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Monday, March 19, 2018
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Panelist Bio

Richard Kordal, Ph.D.
Louisiana Tech University

Richard Kordal, PhD is Director, Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston. He assumed the position in June 2005. Dr. Kordal is also an adjunct professor in the College of Engineering and Science.

He received his undergraduate degree from Hartwick College and his Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Prior to his career in academia he worked in the in vitro diagnostics industry in various technical, supervisory and managerial positions including industrial technology assessment. During his employment in industry he has taken numerous products through R&D into the market.

He is an active member of Association of University Technology Transfer Managers (AUTM) organization and served as member of AUTM’s Board of Directors in his capacity as Vice President of Metric and Surveys.

He has published articles in technology transfer journals and has presented lectures and seminars on technology transfer before many organizations and groups. He helped to co-found a statewide organization of Louisiana’s academic technology transfer directors.

He is married to Dorene Kordal (formerly Dorene Telander).

They have two daughters: Amanda Kordal, B.A., University of Cincinnati, Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning (DAAP) College where she majored in fashion design. She currently runs her own fashion design business specializing in knitwear. Natalie Kordal, received a B.A., Louisiana Tech University where she majored in Political Science. She also earned a paralegal certificate from Duke University and severed for a year in AmeriCorps. She currently works for an investment firm. Both daughters are living and working in New York City.

Current Topic

     03/18 - Making Schools Safe

Where does Louisiana stand in this national discussion?
The school shooting in Broward County Florida that took the lives of 17 people has reignited the debate over how to make our schools safe. Energized students nationwide are calling for restricted access to certain guns. Congress is considering broader background checks and age limits on gun purchases. President Donald Trump is most enthusiastic about training school staff members to carry concealed weapons.

Where does Louisiana stand in this national discussion? How would gun control proposals affect the 45% of Louisianans who own guns? What mental health services are available to prevent teenagers from acting out violently? What increased security measures should schools take and how much will they cost? Louisiana Public Square looks for answers to these questions and more on “Making Schools Safe” airing Wednesday, March 28 at 7 p.m. on LPB and WLAE in New Orleans. (Taping Tuesday, March 27.)
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Special Presentation

     05/16 - Louisiana Veterans Coming Home

What challenges do our returning veterans face?

Coming Soon!

     04/18 - Balancing Eldercare

How much does Louisiana spend on nursing homes versus home and community-based care?

Recent Topics

     02/18 - Drawing the Line: Sexual Harassment in Louisiana

How widespread is the problem in our state? Take the survey!

     01/18 - Early Education Matters

Should early childhood education be a priority?

     12/17 - Healthy New Year! (Encore)

What is the best approach to shedding pounds in a state where cuisine is part of its culture?

     10/17 - HIV/AIDS in Louisiana

How many people are living with HIV/AIDS in Louisiana and what resources are available to them?
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