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Saturday, January 20, 2018
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12/17 - Healthy New Year! (Encore)

12/17 - Healthy New Year! (Encore)

What is the best approach to shedding pounds in a state where cuisine is part of its culture?

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I am extremely interested in the content you provided today. I lost my only sibling to multiple myeloma in 1987 and after he died, I became a vegetarian/vegan.
Since then, I’ve followed the Forks over Knives program and found it to be helpful and effective in sustaining my weight loss.
I am very interested in following up with my thoughts and suggestions and possibly volunteering with Dr. Champagne at Pennington, Monica with WIC and Stephanie Elwood with Southern AG.
I recently completed the master gardener program and wish to know how I can help Stephanie with Food Deserts.
I also want to start a program that encourages new food traditions among people in Louisiana that doesn’t emphasize the consumption of meat or seafood and I’d like to promote the elimination of all dairy from the school systems.
I know these sound a bit radical but eating this way has kept me cancer free and healthy for over 30 years.
Please feel free to contact me and forward my contact info to Monica, Stephanie and Dr. Champagne.
Also, I believe exercise is important, but weight loss I’ve found starts and ends with proper food.
Remember not even mountain lions eat meat three times a day.
Please contact me and let me be involved! Thanks and Happy New Year!

Posted by Anne Sonnier  on  12/31  at  01:03 PM
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What is the best approach to shedding pounds in a state where cuisine is part of its culture?

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