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Friday, March 23, 2018
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Louisiana Serenade - $25.00

Take a musical journey through a day in the life of Louisiana. This musical tribute to Louisiana features photography from around the state, set to original music. We begin at sunrise and travel through the regions of our state accompanied by the music of such artists as BeauSoleil and Sonny Landreth. A half-hour of music and imagery that celebrates the diversity and natural surroundings of the state.

Louisiana Story: The Reverse Angle - $25.00

This high-definition public television documentary explores the legacy of Robert Flaherty's Louisiana Story. This program brings together the surviving key participants of the original 1940's movie and allows them to comment on this controversial film, including Richard Leacock, legendary cinematographer and associate producer of Louisiana Story, and J.C. Boudreaux, once the emblematic Cajun boy who personified Flaherty's optimistic vision. Reverse Angle features diverse commentary from native folklorists, artists, filmmakers, and historians who have both studied and shared in the legacy of Louisiana Story.

Louisiana: The State We’re In Special - Katrina & Rita: A Year of Recovery - $25.00

Look back at how Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have disrupted the lives of many of the people and places in South Louisiana. Join Robyn Ekings and Charlie Whinham as they journey through the one year path of destruction and reconstruction during this anniversary of the storms to end all storms.

Louisiana: The State We’re In Special - Closing the Gap: Louisiana’s Challenge - $25.00

In this Louisiana: The State We're In special report, LPB, presented a six part series titled "Closing the Gap: Louisiana's Challenge." The series explores the problems faced by the state and some of the things Louisiana's leaders - and its voters - can do about them.

Louisiana: Then & Now 1812-2012 - $25.00

As part of the state's Bicentennial celebration, Louisiana Public Broadcasting created 18 one-minute Louisiana: then & Now segments. An officail project in cooperation with the Louisiana Bicentennial Commission, the series featuring subjects as they were two hundred years ago (when Louisiana became a state in 1812) and as they are today.

Subjects include: Architecture, Cities, Constitution, Business, Education, Fashion, Food, Gambling, Governor, Leisure, Media, Military, Native Americans, Religion, The River (transportation & Commerce), State Capitol, Soundscapeds, Storms Emmy-nominated actress and Pineville native Faith Ford hosts the Louisiana: Then & Now segments. Ford is best known for her role as Corky Sherwood-Forest in the Emmy-winning "Murphy Brown" series. She also co-starred with Kelly Ripa in the comedy "Hope & Faith." Her movie roles include Beethoven's Fifth and The Pacifier. The segments were produced by award-winning LPB producers Tika Laudun and Al Godoy., part of the team responsible for LPB's DuPont Columbia Award-winning six-part Louisiana: A History series. Rex Q. Fortenberry edited the segments and Emmy-winning composer Mike Esneault provide the music.

Louisiana Travels with Charlie Whinham - $25

Join LPB's Charlie Whinham as he travels throughout our state, visiting the people and places that make Louisiana such a tourist destination! From Avery Island, birthplace of Tabasco hot pepper sauce, to the quaint and colorful city of Natchitoches; from the prehistoric earthworks of Poverty Point to the unforgettable experience at The National World War II Museum in New Orleans, to the serene beauty of the Kisatchie National Forest; Louisiana Travels makes the rounds to these unique locations, showcasing sites no one should miss!

Louisiana War Letters - $25.00

The stories of Louisiana soldiers from the Civil War are told in this special. Ralph Sims, a tailgunner with the 8th Air Force in Europe during World War II, hosts this special honoring Louisiana veterans past and present. You'll hear letters from Civil War veterans Granville L. Anspaugh and W.E. Paxton; World War I veterans Crit Rogers and George Purvis; World War II veterans Annelle Henderson Bulechek and Quentin Aanenson. Also featured are the memories of Korean Conflict veteran John Roe and Vietnam veteran Ron Tillis.

Louisiana World War II Stories - $25.00

Award-winning journalist Charlie Whinham profiles six Louisiana veterans who served during WWII. The interviews include a survivor of the Bataan Death March and a Navy officer who served with John F. Kennedy and appeared in a war movie with John Wayne.

