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Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Season 3 - Episode 301

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Painter David Horton presents stories in his colorful canvases, filled with symbolic icons and fantastic creatures. Ken Burns discusses his perspective as a historical documentarian; we learn about the life of playwright August Wilson; and visit the largest ballroom dance competition in the world, held in Columbus, Ohio. Historic re-enactors bring an appreciation of history and theatre to their commemorative events, making them a Louisiana Treasure.

Season 3 - Episode 302

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Artist Caroline Youngblood incorporates a fresh look in her work, influenced by her family and rural roots growing up in North Louisiana. Actor David Hyde Pierce discusses theatre master classes that re-inspire professionals; we look into the world of writer Terry O’Neal; and explore the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center in Troy, New York. We visit the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, another Louisiana Treasure.

Season 3 - Episode 303

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Textile artist Judith Braggs creates folk art quilts that harken back to her childhood growing up in rural Louisiana. We meet a Florida 17-year-old who has a passion for the blues; artist Virginia Fifield explores the natural world in her realistic charcoal drawings; and we see how an interest in archeology has guided a potter to her craft. This Louisiana Treasure is best known for the famous artist who spent time there as a tutor; the Audubon State Historic Site is also known as Oakley Plantation.

Season 3 - Episode 304

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We visit the studio of Baton Rouge artist Mary Lee Eggart who uses artistic symbolism in her elaborate drawings of birds and nature. Actor Zach Braff discusses his latest work, a crowd funded film called “Wish I Was Here;” we hear from extraordinary jazz violinist Regina Carter; and examine the connection between Art and Money in a new exhibit. An iconic symbol, our state bird - the Brown Pelican is a living Louisiana Treasure.

Season 3 - Episode 305

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We visit painter Douglas Bourgeois in his St. Amant studio, where he employs religious iconography, Louisiana landscapes and tributes to musicians, writers and other artists in his work. There's also a peek at a Festival focusing on Women and Film; Rick Burns shares a preview of his documentary on the history of the American Ballet Theatre; and a Korean artist recycles material in her art installations. Our Louisiana Treasure this week is a haunted historical landmark, The Myrtles Plantation.

Season 3 - Episode 306

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Thirty-five years since the Pulitzer prize-winning comedic novel was published, the LSU Press marks the anniversary with a new edition of “A Confederacy of Dunces,” and we glimpse a cookbook and companion to the novel. We’ll see how film director David Lynch began his artistic career as a painter; a photographer learns she doesn’t have to choose between a career and family; and Johnny Hart’s beloved comic strip, B.C., lives on through the work of his family. A hot dog-shaped vendor’s cart rolls its way into a novel, a museum, and our list of Louisiana Treasures.

Season 3 - Episode 307

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We talk with multi-talented Louisiana artist and gallery owner Mary Ann Caffery about her life in the arts. A play explores the harsh realities of returning home from war; comic book writer Jason Aaron turned heads when he turned Thor into a woman; Art Alexakis, rock icon from Everclear, inspires a new generation of musicians at the new Los Angeles College of Music. Once a tool for hunters, today’s carved duck decoys are finely crafted works of art, featured this week in our Louisiana Treasures segment.

Season 3 - Episode 308

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We visit Moonbot Studios in Shreveport to hear about the latest projects from Oscar-winning creative partners William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg. Every Wednesday night in Las Vegas top musicians along the strip join an improvisational jam session; artist Carlos Hernandez adds more color to life in his screen prints; the historic work of New York photographer Alice Austen sheds light on everyday life in the Victorian era. Our Louisiana Treasure this week is the state wildflower, the Louisiana Iris.

Season 3 - Episode 309

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Lake Charles artist Candice Alexander has built a flourishing business on the things Louisianians love; the fleur the de lis, the brown pelican, Mardi Gras; and much more. We travel out to California to visit the Laguna College of Art and Design. There, we see students flourishing in game art, design and digital media, textiles and action sports design. Then, we sit down with prolific printmaker Lou Stavall in his Washington, DC studio to get an inside look at his creative process and we meet the woman behind Houston Theatre’s series of semi-autobiographical musical extravaganzas. And, in our Louisiana Treasures segment, we profile a huge mural produced by famed Louisiana artist Conrad Albrizio. It is now on display at the Capitol Park Museum.

