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Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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LSU Survey Results

Comparison of LSU Random Survey Results (Before and After)

The information below is derived from survey responses from citizens polled by the Public Policy Research Lab at the Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs at LSU.

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Specific to post-Katrina New Orleans, what should the government do to help people in poverty?



Educate. More opportunities. Find housing and jobs. Focus on education to eliminate poverty. Focus on family so that children can be education. Family is a unit that now needs support. It comes in the way of housing. Get New Orleans ready to receive citizens. We can't begin to help with poverty if city is unprepared to address it. Infrastructure is not in place. Too many uncertainties. Don't try to get people back in w/ no place to thrive. Give assistance to those who want help and are willing to put out effort to help themselves. Do not just throw money at them. Give them job skills so they can work their way out of poverty. Invest in the "real needs" assessment of poor families. Politicians should rid themselves of personal agendas and financial gains/favors from their office and focus on a genuine service to their community. Stop infighting rid groups of egos and do what truly helps to rebuild a vital New Orleans for all citizens Provide better education so that people will be better prepared for jobs. Provide more opportunities for jobs and education. Provide services, housing, and information jobs. Recognize the need, despite the color. Many blacks are oppressed by the lack of concern. I truly feel if New Orleans wasn’t predominantly lack, help would've been more rapid and successful. Set up education programs. Job opportunities. Have social workers working with families to steer them into positive situation. In general, what should government do to help people out of poverty? Educate them and do a better job of providing an environment conducive to out of state businesses to locate here. Educate. Provide adequate health care. Provide adequate housing, Family preservation/values training for entire family. High quality public education to meet all students needs. Economic development to provide employment for LA citizens to remain in LA. Elected officials should bring forth positive messages of improvement and self worth to their communities and encourage them to be successful despite past messages and break cycle of negativism in thought. Make education no 1 in politics. Spend more money on education and public schools. Every child should have to opportunity to go to kindergarten. Medical care and education. More social workers to intervene with families (set up more job opportunities). Education a must! Offer incentives to get off of welfare. Provide education to the undereducated. Specifically trade education. Raise the pay of our educators to keep them in the state and focus on preventing teenage pregnancies. Provide opportunities for education and employment. Make sure basic needs are taken care of. Spend more money on education. Stop giving away money. Earn it. Create jobs. Teach job skills. Try to forget that we are black people. Although some whites are poor. But not nearly as many as blacks. Also some of the blame belongs partly to us. Because most of us feel, what's the use in getting an education when the white people probably won't let us utilize the education? Although this situation could prove positive for some blacks. Work closely w/ community, non-profits and churches to support the "whole" person, and build family structure so that society can be stronger. Legislate policies to give people a hand out of poverty and to become self-sufficient. Bring more jobs to LA and upgrade the educational system. Work hard to break up institutionalized political and police corruption. Go after commerce and federal dollars. Do some strategic planning.

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