Louisiana: A History - Single Episode - $25

Specify Episode Number
Episode Description
Single dvd from Louisiana: A History, the most ambitious and exciting project in the 25-year history of Louisiana Public Broadcasting. This six-part series tells the colorful story of Louisiana for the citizens and students of our state. More than just a review of historic events, this series explores the rich legacy of the many cultures that have left their imprint on Louisiana, and illustrates why Louisiana is truly a state like no other. The series begins with pre-history and explores the major eras, events and personalities that have shaped Louisiana through the modern era. It includes the contributions and history of every region of the state and reflects our cultural diversity, a critical factor in understanding why Louisiana is different from other southern states. Louisiana: A History combines historical renderings, rarely seen photographs, and historical documents with powerful videography to create a unique view of our state. Using old journals, correspondence and family reminiscences, the story also reveals the voices of real people describing how they lived, worked, played and survived. In essence, this series explains "what we are" as a state by showing us "who we are" as a people."

Louisiana: A History DVD Set - $75.00

Louisiana: A History is the most ambitious and exciting project in the history of Louisiana Public Broadcasting. This six-part series tells the colorful story of Louisiana for the citizens and students of our state. More than just a review of historic events, this series explores the rich legacy of the many cultures that have left their imprint on Louisiana, and illustrates why Louisiana is truly a state like no other. The series begins with pre-history and explores the major eras, events and personalities that have shaped Louisiana through the modern era. It includes the contributions and history of every region of the state and reflects our cultural diversity, a critical factor in understanding why Louisiana is different from other southern states. Louisiana: A History combines historical renderings, rarely seen photographs, and historical documents with powerful videography to create a unique view of our state. Using old journals, correspondence and family reminiscences, the story also reveals the voices of real people describing how they lived, worked, played and survived. In essence, this series explains "what we are" as a state by showing us "who we are" as a people."

Louisiana’s Antique Treasures - $25.00

Have you ever wondered if those family heirlooms, paintings, coins and weapons your family has been holding on to are actually worth anything? The Louisiana Secretary of State's Office gathered up some experts and held a special two-day event at the State Archives Building to sort the gems.

Louisiana’s Experience - WWII - $25.00

The show features WWII stories from the Louisiana perspective, including: Louisiana Maneuvers, The Flying Tigers, Louisiana Pearl Harbor Vets, Higgins Industries-The Boat that Won the War, Louisiana Fighter Pilots-Quentin Aanenson, German Subs in the Gulf of Mexico, 760th Tank Battalion, Opening of the National D-Day Museum, and more.

Louisiana’s Experience: The WWII Collection - $125.00

All seven of our Louisiana programs highlighting the contribution of Louisiana;s men and women during World War II.

The collection incudes
Louisiana's Experience: WWII Parts 1,2, & 3
D-Day Plus 50
Builders, Heroes, and the Boats That Won the War for Us
The Louisiana Maneuvers of 1942
Camp Ruston: German P.O.W.s in Louisiana

This special offer includes free shipping.

Louisiana’s LeRoux & Friends: Rockin’ the Nottoway - $25.00

"Take a Ride on a Riverboat" and "New Orleans Ladies" are just two of the rock classics you will hear on this concert special, featuring Louisiana's LeRoux: and shot at historic Nottoway Plantation.

Louisiane: 200 Ans D’Histoire De L’État (français sous-titres) - $25.00

Il y a deux cents ans, la Louisiane fut admise au sein des États-Unis d'Amérique, transformant à jamais notre État ainsi que les autres États membres. Notre État ne ressemble à aucune autre région des États-Unis, et notre peuple à aucune autre communauté américaine. Durant les deux siècles d'histoire qui se sont écoulés depuis l'admission de notre État dans l'Union, nous avons connu des événements d'une force dramatique, d'inoubliables personnalités, et tout ceci, dans le cadre d'une extraordinaire beauté.

LPB Antiques Fair - $25.00

This is the second antiques appraisal program that LPB has produced. More than 1,200 pictures of antiques were submitted for the first appraisal fair on LPB, but only about 15 actually made it on the air during the show. For this show, LPB has gone back to last year's viewer submissions to find some more interesting items to appraise. This round of appraisals featured some very special items including Civil War artifacts, a Herter Brothers Bed, antique books, pottery, textiles and furniture. Special thanks to our appraisers for the show: Sarkis Kaltakdjian, Pat Bacot, Cary Long, Douglas Wink, Robert Smith, Eugene Groves, A.E. Probst, Gail Weeks, and Elaine Smyth.

