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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Louisiana Public Square
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Panelist Bio

Foster Campbell
Public Service Commissioner

Foster Campbell is an elected official, businessman and farmer from Bossier Parish. He was elected to the North Louisiana seat on the Public Service Commission (PSC) in November 2002, representing 24 parishes and nearly one million people. He was re-elected in October 2008 with 78 percent of the vote.

Before his election to the PSC, Campbell was a state senator representing District 36 in Northwest Louisiana for 27 years. For much of that time he advocated a modernization of how Louisiana taxes oil and gas. The state constitution limits oil and gas taxes to a severance tax that dates to 1921 and only addresses oil and gas produced in Louisiana. That means the vast sums of oil and gas imported into Louisiana for processing are totally untaxed.

Campbell’s “processing” tax on oil and gas would take in all the oil and gas processed in the state, whether it was produced here or offshore or in foreign countries. Campbell’s tax, which was a centerpiece of his own campaign for Governor in 2007, would generate billions of dollars for coastal restoration and other state needs. The oil industry, as you might expect, hates the entire idea, just like they hate the lawsuits. Campbell feels that there is no more powerful lobby in Louisiana than the oil industry, which is why such concepts as a processing tax and a lawsuit tying oil companies to coastal erosion are revolutionary.

At the PSC Campbell has pushed to make utility companies and the commission more responsive to the public. He led efforts to prohibit wining and dining of commissioners and Commission staff by utilities. He hosts public and Commission meetings in his district each year. He has championed lower rates, energy efficiency and the use of renewable power. He passed measures to help victims of family violence by waiving their utility deposits, stop disconnection of utilities during extreme weather, and lower telephone rates charged to families of inmates.

Campbell holds a degree in business and economics from Northwestern State University at Natchitoches. He owns and operates two insurance agencies in Bossier City. He lives and raises cattle at Elm Grove in south Bossier Parish.

Current Topic

     02/18 - Drawing the Line: Sexual Harassment in Louisiana

How widespread is the problem in our state? Take the survey!
Governor John Bel Edward’s deputy chief of staff, Johnny Anderson, resigned in November due to allegations of sexual harassment. A month earlier, celebrity chef John Besh stepped down from his restaurant management group after sexual harassment accusations. Charges of sexual misconduct in the workplace against celebrities and government officials made state and national headlines during the last several months of 2017.

How widespread is the problem in our state? Where is the distinction drawn between boorish acts and abusive behavior? Is every circumstance unique or should all offenders be dealt with in the same manner? Louisiana Public Square looks for answers to these questions and more on “Drawing the Line: Sexual Harassment in Louisiana” Wednesday, February 28 at 7 p.m. on LPB and in New Orleans on WLAE. (Recording Tuesday, February 27)

- Sen. Sharon Hewitt, R-Slidell; Senate Select Committee on Women and Children
- Craig Broome; Louisiana Society of Human Resource
- Janice Lansing, Chairperson of Governor Edwards’ Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Policy Task Force
- Allison A. Jones; attorney; Downer, Jones & Wilhite in Shreveport

LPB CEO, Beth Courtney and Southern University Vice President for External Affairs, Robyn Merrick, host the discussion.

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Special Presentation

     05/16 - Louisiana Veterans Coming Home

What challenges do our returning veterans face?

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