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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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12/14 - Decoding Common Core (Encore Presentation)

12/14 - Decoding Common Core (Encore Presentation)

What do Louisiana educators, parents and students think about Common Core?

Louisiana is one of forty-five states that have adopted the State Common Core Standards for Math and Language Arts , the first-ever national academic standards. Supporters of the Common Core standards say they will increase rigor and help every student learn what they need to succeed. Critics say the standards are untested, being poorly implemented and lower expectations for students.

So, what do Louisiana educators, parents and students think about Common Core? Do the new guidelines encourage students to think and be more persuasive, or do they stifle educational innovation by removing local control? Louisiana Public Square explores the controversial academic standards on an encore presentation of “Decoding Common Core” airing Wednesday, December 24th at 7 p.m. on LPB HD.

Our panelists are:
- Maya Bennett, a Teacher Leader on Common Core at Capitol Elementary
- Lee Barrios, retired educator and public education activist
- Ken Bradford, La. Department of Education
- Rep. Brett Geymann, R-Lake Charles
- Ken Miller, ExxonMobil Plant Manager, Baton Rouge

LPB CEO, Beth Courtney and LSU Public Policy Research Lab Director, Kirby Goidel, moderate the discussion. Program features interviews with Louisiana Department of Education Superintendent John White; Scott Richard, Louisiana School Board Association; Keisha Williams, Iberville Elementary math teacher using Common Core; Mercedes Schneider, Ph.D. a Language Arts teacher using Common Core; Ken Miller, Manager ExxonMobil Baton Rouge; and Barry Erwin with the Council for a Better Louisiana.

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We agree with Maya. We support Common Core because it’s education for the peasant class. These people need to be able to measure a ditch before the digging begins. This will also facilitate the replacement of employees when illness or other calamity affects the number involved in a project. Having the same level of education keeps these people at that level and does not endanger the upper classes who must stay in charge. Our private schools continue this notion. Common will insure this differential. We will raise our own bar! Let’s keep Common Core, but not in Texas. KW Hallsville, Texas

Posted by Ken Woodburn  on  12/29  at  11:49 AM

I returned to teaching after 25 years in clinical practice. I taught Chemistry in LSUA system. I also taught orientation for “dual enrollment” students from three parishes. There was a marked difference among these students. One of the three orientation classes had students who never captured the use of the learning platform ” Moodle” and therefore did not participate in the on-line mandatory assignments and activities. The attitude of LSUA faculty and staff was ” with all of these smart phones and such, they should be good with electronics like Moodle” I witnessed students resigning themselves to failure because they did not grasp the system and no one at home understood the problem. The idea of a common core is great, but implementation is poor. It is a mighty jump from 66% of Louisiana public school students receiving certificates of attendance (NOT a diploma) to rapidly accommodating a critical thinking curriculum. DOE has failed in addressing the gap created by Louisiana educational system to date.

Posted by Dr.Velva Boles  on  12/29  at  11:56 AM
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