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Saturday, October 20, 2018
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116 - Speckle Belly Goose Casserole/Oak Grove Hunting Club

This week Chef Folse prepares Speckled Belly Geese. The first recipe is Asian Barbecued Goose Kebabs - a tribute to the Asian culture in Louisiana. A combination of hoisin, plum and black bean sauces, minced garlic and ginger is painted on the kebabs with a brush made of lemon grass… then grilled for 7-8 minutes. Next he travels to Canard Sauvage Hunting Lodge – right in the heart of Louisiana’s rice country. On the menu is Ground Goose – browned and flavored with the trinity and served in a rice casserole. The final recipe is Roasted Goose with Dark Cherries. The goose is first braised. After browning in a dark roux, the dish is flavored with onions, celery, bell pepper, garlic, brown sugar, cinnamon and dark cherries plus stock. The entire dish braises for at least two hours and served atop some great Louisiana rice.

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