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Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Season 2 - Episode 209

click for larger image Painter Alex Harvie’s contemporary images are full of movement and spontaneity, which he has brought into the spotlight by painting live at events. A one-man, multi-media theatre piece pokes fun at the “Hip Hop Industrial Complex,” and explores challenges and stereotypes in the industry. Sculptor Barbara Sorensen focuses on the relationship between humans and nature; and a woodworker from Cleveland, Ohio crafts guitars for celebrity musicians. A charismatic character in Cajun music, “Jolie Blonde” is a Louisiana Treasure and remains as seductive and enigmatic as ever.

Season 2 - Episode 208

click for larger image The LSU Dance Ensemble, under the direction of Sandra Parks, performs modern dance choreographed to a Prokofiev Quintet written in 1926. A curator explores the messages in Norman Rockwell’s paintings, especially two works featuring African Americans; a music producer introduces Jazz to a new generation; and an Artists’ Collaborative Gallery in Sacramento is a hit with the local creative crowd. Our Louisiana Treasures segment takes us rollin’ on the river with a look at steam powered Paddlewheelers from yesterday and today.

Season 2 - Episode 207

click for larger image With a keen eye for interior design, Rebecca Vizard transforms antique textiles from around the world into deluxe home accessories in her studio on Lake Bruin. A New York pilot-turned-artist tells us how her love of maps turned into her passion for painting. Designer Kenji Kondo shares his thoughts on modern manufacturing and sustainability; and architecture and city skylines are the favorite subject of artist Steve Slaske. In our Louisiana Treasures segment, learn the story of a controversial statue nicknamed “Uncle Jack.”

Season 2 - Episode 206

click for larger image Baton Rouge painter Christopher Turner often turns to music for inspiration, and enjoys the demands of painting at live events. A Spanish language conservatory in Miami brings a new version of Cyrano to the stage. Classical pianist Katie Mahan shares her views on music and art, and her role in the world of classical music. A surfing couple turns to skateboarding when the waves are calm, and bring the artistry of a craftsman to their one-of-a-kind Longline skateboards; and we’ll hear how the Louisiana Hayride helped launch music careers, becoming a treasure in north Louisiana.

Season 2 - Episode 205

click for larger image We examine the career of Louisiana painter George Rodrigue as his son, Jacques walks us through a retrospective exhibit in New Orleans. Married for 20 years, two glass artists who work together in Las Vegas discuss their art and their relationship. Paleo-artist John Gurche uses his talents to bring dinosaurs to museums, books and even Hollywood. A drum and dance company takes us on a cultural journey; and we appreciate the unique values of having the Bald Cypress as our state tree.

Season 2 - Episode 204

click for larger image The Baton Rouge Walls Project gives teens an inspiring summer experience by creating a new look for their community, bringing color and energy to older neighborhoods through murals. Two brothers in Syracuse, New York tackle social issues through their music. Animator David Tart explains the rewarding process of bringing characters to life; and we take a fun look at a quirky collector of penny scales. WPA art, scattered throughout the state, is another Louisiana Treasure.

Season 2 - Episode 203

click for larger image Jeweler Christine DesJardins finds inspiration in the form of a simple seed pod for her striking signature designs. See how New York City shaped the art of Edward Hopper. In Florida, an interactive theater experience explores the subject of responsibility through ancient Sumerian mythology. And photographer Dorothea Lange is profiled by her granddaughter in a new film. A Louisiana Treasure is put on display in Baton Rouge – the image of the former emperor, faithfully recorded in Napoleon’s Death Mask.

Season 2 - Episode 202

click for larger image Inspired by the heritage and beauty of her native India, muralist and painter Geeta Dave brings a fierce passion to her art, her teaching, and her community. In Denver, a master craftsman creates trumpets with a personally hand-crafted sound, a Houston architect gives us a modern take on the Kit Home, and Florida photographer Craig Royal creates fine art abstract images from the interplay of water, reflections of light and wind – all while being visually impaired. The epic poem Evangeline has been adopted as a Cajun legend, and is a Louisiana Treasure.

Season 2 - Episode 201

click for larger image Photographer A.J. Meek presents his latest work, The Healing Presence, Photographs of the Sky and Children’s Perceptions of Hope. In Denver, the spirit of innovation is woven through contemporary Native American art at the “Cross Currents” exhibit, a European cellist brings his passion to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and in Florida, Lisa Frasier sculpts whimsical animals out of clay. The historic and diverse neighborhood of Spanish Town in Baton Rouge is a Louisiana Treasure.

Season 1 - Episode 115

click for larger image Inspired by modern art, poet Ed Ruzicka finds creative expression through language; when panoramic photography is taken to the extreme, one artist creates “little planets;” Melissa Janda combines her love for traditional stained glass with painting; housing the studios of 80 local artists, The Hub in New Smyrna Beach, Florida has a powerful creative vibe. Briarwood is not the only legacy of naturalist Caroline Dormon, but this Louisiana Treasure was at the center of her world.
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