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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Louisiana Public Square
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Panelist Bio

Tina Holland, Ph.D.
President, Our Lady of the Lake College

Dr. Tina S. Holland is the new President of Our Lady of the Lake College. She joined the Institution on April 22, 2014.

For nearly a century, Our Lady of the Lake College has blessed Louisiana with over 6,500 healthcare providers. To meet the increasing public health demands of a changing population and to address the shortages occurring in the healthcare professional ranks, the College is expanding its current program offerings.

Previously Dr. Holland served as Executive Vice President and Provost at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana. She began her career at Holy Cross in 1993 as an Associate Professor in the Math Department, and spent over twenty years at the campus. Holland also designed, implemented and directed the college's Conditional Acceptance Program (CAP) – a developmental advising program for at-risk freshmen.

Dr. Holland earned her Ph.D. in Higher Education from Indiana State University and received her M.A. in International Relations from the University of San Diego. Before attending graduate school she graduated from the United States Naval Academy and served as an aviation intelligence officer in the United States Marine Corps.

She is an avid fan of minor league baseball, a historian of major league baseball and is active with the Society for American Baseball Research.

For 29 years she has been married to Peter, who was also in the Marine Corps. They have four grown children.

Current Topic

     06/18 - Louisiana: Sportsman’s Paradise or Problem?  (ENCORE)

Is Louisiana a Sportsman’s Paradise or Problem?
For decades Louisiana has proclaimed itself as the “Sportsman’s Paradise.” But for today’s hunters, changes to Louisiana’s landscape have caused a decline in the quality of the state’s deer habitat and smaller game. For coastal fishermen, private property rights often unduly restrict access to waters that are considered public in any other state.

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Special Presentation

     05/16 - Louisiana Veterans Coming Home

What challenges do our returning veterans face?

Coming Soon!

     07/18 - Preventing Suicide

How is Louisiana addressing its suicide problem?

Recent Topics

     05/18 - News About the News

How can viewers distinguish between fact and fake news and is social media blurring the difference?

     04/18 - Balancing Eldercare

How much does Louisiana spend on nursing homes versus home and community-based care?

     03/18 - Making Schools Safe

Where does Louisiana stand in this national discussion?

     02/18 - Drawing the Line: Sexual Harassment in Louisiana

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