may never be the same. During his journey through St. Mary, Tom also learns about how Morgan City became the African jungle in the first Tarzan movie ever filmed back in 1917. Annual festivals like "Rhythms on The River" and "The Louisiana Shrimp & Petroleum Festival" are featured, as is the Wedell-Williams Memorial Aviation & Cypress Sawmill Museum, and The Rig Museum-"Mr. Charlie".

The episode is a perfect travel guide for your own adventure along the Cajun Coast.

The Golden Band from Tigerland (LSU) - $25.00

The Golden Band from Tigerland features the history of one of America's premier marching bands from its humble beginnings to the present.

Good for What Ails You: Secrets of the Bayou Healers - $25.00

At the dawn of the 21st century, there are still pockets of traditional folkways in Louisiana's bayous where alligator grease relieves asthma, a buried potato cures warts, and "smoking a baby" eases the pain of colic. Visit a world where faith healing, herbal remedies and ritual magic are still an everyday occurrence. It follows respected traiteurs (in English, "treaters") as they gather wild teas, brew home-made cough syrup, invoke the saints at their home altars, and most of all, heal the sick.

Great American Seafood Cook-Off - $25.00

Fires were blazing and seafood was sizzling as New Orleans hosted the fifth annual Great American Seafood Cook-Off. During the two-day competition, 15 chefs from 14 different states prepared their best seafood dishes using the seafood indigenous to their state.

The event features plenty of drama as overcooked fish and other culinary calamities cause major stress for the contestants as they try to create a masterpiece in three hours.

Great American Seafood Cook-Off 2011 - $25.00

Fourteen chefs from 14 states competed in the annual Great American Seafood Cookoff in New Orleans on August 6. The chefs were asked to create unique dishes with domestic seafood, and utilize fish that's native to their home states. The event pits up-and-coming chefs against recognized culinary greats from throughout the United States. This year's competition included chefs from Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina. Texas and West Virginia. The event was hosted by Chef John Folse, the host of Louisiana Public Broadcasting's A Taste of Louisiana with Chef John Folse & Company; Kevin Roberts, the host of Barbecue Pitmaster, and Ewell Smith, the Executive Director of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Fisheries Service is the annual event's chief sponsor.

The Great Louisiana Maneuvers of 1941: The Winnfield Story - $25.00

The United States prepared for World War II by organizing military maneuvers from the Carolinas to Texas. But the "Big One" the granddaddy of all US Army Maneuvers, happened in Louisiana where red hills, cutovers, and swamps even got General Patton's attention. He said, "If you can take these tanks through Louisiana, you can take them through hell." In this documentary some of the state's very best storytellers take us back to that summer of 1941 when over 400,000 soldiers came to Louisiana.

Gumbo Island (The Series) - $25.00

Gumbo Island is a Louisiana culture and history show for Kindergarten through 4th grade aimed at multi-disciplinary learning. Each show visits locations and people around the state. Young host Britt Henderson models for youngsters the polite way to approach new situations with a sense of adventure and curiosity. The shows features the use of something Britt calls a Gumbo Island Adventure Journal. Teachers are encouraged to use this opportunity to start students building their own "adventure journals" featuring facts, pictures and things they find interesting. Children are encouraged to shout "Gumbo Island" when Britt asks for help in a magical transport.

1 DVD. Teacher Guide included.

Harvest to Restore - $25.00

Many scientists now believe that pipeline sediment delivery holds the promise of expeditiously recreating the natural system of barrier islands, marshes, and ridgelands that provide the only practical long term hurricane protection both to America's energy hub and to the port and city of New Orleans. The documentary looks at how pipeline sediment delivery works, how it is being used in other countries around the world, and how it might be implemented in the Louisiana coastal zone.

Harvest to Restore, a co-production of the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program, Louisiana Public Broadcasting, and Côte Blanche Productions, Inc, looks at the new methods being used to try and save the state's rapidly disappearing coastline and wetlands.

