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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Play Button  Backgrounder - Let the redrawing of state voting lines begin. As lawmakers start touring the state this week to get voter input, we’ll find out what lies ahead for Louisiana.
Play Button  Extra - Rep. Rick Gallot (D) Ruston, December 20, 2010
Play Button  Extra - LSU sociologist Troy Blanchard, Ph.D. explains what the reapportionment process is all about.
Play Button  Extra - Troy Blanchard, Ph.D., LSU sociologist describes Louisiana’s loss of a congressional seat.
Play Button  Extra - LSU sociologist Troy Blanchard, Ph.D. explains why Louisiana citizens should watch the process with interest.
Play Button  Extra - Demographic analyst Greg Rigamer describes what the redistricting process will entail.
Play Button  Extra - Greg Rigamer, a demographic analyst, gives his professional opinion on which of Louisiana’s 7 congressional districts is most at risk of disappearing.
Play Button  Extra - Demographic analyst Greg Rigamer explains the importance of the redistricting process and voter representation.
Play Button  Extra - U.S. Rep. John Fleming, R-District 4, describes how losing a congressional seat means less power for Louisiana.
Play Button  Extra - Congressman John Fleming expresses his confidence in the legislature meeting a tight deadline for its redistricting plans.
Play Button  Extra - Melissa Flournoy, director of Louisiana Progess, a political action organization describes the power that legislators have in the redistricting process.
Play Button  Extra - Louisiana Progress director, Melissa Flournoy, explains why Louisiana’s plans must receive U.S. Department of Justice approval.
Play Button  Extra - Political analyst Elliott Stonecipher explains how Louisiana could invoke a Supreme Court ruling if it can’t maintain a “majority minority” district.
Play Button  Extra - Elliott Stonecipher, a political analyst, foresees a case of gerrymandering if the wishes of Sen. Kostelka, R-Monroe, are met.
Play Button  Extra - Political analyst Elliott Stonecipher gives his view on merging North Louisiana’s two congressional districts.
Play Button  Extra - Elliott Stonecipher, a political analyst, explains how the counting of noncitizens in the 2010 census caused Louisiana to lose a congressional seat.
Play Button  Extra - Sen. Elbert Guillory, D- Opelousas, describes what he sees as Louisiana’s current “inharmonious” state.
Play Button  Extra - Using his boot as a visual aid, Sen. Elbert Guillory, D-Opelousas explains how his senate redistricting proposal would rearrange majority minority districts.
Play Button  Extra - Sen. Elbert Guillory, D-Opelousas, describes how his redistricting proposal repositions senate districts around the state.
Play Button  Extra - Sen. Elbert Guillory, D-Opelousas, feels his redistricting proposal creates a more equitable distribution of power in the state.

02/11 - Redistricting Louisiana

How will Redistricting affect you?

Lackluster population growth has caused Louisiana to lose one of its seven seats in Congress. In March, the state legislature will meet for a special session to determine how to redraw congressional and other election districts. How will Louisiana’s loss in D.C. affect its political clout and share in federal aid? Should there be one coastal congressional district in south Louisiana or one merged district for the northern part of the state? And will proposed changes create polarization or a district that truly represents you? Join “Louisiana Public Square” as it explores these issues and more on “Redistricting Louisiana” on Wednesday, February 23rd at 7 p.m. on LPB HD.


Every ten years, state legislatures around the country go through the process of redrawing congressional and legislative district maps to reflect population changes. How these maps are drawn ultimately can affect what types of candidates are able to win elections. The Louisiana Legislature has called a special session in March to determine how to reconfigure congressional as well as state election districts to reflect the state’s population changes since the last census. Which areas of Louisiana will be most affected? And how will redrawn boundaries for both local and congressional districts impact you and your representation?

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Our Panelists:


Louisiana House of Representatives Redistricting Information

Louisiana State Senate Redistricting Information

U. S. Census 2010 Redistricting Information

Louisiana Redistricting Timeline

Public Input Meeting Schedule

Redistricting Game

PAR Redistricting Progress Report

Proposed I-20 & Alexandria Districts

This program was also funded in part by the Louisiana Forestry Association

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I plan to watch tonight’s program on redistricting and I wanted to ask in advance if someone during the program could point out that places like Beauregard Parish have not yet been given the detailed census data. That means that time is being wasted. Ten years ago there was what I would call gerrymandering of our entire parish to pander to the old existing power clique. Holding back the data now worries me that we citizens will not have time to study the information and perhaps propose truly fair districts. Thanks! Michael Tritico

Posted by Michael Tritico  on  02/24  at  10:38 AM

If you are concerned about fair and just representation, even in the judicial system, it is important to have representation with similar ideas, culture, and backgrounds. I believe in the democratic process, but politics can be corrupt. As a minority, one could feel as though gerrymandering could have adverse effects.

Posted by Joyce Wayne Rogers  on  02/24  at  10:39 AM

I am hearing a lot about minority/majority redistricting….I do not feel this should be and issue. Redistricting should be based on population = re- districting by the number of people in each district as equal as possible, weather it is a large area, or small our legislators representing an equal number of people.

Posted by Deborah Doucet  on  03/01  at  02:28 PM
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