Lucy’s Classic Cajun Culture & Cooking - $16.95

In the pages of this cookbook, Mrs. Lucy Zaunbrecher has done much more than just assemble a group of recipes. She has included much of the history not only of her own family but also of the Cajun people as a whole. Here you'll learn not only the foods the Cajuns love but - more importantly - the reasons they love them. You'll learn how the Cajuns came from France to Nova Scotia to Louisiana and you'll learn how their culture and cuisine developed to match new and untamed land. And, you'll learn how these recipes developed over three generations of Cajun cooks in one family. If your goal is to truly understand the Cajuns as well as to cook like them, look no further than "Classic Cajun" by Mrs. Lucy Zaunbrecher.

206 pages 1994 Lucy Henry Zaunbrecher

Lucy’s Classic Cajun Deux: More Culture & Cooking - $16.95

Lucy's done it again, with her new Classic Cajun Deux: More Culture & Cooking cookbook! The cajun flavor of south Louisiana comes to life with over 300 new recipes!

Lunch Louisiana Style - $25.00

Join Chef John Folse and his friends as they explore the history of Louisiana's culinary traditions in this entertaining and informative program. Learn about the indigenous foods of our state and how to prepare one of Louisiana's premiere dishes, GUMBO!!!

Making Waves: Louisiana’s Radio Story - $25.00

Meet the voices and characters of Louisiana's radio waves-people like New Orleans Rhythm and Blues disc jockeys "Dr. Daddy-O" and "Poppa Stoppa," and country greats Frank Page and Hank Williams from the popular radio program The Louisiana Hayride. Listen and learn about WWL's big band sounds from the Roosevelt Hotel's Blue Room with Leon Kelner and His Orchestra and The Dawnbusters with radio star Margie O'Dair. From Acadiana comes the sounds of Rendezvous Acadienne from The Liberty Theater in Eunice and Revon Reed's broadcasts from Fred's Lounge in Mamou. Visit the studios of public radio's American Routes with producer and host Nick Spitzer plus many more. Making Waves: Louisiana's Radio Story combines rarely seen photographs and archival recordings with powerful videography and interviews with veteran announcers, radio program producers and listeners and lovers of that ever-lasting and growing medium we call radio.

McLeod Lecture Series: Louisiana Politics & the Fourth Estate: Behind the Scenes - $25.00

A Behind the Scenes Look with Press Secretaries and Reporters on the Capitol Beat The lecture's focus is on the impact of the statewide media on the governor, the legislature and state government of our current generation. Veteran statehouse journalists and former gubernatorial press secretaries gather to share their insider's perspectives on how government operates in Baton Rouge. Beth Courtney, the President of LPB and a former capitol correspondent in her own right, moderates the discussion. The annual lecture series honors the late Bill McLeod. Each year the series will focus on timely, as well as the historical, aspects of Louisiana politics and efforts to promote a climate of good government. All research materials, records, and artifacts pertaining to the annual lecture become a part of the McNeese Library Archives.

McLeod Lecture Series: Louisiana’s Influence in Washington: Sen John Breaux and J. Bennett Johnston - $25.00

From Huey Long and his son Russell to Allen Ellender, Louisiana has had a tradition of powerful United States Senators. Former U.S. Senators John Breaux and J. Bennett Johnston discuss their time in Congress and how the political system works. The show was taped at the Central School in Lake Charles. This is the fourth program of the McLeod Lecture series at McNeese University. Former Blanco Communications Director Bob Mann is the moderator.

Mon Cher Camarade - $25.00

Mon Cher Camarade tells the story - never before told - of the French-speaking Cajun soldiers in WWII. Hundreds of French-Louisiana Cajuns served as interpreters for their field commanders and several of them were secret agents who passed as locals to work with the French underground. This documentary blends an original music sound track, 35mm film footage and HD interviews with stunning archival footage from the National Archives in a storytelling fashion that puts the storytelling where it belongs - on the shoulders of those veterans.