More Info at:Harvest to Restore

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  101 Crabs DVD - $25.00

Episode 101 - Crabs - Louisa, LA
John visits St. Mary’s Seafood & Marina. He makes Fried Soft-Shelled Crab Po Boys with Frank Randol of Lafayette, owner of Randol’s Restaurant. John and Chris Lusk, Executive Chef from Café Revolution in New Orleans, make Ultimate Crab Cakes and French Fried Frog Legs. Plus John mixes a drink called the Havana Cooler.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  102 Shrimp DVD - $25.00

Episode 102 - Tilapia - Scott, LA
In this episode, John Folse travels to Scott, in south central Louisiana, and learns about all natural aqua farming of Tilapia. Brian Gotreaux and his family raise tilapia without the aid of any chemicals which they say gives their product a fresh, natural taste. Utilizing the farm-raised tilapia, John cooks with EBR Diosce Bishop Robert Muench and makes two tasty dishes. In their first recipe together, John shows the Bishop how to steam tilapia with an Asian flavor. And later, the two make Storm Night Soup; a perfect spring evening dish. And, John recounts his trip to Israel and roasting Tilapia on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  103 Redfish/Snapper DVD - $25.00

Episode 103 - Redfish/Snapper - Caminada Pass
In this episode, John explains the different varieties of tasty gulf fish species we have off our coast. John introduces to local seafood experts from Tommy Vidrine, champion gulf fisherman, who specializes in catching Speckle Trout… to Leah Chase, famous Creole Chef from New Orleans, who describes how Creoles used Red Snapper to adorn their holiday table. John cooks a tasty Red Snapper Mardis Gras Style with good friend Buckley Kesler. Back on John’s White Oaks landing dock, he cooks Redfish with Captain Ryan Lambert, who owns a fishing and hunting lodge in Buras, LA. Then John makes a Creole Boulliabaisee with LA outdoors writer and host of his own outdoor show. Then John and both his guest relax with a little Southern Hospitality sipping a Caribbean Sunset on the dock at White Oaks.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  104 Shrimp DVD - $25.00

Episode 104 - Catfish - Lake Des Allemand
In this episode, John travels to Lake Des Allemand, east of New Orleans where we learn the methods of catching catfish from German descendants. John’s nephew Jay and his daughter Allie, teach John the hoop net method of catching fish and then have a good old fashion catfish fry. Back on the White Oaks Dock, John’s guest is Don Dubuc, famous local outdoorsman and host of a TV and radio show for the last 20 years. Don and John create a tasty catfish Black Pot Courtboillon then make a local fishing camp favorite with Catfish & Shrimp over Grits. And they finish the evening with a nice Barracuda with a smaller bite that the notorious fish of the same name.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  105 Bass/Crappie DVD - $25.00

Episode 105 - Bass/Crappie - Toledo Bend Reservoir
In this episode, John takes to world famous Toledo Bend Reservoir to tangle with hard-fighting large mouth bass and the delicious white perch, locally called crappie. Local chef and restaurant owner, Randy Ziegler whips up a mouth-watering Herb-Baked Bass on the pier. John meets local bass legend Harold Allen who talks about his time as a fishing rodeo champion. John cooks Pancake Battered Bass on the dock with Jerry “JT” Thompson, who with his wife own Living The Dream charters at Toledo Bend. Later John shows JT how to turn the white perch (crappie) into a tasty fish burger. The JT, his wife and friends join John to celebrate the day with a Dock Rocker; better hold on with two hands if you’re an amateur.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  106 Fish Markets/Gaspergou DVD - $25.00

Episode 106 - Fish Markets/Gaspergou - Baton Rouge, LA
In this episode, John visits the famous Tony’s Seafood Market in Baton Rouge and learns the secrets behind their success. John picks up a beautiful Gaspergou and travels to New Orleans with his friend Leah Chase and creates a gorgeous Backed Gasperou like Leah’s mother used to make on special occasions. Then Leah teaches John how to make her famous Turtle Stew. Later John is joined by outdoorsman and seafood wrangler extraordinaire, Rick Phillips and cooks a Fricassee of Gaspergou. Then later both make a Rice & Tomato-Stuffed Carp. After a hard day of cooking, John and Rick share a Bayou Bloody Mary with friends.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  107 Saltwater Fishing - Gulf of Mexico DVD - $25.00

Episode 107 - Saltwater Fishing - Gulf of Mexico
In this episode, John encounters the endless varieties of fish offered up in the Gulf of Mexico… from fishing along the coast for speckled trout, mango and redfish to fishing the deep water for red snapper, amberjack and tuna… the Gulf of Mexico has it all. John hooks up with champion fisherman Tommy Vidrine for some expert advice. Then John and the Mayor of Grand Isle, Davis Camardelle, grill beautiful tuna steaks with a tangy garlic sauce. And back at the dock at White Oaks, John cooks with Captain Sammy Faulk from Cameron Parish to make homemade tuna fish that the fresh fish has been marinated in olive oil. The duo makes a mouth-watering Cippino using fresh seafood and toast the end of the day with the infamous drink the Tidal Wave.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  108 Coastal Erosion DVD - $25.00