Season 3 - Episode 310

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Louisiana native Kimberly Holt Willis talks about the real people and places behind her books, My Louisiana Sky, When Zachary Beaver Came to Town, Dear Hank Williams and other works. We will visit Cirio Collective Salon, a place where dancers have the freedom to create and push themselves without restrictions. Clint Holmes speaks on topics ranging from what it was like to grow up as a mixed race child and what that inexplicable “thing” is that makes him passionate about music. We’ll visit The Toytisserie Exhibit in the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures. It features numerous new, old and vintage toys. Plus, in our Louisiana Treasures segment, we’ll share the history behind Shreveport’s Antioch Baptist Church.

Season 3 - Episode 311

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This week on LPB’s Art Rocks!, we meet Lake Charles painter John Martel, who tells us why he draws and paints the monsters and video game characters that fascinated him as a child. Hollywood came calling for some of Martel’s creations for the movie, American Ultra. Artist Michael Roque Collins shares how his work has evolved from realistic, to dreamscapes and now to abstract. Artisan Dale Chihuly has shattered the notion of what can be done with glass; we’ll see his installations at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Photographer Grace Natoli Sheldon is a best known for her commercial photographic work that graces the covers of popular magazines. We’ll show you how she stages food to make audiences hungry for more. Plus, in our Louisiana Treasures segment, we experience the Greek Revival splendor of Houmas House and its 38 acres of lush gardens.

Season 3 - Episode 312

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Shreveport is among cities across the nation creating “pop-up” art studios. We take a tour of artspace and meet several emerging artists exhibiting and selling their work there. At one time or another, everyone's been told not to "play with fire." Fortunately, some central Florida performers ignore that warning every day. Then, we’ll meet artist Sherry Tseng Hill, who creates bright, multicultural masks out of old computer boxes and scraps of paper. Plus, the egrets take over Avery Island every year from February through May. In our Louisiana Treasures segment, we will tell you how Edmund Avery McIlhenny went to great lengths to attract the birds.

Season 3 - Episode 313

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Shreveport artist Harriet Stone Evans combines her math skills with her love of painting to create designs she says can be helpful in understanding mathematical equations. We visit HistoryMiama Museum to experience the Beatles at the height of their popularity. Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts recently published a series of decades old images pulled from film that had never developed; taken by famed African American photographer Gordon Parks. The pictures offer a very revealing look at life under segregation. And, contemporary Native American Artist Brent Learned takes us into his studio where he captures the essence and historic authenticity of the American Plains Indians.

Season 3 - Episode 314

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This week on Art Rocks! meet Lafayette painter Jeromy Young, who has studied the techniques of Baroque-era masters for inspiration in creating masterpieces of his own. He shares some of his secrets and we see some of his commissioned portraits, as well as his still life and pastoral works. Artist Jera Rose Petal Lodge melds metal into wearable sculpture that broadens the definition of jewelry. "Louis & Keely 'Live' at the Sahara" is a musical that relives the story of the legendary music duo Louis Prima and Keely Smith, who took Las Vegas by storm in the 1950s and 60s. David Blondell, a sports artist combines his two passions by using his artistic skills to recreate some of sports most memorable moments. Plus, as part of this week’s Louisiana Treasures segment, we will introduce you to the dog that oversees the Shreveport art scene.

Season 3 - Episode 315

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Nationally recognized soundsuit designer and show producer Nick Cave is preparing to wow people in Shreveport, with “As Is.” The performance is designed to get us to become more accepting of each other as we are. The artist, Alfreda Lam combined his Chinese, African and Spanish heritage with his world travels to create works of art that are described as robust, vigorous and different. We’ll examine his creations. We’ll get a chance to enter the world of Cartier jewelry and its designers. It’s all part of a display at the Denver Art Museum and we will meet metropolitan youth orchestra directors who are combining musical training with fun to teach their craft. In our Louisiana Treasures segment; people all over the world are discovering what our state’s Whitney Museum has to offer. We’ll show you what all of the talk is about.

Art Rocks Special Edition 2016

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LPB presents a special episode of Art Rocks! featuring artists from across Louisiana.

Part 1:
Mary Ann Caffery of Baton Rouge is best known for her work with stained glass and mosaics, but is also a very talented painter and photographer. We talk with Caffery about her work and why she transitioned into the art world after obtaining a degree in chemistry.

Candice Alexander of Lake Charles has traveled the country to get ideas for her art and to sell it. Her fleur de lis, pelicans, crawfish, and other Louisiana are a hit.

We visit Moonbot Studios in Shreveport to hear about the latest projects from Oscar-winning creative partners William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg.

Part 2:Pointe Coupee’s Judith Braggs has been making quilts for years, but folks are now raving about her folk art 3-D quilts. She tells us how she came up with the idea.