Money $marts - $25.00

Money Smarts is a half-hour video targeted at high school juniors and seniors, as well as young adults in post-secondary settings or just entering the workforce. This fast-paced program introduces the viewer to basic financial literacy concepts and gives an overview of developing a budget, savvy use of credit cards and the importance of saving. The program addresses several Louisiana content standards and benchmarks.

The format of Money Smarts combines studio segments with graphics, location footage and interviews and banking and credit specialists. The program was funded by the Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge in honor of Ken Uffman, Past President and CEO Emeritus of the Bureau, and current Chairman of the JumpStart Coalition for Young Adults.

Money Smarts is designed as supplementary tool for teachers, credit counselors and community volunteers to use to initiate students into the need for personal financial literacy. It can be used in its entirety, or can be broken into short segments to introduce topics and bring about discussion.

Natchitoches: A Tri-Centennial - $25.00

LPB's Charlie Whinham travels to North Louisiana to celebrate the 300th birthday of the oldest town in Louisiana and the first French settlement in what later became the Louisiana Purchase. It was also the site for the hit movie Steel Magnolias. 2014 marks the Tri-Centennial for Louisiana's picturesque and timeless community of Natchitoches. Settled in 1714 by Louis Juchereau de St. Denis, Natchitoches is the oldest permanent settlement within the territory of Louisiana Purchase. Natchitoches and surrounding areas include French, Spanish, Creole and native American influences that still exists today.

The National D-Day Museum Grand Opening Ceremonies - $25.00

The Grand Opening Ceremonies for the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans are captured in this exciting video.

Native Waters: A Chitimacha Recollection (Director’s Cut) - $25.00

Through a small tribe known as "the People of Many Waters," we offer an alternative way of recalling Native American history - Chitimacha history. These Native Americans are among the first people of Louisiana, heirs of an unbroken 8,000 year past in their native coastal region of the Atchafalaya Basin of Louisiana. Living off the bounty of one of the richest inland estuaries on the continent, this indigenous nation persists and rejuvenates its culture while losing its ancestral territory to forces other than conquest. Through Native Waters: A Chitimacha Recollection, we journey into sacred places of the Basin with author and keeper of his family's oral tradition Roger Stouff, a fisherman descended from "a long and distinguished lineage of fishermen within a nation of fishermen," as he provides native stories, beliefs and perspectives about this important and often overlooked people.

Opera Louisiane Gala - $25.00

Metropolitan Opera stars and Louisiana natives Paul Groves, Elizabeth Futral, Jeffrey Wells, and Lisette Oropesa performed at this once in a lifetime concert. The cast also included special guest star Susan Graham, New York City Opera performer Matt Morgan and baritone Lucas Meachem. The cast sang arias and Broadway favorites in this special concert to launch the new Opéra Louisiane company in Baton Rouge.

Other DVD - $25 *

Specify DVD Title:
Single episode DVD. Our staff will contact you at the phone number given for additional information if needed. * Some restrictions apply.

Our Cajun Culture Gift Pack - $40.00

Swapping Stories: Folktales from Louisiana and Mon Cher Camarade together in Our Cajun Culture Gift Pack!

Outreach for Training for Firefighters and Safety Educators - $25.00

Every year thousands of Americans risk personal injury, property damage and loss of life due to fire and other natural disasters. Firefighters and safety educators serve as vital resources to their communities in helping avoid these risks.

The two series, Facts on Fire! and Situation:Disaster!, produced by Louisiana Public Broadcasting, were designed to provide valuable information to targeted and general audiences on how to protect themselves, their families and their property from fire and seven other natural disasters.

The two programs, Using the Facts on Fire! Series for Outreach and Using the Situation:Disaster! Series for Outreach, demonstrate how firefighters and safety educators can most effectively incorporate segments from the two series into a community presentation.

Hosted by Sonny Cudd, a firefighter with the LSU Fire and Emergency Training Institute and a co-host of Facts on Fire!, these two "how-to" programs illustrate the versatility and user-friendly design of the two series and help firefighters better plan for their next community outreach event.