Episode 108 - Coastal Erosion - Louisiana Coast
In this episode, John gets a first-hand look at the size and scope of Louisiana’s coastal erosion problem. Louisiana has 40% of our nation’s wetlands and each year experiences the loss of land equal to the size of Rhode Island. John celebrates the coastal bounty by making Sauteed Speckled Trout with a spicy Garlic &Orange Vinaigrette with saltwater fishing champion, Tommy Vidrine. Then, John cooks a dried shrimp potato stew with Bobby Collins. Finally, John, Bobby and Sister Marie Dulce make a dried shrimp encrusted red snapper. And the trio top off the day with a favorite south Louisiana drink, the famous Hurricane.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  109 Fishing Tournaments DVD - $25.00

Episode 109 - Fishing Tournaments - Grand Isle, LA
In this episode, John joins the fun at the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo. Saltwater fishing tournaments are a summer tradition, and the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo is the oldest fishing championship in the country. John interviews Ricky Templet with the rodeo and then the pair prepare a Pan-roasted Grouper with Caribbean Sofrito. Afterwards, Captain Theo Bourgeois drops by to visit John on his deck at White Oak Landing and grill up a delicious deep water favorite, amberjack. After grilling, John and Captain Theo demonstrate the proper technique for smoking King Mackerel. And finally, the pair end the day with a little bit of “The Hair of the Dog”.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  110 Garfish/Caviar DVD - $25.00

Episode 110 - Garfish/Caviar - Bayou Dularge, LA
In this episode, John travel to south Louisiana and visits the Houma Native American Nation, and learns about the Houma’s fishing culture and techniques for making Alligator Gar Tasso. John is then joined by Rick Tramanto from Café Revolution and cooks Coushatta Garfish Stew. John Burke from Cajun Caviar tells John how caviar is farmed using local fish, and Rick Tramanto creates a caviar staircase to show off this tasty treat. And everyone salutes the end of the day with the perfect Salty Dog.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  111 Turtles DVD - $25.00

Episode 111 - Turtles - Lake Verret, LA
In this episode, John travels to Lake Verret, LA to hunt for the feisty alligator snapping turtle. John joins two LA Dept. Of Wildlife and Fisheries biologists to trap and catalogue these protected treasures. Then Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary, Robert Barham and John cook a Turtle Sauce Picante. Later, the two state biologists Amity Bass and Kerry Landry cook with John and make a Turtle Stroganoff and a delicious Turtle Soup. John then thanks everyone with a drink aptly named “Alligator”.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  112 Oysters DVD - $25.00

Episode 112 - Oysters - Empire, LA
In this episode, John travels the mouth of the Mississippi River and meets the Lepetich family. Mato Lepetich came to Louisiana in the early 20th century and started farming oysters, and his son Matt teaches John all about the oyster industry and how Czechoslovakians came to settle in Louisiana and dominated the industry. Matt then helps John make Oyster Rockefeller Soup. John then meets Curtis Hendon, a Native American oysterman, and the two grill some Fire Roasted Oysters right on the banks at Isle de Jean Charles. Back at the dock, Matt Lepetich’s mother, Joyce, shows John how to make Oyster Spaghetti with a unique Czechoslovakian seasoning. And the drink of the day is of course, the Oyster Shooter.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  113 Shrimp DVD - $25.00

Episode 113 - Shrimp - Timbalier Bay, LA
In this episode, John meets Bobby Collins and learns how to dry shrimp. John remembers how dried shrimp was like candy when he was growing up. Later John makes a Shrimp File Gumbo with Native American Zoe Verret. Then James Carville drops by John’s deck and they make Mirliton and Shrimp Casserole to go along with everyone’s favorite Barbeque Shrimp. And Bikini Martinis Cocktails provide the perfect ending of the day’s festivities.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse Cookbook - $60.00

Hardcover Book, "Hooks, Lies and Alibies" by Chef John Folse
**additional shipping charges apply**

Hot Beignets & Warm Boudoirs: A Collection of Recipes from Louisiana’s Bed & Breakfasts - $25.00

Visit the historic and romantic bed & breakfasts of Louisiana in this cookbook. Delicious recipes and beautiful photographs from all 26 bed & breakfasts featured in the LPB series A Taste of Louisiana with Chef John Folse & Company: Bed & Breakfasts of the Bayou State are included in this new 289-page cookbook. 289 pages ©1999 Chef John D. Folse, CEC, AAC

Huey Long - $25.00

Ken Burns' documentary takes a complex and comprehensive look at the man and his era, his politics, and the power he obsessively sought. This power piece includes interviews with Arthur Schlesinger and Robert Penn Warren.

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