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Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Tackle Trash

STUDENTS: Module 2: Decisions Based on Science

Trash icon. Tackle Trash Consumption of resources directly impacts the amount of waste generated. The U.S. generates over 200 million tons of garbage each year!

The Recyclettes courtesy Snohomish County Solid Waste Division of Public Works.

Source reduction and recycling are the keys to waste management

Source reduction involves reducing the amount and toxicity of waste produced and subsequently discarded.

Recycling is a system of collecting, processing, and remanufacturing materials into new products. Once these recycled materials have been purchased by consumers, the recycling loop is closed.



A garbologist studies garbage.
Garbologist Dr. William Rathje is a strong proponent of source reduction.

A garbage truck.

Each day, as waste is delivered to a landfill, it is spread out and compacted by bulldozers. At the end of the day, the waste is covered with dirt. Covering it with dirt helps keep odors in check and discourages small animals from foraging in the landfill. The resulting layers of dirt and waste may rise above the normal level of the land by 50-100 feet, significantly altering the environment throughout the area.
An earthworm.Composting converts yard waste into a valuable soil amendment for gardening. It's recycling.naturally. A pencil holder.

Reusing is using a product again, either for its original purpose, or in a completely different way. For example, a can could be used for watering plants, or as a pencil holder.

An aluminum can.Recycling is the process of making new products out of used materials. When aluminum cans are recycled, the aluminum is melted, pressed into sheets, and reformed into a new product.


Don't forget another option:
Some items can be REPAIRED!!!

Compacted landfill land.

Personal choices and the decisions that are made by each person can have a significant impact on resource consumption, waste generation, and the environment. YOU can:

Trash icon. Practice precycling by reducing the amount of waste at the source (This includes buying items that can be reused or have minimal packaging. Almost $1.00 of every $10.00 spent for food and beverages in America pays for packaging. Packaging contributes about 30% of the weight and 50% of the volume of household waste.);
Trash icon. Reuse products as much as possible ;
Trash icon. Close the recycling loop by buying goods made from or packaged in recycled products; and
Trash icon. Help establish and maintain a community recycling program and encourage participation.




waste stream

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