Plantation Celebrations - $25

Discover the origin of many of America's premier dishes in this 335-page cookbook. It was at the great plantations gracing the banks of the Mississippi River that most Cajun and Creole cuisine developed. With influences from the Native Americans, French, Spanish, English, Africans, Germans and Italians, the cuisine of South Louisiana is recognized worldwide. In this book filled with more than 300 recipes and 150 full-color photographs, Chef Folse documents the masterpieces of plantation kitchens. The 300-year-old story of Louisiana's cuisine and culture is also told in this book. Savor the history and recipes of those great mansions of Louisiana.

Poverty Point Earthworks: Evolutionary Milestones of the Americas - $25.00

Poverty Point Earthworks: Evolutionary Milestones of the Americas examines the site now called Poverty Point State Historic Site in northeastern Louisiana. The archaeological artifacts discovered at Poverty Point provide evidence of a highly developed ancient American culture that inhabited the lower Mississippi delta between 1750 and 1350 BC. This site includes one of the largest native constructions in eastern North America and the earthworks are the oldest of their size in the Western Hemisphere.

Power of Algebra (The Series) - $55.00

An award-winning series that helps middle and high school students turn mathematical stumbling blocks into building blocks for the future. Power of Algebra introduces viewers to important algebra concepts such as positive and negative numbers, exponents, basic properties, order of operations, and inverse operations. The series includes computer animation and on-site interviews with professionals who explain the importance of the algebraic concept to their jobs.

Two DVDs, five lessons per DVD. Teacher Guide included with the purchase of the series. 1. Inverse Operations 2. Order of Operations 3. Basic Properties 4. The Positive and Negative Numbers 5. Using Positive Exponents 6. Polynomials and Equations 7. Factoring I 8. Factoring II 9. Fractions 10. Words into Symbols

More Information

The Power of Politics: A Forum of Governors - $25.00

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be the governor of Louisiana? Find out from the people who know! Former Governors Mike Foster, Buddy Roemer and Dave Treen took part in this special forum that was part of the McLeod Lecture Series at McNeese University in Lake Charles. Current Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco was unable to attend but did tape a tribute to former State Senator and Judge Bill McLeod. The three governors were questioned by moderator Robyn Ekings of LPB's Louisiana: The State We're In, LPB President /CEO Beth Courtney and longtime Gannett Capitol Reporter John Hill.

A By The People Special: Prescription for Change - $25.00

The topic for the forum is healthcare issues affecting Louisiana, especially healthcare reform. The program consists of the panelists answering questions generated by small group discussions held earlier in the day. By the People is a special initiative organized by MacNeil/Lehrer Productions to bring the views of informed, "ordinary" citizens to a national discussion on the important issues of the day.

Our panelists are:
Fred Cerise, M.D. , head of the Charity hospital system (LSU Health Care Services Division),
David Hood, PAR health consultant and former head of LA Dept. of Health and Hospitals,
Barry Erwin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Council for a Better Louisiana (CABL),
Roxane Townsend, M.D., Deputy Secretary, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

Our moderators are the co-hosts of Louisiana Public Square: Beth Courtney, President and CEO of Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB)
Craig Freeman, Assistant Professor at The Manship School of Mass Communication at LSU.

Rainin’ In My Heart: Back to the Blues - $25.00

Blues is hugely popular all over the world; a diverse and multi-leveled art form that can express every human emotion through a kind of folk-art existential poetry that comes from deep within the human spirit. Learn how the blues came from West African rhythms, was transformed by the pain of slavery, and moved North after the Civil War. Much that was the Blues stayed in the Deep South, maturing and developing along with other forms of music. Blues has influenced every genre of music; jazz, rock & roll, gospel, even classical! Journey with us back to the blues in Baton Rouge as we visit with older Blues men who started it all, then meet their sons and grandsons who are carrying on the Blues tradition. From Raful Neal and the Neal family to Kenny Acosta and the House Rockers, it is Baton Rouge Blues at its finest.

Return to the Forest Where We Live - $25.00

This high-definition Louisiana Public Broadcasting documentary examines how advances in technology and changes in priorities are prompting communities throughout America to reconsider how vital trees really are to the socio-economic well-being of our cities. Drawing upon examples from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Charlotte, this program challenges viewers to re-evaluate the critical importance of investing in healthy urban ecosystems.

Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominee Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding is the narrator for this new public television documentary.

