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Saturday, December 15, 2018
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A.J. Smith
Does He Drive, Too?

A.J. Smith
Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish

RealVideo clip (1:03)

Recorded November 14, 1992, by Pat Mire and Maida Owens for the video documentary, Swapping Stories. A. J. Smith, a Cajun humorist, was performing at the Liberty Theater during the weekly Rendez-vous des Cajuns radio program.

You know, Fond de Culotte was my uncle. That was the best man I ever knew. Used to bring me everywhere. Brought me fishing when I was a little boy. We were out fishing. Man, we hooked into the biggest fish. It felt like a freight train. Man, we was fighting, and it was going everywhere. And, finally, it snagged up. You could pull and pull, and it wouldn't go nowhere, you know. He said, "Boy, here's a good lesson." He say, "You follow that line, down under the water. When you find out what it's hang up on," he say, "get it loose. We going get the fish."

"Well," I said, "okay, I'm going to do it." So, I followed the string, down the water like that, you know? After a while, I came up. I said, "Fond de Culotte, cut the string, man, cut the string."

He say, "How come?"

"Well," I say, "you got about a fifty-three-pound catfish down there. In the back seat of a '57 Buick."

"Well," he said, "Pull him out! Pull him out!"

I said, "I tried. But he put the window up on me!"

[Audience laughs.]


Fond de Culotte--which literally means "seat of the pants" in Cajun -- is a tit-nom, or nickname, applied to a foolish person.

For more information on this and related tales, refer to the book Swapping Stories: Folktales from Louisiana, published by University Press of Mississippi.

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