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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Louisiana Public Square
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Panelist Bio

Kristi Reddick-Givens
Kids of Excellence Learning Center

Kristi Reddick-Givens is the owner and director of Kids of Excellence Learning Center and has been in the childcare industry for more than sixteen years. Since 1999 Kristi has devoted her professional career to the development of young children.

Kristi was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She attended John McDonough High School, holds a Bachelors and Masters in Social Work from Southern University in New Orleans, and a Masters in Early Childhood Education from the University of New Orleans. She is a Louisiana Pathways Child Care Development Trainer at the highest level, Level 4. and is a Licensed Child Care Health Consultant. She has Accreditation from the University of Queensland in Level 3 Primary Care Triple P working with Positive Parent Program. She has presented at the National Conference here in New Orleans. She holds National Administrator Credential and CDA PD Specialist for Council for Professional Recognition.

When faced with the challenge of finding affordable and quality early childhood education for her own kids, Vicki’s initial goal became to provide the most essential education for kids. Through experiences of injustices of social economic status, race, gender, and lack of resources, her goal to provide quality education for children became a passion to provide a quality education for all.

Kristi is dedicated to providing the best education for kids, regardless of their social, economic, or racial status. She educates the students holistically, not only having a strong academic presence but strong social and cultural presence as well. Kristi has established a community among the center, welcoming of the parents, providing them with resources and opportunities, and constructing a supportive system.

It is Kristi’s goal to eliminate the disparities in the education system, and provide students from the community with not only quality education, but opportunities as well.

Current Topic

     06/18 - Louisiana: Sportsman’s Paradise or Problem?  (ENCORE)

Is Louisiana a Sportsman’s Paradise or Problem?
For decades Louisiana has proclaimed itself as the “Sportsman’s Paradise.” But for today’s hunters, changes to Louisiana’s landscape have caused a decline in the quality of the state’s deer habitat and smaller game. For coastal fishermen, private property rights often unduly restrict access to waters that are considered public in any other state.

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Special Presentation

     05/16 - Louisiana Veterans Coming Home

What challenges do our returning veterans face?

Coming Soon!

     07/18 - Preventing Suicide

How is Louisiana addressing its suicide problem?

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     05/18 - News About the News

How can viewers distinguish between fact and fake news and is social media blurring the difference?

     04/18 - Balancing Eldercare

How much does Louisiana spend on nursing homes versus home and community-based care?

     03/18 - Making Schools Safe

Where does Louisiana stand in this national discussion?

     02/18 - Drawing the Line: Sexual Harassment in Louisiana

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