Producer/Director: Liz Barnes
Writer: C. E. Richard
Editor: Rex Q, Fortenberry
Photographers: Keith Crews and Rex Q. Fortenberry
Senior Producer/Project Director: Tika Laudun

This project was supported by the Foundation for Excellence in Louisiana Public Broadcasting and the U.S. Forest Service's Urban and Community Forestry National Challenge Cost Share Grant, as recommended by the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council, (NUCFAC).

Rosedown: A Link to the Past - $25.00

LPB explores the history of West Feliciana's Rosedown Plantation.

The two-story home and its gardens were built by Daniel Turnbull and Martha Hillard Barrow Turnbull to resemble the beautiful gardens of France, England and Italy that they saw on their honeymoon in 1828. Completed in 1835, Rosedown Plantation's estate covered 3,500 acres and would eventually include 12-huge columns and two small ones, as well as three porches. The biggest attraction has always been the glorious gardens that Martha Turnbull continued expanded for the remainder of her life.

Rosedown went into decline until Catherine Fondren Underwood purchased the property in 1956 and restored it to its original splendor. Mrs. Underwood and her husband maintained the plantation until their deaths. Their son kept it for more than a decade before selling it.

As Rosedown appeared to be spiraling downward again, the State of Louisiana purchased the plantation. It is now an historic site, providing invaluable insights into the history of life on a southern plantation.

SIGNPOST TO FREEDOM: The 1953 Baton Rouge Bus Boycott - $25.00

A one hour documentary that recounts the circumstances and events that led to the nation's first large-scale boycott protesting segregation and then examines its impact on the evolution of grassroots civil rights activism across the country during the early years of America's Civil Rights Movement. Regardless of whether the Baton Rouge bus boycott is viewed as a success or failure, the boycott's impact on the larger civil rights movement is indisputable. Not only did the boycott provide proof that African Americans could take a brave, unified, and peaceful stand against segregation, it also brought to light a specific, yet fundamental inequity suffered by most black Southerners, paying the same bus fare as whites, but having to stand up over empty seats, simply because they were black. Music by Grammy-winning artist Chris Thomas King.

Digital Download also available at Shop LPB (No DVD)! Click here.

Situation: Disaster! - $25.00

Natural disasters are the most common type of disaster and no region of America is without some risk of being affected. Are you prepared if a crisis situation strikes your community? Can you survive during and after a disaster situation?

Erik Estrada hosts Situation: Disaster, a series of two half-hour programs which detail how to protect yourself, your family and property before, during and after a natural catastrophe. The shows cover preparation and survival tips for earthquakes, wildland fires, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, winter storms, floods and fire.
Situation: Disaster!

The Situation: Disaster DVD includes the following two programs in both English and Spanish.
Program #1 - "Before a Catastrophe" (26:46)
Program #2 - "During and After a Catastrophe" (26:46)

Skinny Cajun (from Ms. Lucy) - $16.95

Skinny Cajun is the 3rd cookbook by Lucy Henry Zaunbrecher, known to most of you as Ms. Lucy! In this book, she offers "lighter" versions of Cajun food, some from her earlier books and some brand new ones. She also offers tips on how to lighten up the fats and carbs on marvelous Cajun dishes. (Spiral-bound).

Southern: The Human Jukebox - $25.00

Southern: The Human Jukebox tells the story of consummate show band which has played at Super Bowls, Rose Parades and many other national events.

The Spirit of A Culture: Cane River Creoles - $25.00

In a story that pre-dates America, the multi-cultural Creoles of Cane River, Louisiana see themselves as somewhere between black and white. The Spirit of a Culture: Cane River Creoles recounts the Cane River Creole identity struggle from colonial French Louisiana to today's Creole led multicultural renaissance - against the notion of race as a deciding feature of a population.

In order to understand the culture of the Creole community of Cane River, you have to understand their development as a people. This program takes viewers through the historical events that helped shaped them into who they are today. One of the most important facts that provides insight about the Cane River Creoles is that their ancestors, who were French, Spanish, African and Indian, always held onto the fact that they were citizens of France, long after the sale of the Louisiana Territory to America in 1803.