CC Lockwood is best known for his photos of the Atchafalaya Swamp. He tells us why his journey never grows old, and how we can also take interesting pictures.

Lafayette painter Jeromy Young shows us a painting that recently got rave reviews during a New Orleans auction.

Season 3 - Episode 316

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French painter Marie Adrien Persac arrived in Louisiana in the early 1840s and captured much of the Old South before the onset of the Civil War. The inside of a lavish pre-war Mississippi River boat and the New Orleans Opera House are among his most valued creations. Cincinnati stone sculptor Karen Heyl was in her thirties when she picked up her first chisel. You can now find her work in buildings, parks and cityscapes throughout the United States. Tamarie Cooper is well known in Houston for decades of work in the theatre. Her latest show is a semi-autobiographical musical focusing on the challenges of aging. We’ll show you how the Dayton Ballet and the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra are working together to put on a magnificent show.

Season 3 - Episode 317

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South Louisiana resident Leopold Frilot learned at an early age the wonders of wood and how it can be turned into many things. With decades of experience behind him now; you will be amazed by some of the objects Frilot has carved, turned and polished. We’ll show you how Iranian born musician and philosopher Ostad Elahi managed to cultivate ancient traditions into his work. The mother of a California artist thought she had to do something to fix her son, until she realized how inspiring his work was to himself and everyone around him. And, we’re traveling to Miami to show you how classical ballet training teaches children discipline; self-esteem and an incredible work ethic.

Season 3 - Episode 318

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The LSU Museum of Art recently expanded its exhibit space by 10,000 feet. The added space allows the museum to show off priceless paintings, silver, pottery and much more that have never been on public display or have not been accessible to the public for many years. We will give you an in depth tour of the new exhibits at the LSU Museum. In our nation's capital; local artists and businesses come together to create an interactive art adventure. We will show you how some businesses are being covered with art while people are taking part in art workshops nearby. And, we will travel out to the west coast to show how painters are using living canvases.

Season 3 - Episode 319

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Coming up on Art Rocks, a Lafayette man who uses reclaimed lumber, salvaged trees and deer sheds to make antler fish. We’ll take a look at Edith Head’s historic costume collection. The designer is one of the most recognizable names in film fashion history. We’ll visit the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the Backpack Program is helping families engage with artwork. And, we’ll meet Violectic, an Orlando, Florida group that combines the energy and irreverence of Rock 'N' Roll with the sweet sounds of violins and violas. Plus, we’ll share the history behind some of the faces protruding from the side of the Louisiana State Capitol.

Season 3 - Episode 320

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Grammy-nominated Lafayette musician Cedric Watson; the Nevada Ballet Theatre and its work to bring classical ballet to Las Vegas communities; copper sculptor August Powers, who uses fire to create metal figures inspired by the wilderness of Florida Keys; and Fashion Designer and Season Two Project Runway winner Chloe Dao, who discusses what it takes to produce a fashion show…All of this, plus the history behind the majestic Church of the Holy Cross on Cotton Street in Shreveport.

Season 3 - Episode 321

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Jairus Daigle’s fascination with the violin began when he was a child attending Lake Charles Symphony concerts to hear his dad, Chester Daigle, the orchestra’s pianist. Jairus followed his calling and in the two decades since, he has become a Berklee College of Music graduate and has two albums to his credit. Hear how music remains a family affair for the Daigles. We also travel around the country to visit the National Gallery of Art to see the neo-impressionist works of Gustave Caillebotte; we meet Sacramento fashion photographer, Mark Gunter; and head south to Sarasota, Florida for a visit with balloon artist Bobby Scuteri. All this plus we discover that the oldest fully functioning courthouse in the United States is found right here in Louisiana.

Season 3 - Episode 322

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Louisiana ceramicist Rachel Sevier tells us about her application of botanical textures and patterns to create her inspired one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork. The Nevada Ballet Theatre brings classical ballet to the Las Vegas community. We meet Thomas Hart Benton, an artist who brought a cinematic approach to his paintings stemming from his days working alongside early filmmakers. And we see a 1904 model of a sugar mill at the West Baton Rouge Museum.

Season 3 - Episode 323

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Art Rocks celebrates the 50th anniversary of Baton Rouge Gallery, one of the oldest artist co-ops in the United States. We visit with some of the founding artists, as well as those who have helped it remain a thriving space for contemporary art today. We travel to the Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater to meet Founder and Artistic Director Bernard Gaddis, who tells us how a PBS special influenced his choreography. Then, we head to Houston to meet an accomplished quilter, who demonstrates her technique and shares her approach to her colorful creations.