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Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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LSU Survey Results

Comparison of LSU Random Survey Results (Before and After)

The information below is derived from survey responses from citizens polled by the Public Policy Research Lab at the Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs at LSU.

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What personnally concerns you if a major hurricane hits the Gulf Coast?



  • Being able to return to my home
  • Being to get back to my property.
  • children
  • Children's and family safety.
  • citizen safety
  • damage done response emergency how fast would be helped.
  • Damage to my home
  • Down trees
  • elderly neighbours
  • Errosion
  • evacuation and a place to eveacuate to.
  • Falling trees
  • family
  • Flooded and power outages
  • flooding
  • Flooding
  • Flooding in southeast louisiana and wind in southwest louisiana.
  • flooding in the New Orleans area
  • having enough time to evalcuate safely
  • Health and safety of self and family.
  • I'm I prepared. Do I have all of my important papers for insurance. Would want family to know location.
  • If it will make it to my area.
  • Ihope my family is safe.
  • life
  • Lights and heat
  • loss of family of friends and home/ secondary would be financial loss
  • loss of life
  • loss of power
  • Loss of utilities
  • My family
  • My family and friends.
  • my family safety
  • My house
  • my structure of home holding up
  • Myself, my family and my animals
  • neighborhood
  • New Orleans and the levy system.
  • personal safety
  • Power loss,Floods
  • Power outage
  • Public safety and family in the New Orleans area.
  • Residential areas being flooded
  • safety of my family
  • safety of my son
  • Storm damage and home damage
  • sustaining life
  • The evalcuation plan.
    The flooding
  • The homes
  • The hurricane hitting me and trees.
  • the oak trees in her back yard hitting the house
  • The older people since most of them won't have power and generators.
  • The people who are in harms why being able to evalcuate
  • Where it is going?
  • where to evacuate and protecting family
  • Wind damage

  • Accommodation
  • are ready
  • Being able evacuate safety.
  • Concern for friends
  • Energy
  • Evacuation
  • evacuation plan
  • Family
  • friends and family
  • general destruction
  • getting out; might have a problem
  • It hitting Hattisburg and Jackson, MS; and it hitting the bikers club on the coast...just got into the club.
  • lives of everybody, land, everybody should be taken to a safer place
  • Lives of people
  • My childeren on the coast and friends
  • my house in gulf port
  • people having a place to go if there home is destroyed
  • people lives
  • people stay alive and their properties
  • people surviving,getting care they need
  • Response time.
  • Safety
  • safety of residents
  • safety, transportation, shelters
  • the people
  • The well being of citizens
  • they do better than they did in new orleans / more organization
  • Total

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