With guidance from the Louisiana Creole Heritage Center at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Bill Rodman and Flo R. Ulmer were able to secure the help of four scholars to help guide the project. Those scholars were Dr. Pete Gregory, Dr. Dayna Bowker Lee, Dr. Susan Dollar and Dr. Kathleen Byrd. Other advice came from the Cane River National Heritage Area.

"As producers, we felt that members from the Cane River Creole community should tell their own story," Ulmer said. "Five Cane River Creoles were chosen to explain the nuances of their culture and to relate where their future lies. Though their words you begin to understand why they do not consider themselves black or African-American, even though they have color, but rather Creole."

Cane River Creoles who participated included Terrel Delphin; Chairperson of the Advisory Council for the Louisiana Creole Heritage Center; author John Sarpy, Louis Metoyer, Cane River California Creole and publisher of Bayou Talk, Lair LaCour, whose MaMan dolls were designated by the state as the Bi-Centennial Doll, and Tracey Colson-Fontenot, a mother of four young Creole boys.

Stay Brady Stay - $25.00

Brady Middleton has a life-changing decision to make. After graduating from college, does he stay in Northeast Louisiana to remain close to family and friends or does he leave his hometown to pursue a career? A slumping economy makes his prospects for success slim, but can he truly be happy anywhere but in Louisiana? And what does his decision say about young, college educated professionals and their pursuit of the American dream? Find out in STAY BRADY STAY.

Step by Step: Kids Trimming Down - $50.00

Pediatrician Dr. Stewart Gordon, Psychologist Dr. Denise Sellers, Registered Dietitians Heidi Schumacher and Denise Delphin, and Exercise Physiologist Dr. Melinda Sothern all worked with Louisiana Public Broadcasting to develop this series of programs to help parents and children adopt healthier eating, and exercise habits; as well as the attitude needed to make wiser choices. Our entire panel of experts serve on teams with the Committed to Kids programs operated out of Children's Hospital in New Orleans and the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge. Both programs have been recognized nationally for their success in helping children lose weight.

Website:Step by Step: Kids Trimming Down

A Summer of Birds Book - $27.00

In A Summer of Birds, award-winning journalist and essayist Danny Heitman sorts through the facts and romance of Audubon's summer at Oakley, a season that clearly shaped the destiny of the world's most famous bird artist. Heitman draws from a rich variety of sources including Audubon's own extensive journals, more recent Audubon scholarship, and Robert Penn Warren's poetry to create a stimulating excursion across time, linking the historical man Audubon to the present-day civic and cultural icon. He considers the financial straits that led to Audubon's employment at Oakley as a private tutor to fifteen-year-old Eliza Pirrie, Audubon's family history, his flamboyance as a master of self-invention, his naturalist and artistic techniques, and the possible reasons for his dismissal. Illustrations include photographs of Oakley House now a state historic site, Audubon's paintings from his Oakley period, and portraits of the Pirrie family members.

Sunshine By The Stars: Celebrating Louisiana Music DVD - $25.00

SUNSHINE BY THE STARS: CELEBRATING LOUISIANA MUSIC features Louisiana's biggest music stars performing the popular song "You Are My Sunshine," See Harry Connick, Jr., and his band second-lining through the French Quarter, the Rebirth Brass Band marching through the Lafayette Cemetery No. 2, Trombone Shorty performing on the St. Charles Avenue streetcar and many more Louisiana performers!

Surviving the Storm - $25.00

This documentary highlights the Hurricane Katrina experiences of the personnel and patients at the Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, and how both people and facilities survived the storm.

Swapping Stories: Folktales from Louisiana - $25.00

In culturally diverse Louisiana, the traditional art of storytelling is alive and well as a means of communicating values and culture to family, friends and the community. This special brings together some of the best storytellers in Louisiana including comedians A. J. Smith and Dave Petitjohn, Cajun storyteller Enola Mathews, and the late Bel Abbey and Colonel Ike Hamilton. Their tales range from a Creole French version of the story of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby to Bertney Langley's myth about how bats got their wings. It also features Loulan and Glen Pitre regaling listeners with the legend of the oyster-shucking monster called Loup Garou who came out of the Gulf every night. The secret of storytelling is to make the audience feel at home regardless of where they are. So sit down in your easy chair and get ready to listen to a few whoppers.

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