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Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Season 2 - Episode 222

click for larger image A New Orleans native, painter Rolland Golden has captured both city and rural landscapes, as well as some of the most emotional moments in our history, during a career that spans over 50 years. We see how actors bring the amazing puppets of War Horse to life on stage; nonfiction writer William Donati embarks on a new journey to create a historical fiction novel; and drones take to the skies over Houston offering a new perspective on the urban landscape. Our Louisiana Treasures segment this week examines the iconic statue of Andrew Jackson that graces Jackson Square in New Orleans.

Season 2 - Episode 221

click for larger image Esteemed botanical artist Margaret Stones created a legacy of world-class paintings of native Louisiana flora during her career, and we take a closer look at the collection at LSU. Sculptor Sharon Gainesburg shares her thoughts on unlocking the creative artist within us all; visit a photo exhibit in Arizona that focuses on seniors that served in WWII many years ago; and meet the “Song Peddler” at his new, outdoor venue. Louisiana’s State Capitol is an imposing architectural structure that incorporates a wealth of Art Deco design, as we discover in our Louisiana Treasures segment.

Season 2 - Episode 220

click for larger image Lafayette woodworker John Allen LeBlanc creates museum-worthy miniatures of historic Louisiana buildings, preserving the memory of landmark structures. Poet Carlos Contreras shares how self-reflection can lead to positive change; an animator practices the precise art of Claymation; and a Denver artist creates breathtaking sculptures utilizing light and sound. We examine an unforgettable fictional character who has become a Louisiana Treasure, the anti-hero of “A Confederacy of Dunces,” Ignatius J. Reilly.

Season 2 - Episode 219

click for larger image Photographer C.C. Lockwood and painter Rhea Gary teamed up on a Marsh Mission to spread awareness of and an appreciation for Louisiana's gulf coast. A contemporary painter uses irony and allegory in his work; musician Antsy McClain combines folk, country, and rock and roll styles in his original tunes; and we visit the Loveland Sculpture Invitational in Colorado. Our Louisiana Treasure this week is Mile Branch Settlement, where you’ll find authentic log cabins of the pioneer settlers in Washington Parish.

Season 2 - Episode 218

click for larger image Creole painter Vergie Banks calls Louisiana "her treasure chest," and illustrates her journey through life with an iconic little girl on a red tricycle. We visit a 40 year retrospective of ceramic art produced by artists partnering with the Kohler Company at their industrial factory; a New Mexico artist shares the inspiration he finds in nature and mythology; and we tour Solomon’s Castle, a hand-built fortress in Florida that also contains a gallery of the art work of Howard Solomon. Our Louisiana Treasures segment features the story of the gilded statue of Joan of Arc, the maid of Orléans, France, that stands in the New Orleans French Quarter.

Season 2 - Episode 217

click for larger image Native Louisiana sculptor John Geldersma, who takes inspiration from primitive archetypes in a style some call "contemporary tribalism." A passion for the West inspires photographer Tom Ferderbar’s art, while his training with the famed Ansel Adams influences his style; a pianist from Sacramento takes listeners on a musical journey; and a cancer survivor enjoys an “encore” career as a portrait artist. Plus, we explore the tradition of the beautifully-woven basketry of the Chitimacha tribe in our Louisiana Treasures segment.

Season 2 - Episode 216

click for larger image Lori Waselchuk 's moving photo documentary focuses on Louisiana's Angola Penitentiary and the inmate volunteers that run a Hospice program there. We meet Justin Majeczky, a multimedia specialist creating an extraordinary view of the world through time lapses; a Florida sculptor uses his experiences from the Vietnam War as inspiration to create his art; and an exhibit at the Denver Art Museum demonstrates the vastness of what fiber art can encompass. This week we examine a Horse-Drawn Hearse in our Louisiana Treasures segment.

Season 2 - Episode 215

click for larger image Alexandria, Louisiana sculptor Morris Taft Thomas feels a spiritual expression through his art, which ranges from realism to contemporary abstraction. A Portland, Oregon filmmaker workshops with her teenage actors; we experience a day in the life of a ballerina, and hear from Liberace’s costume designer at an exhibit of the Las Vegas showman’s lavish stage garb. Lagniappe is the subject of our Louisiana Treasures segment.

Season 2 - Episode 214

click for larger image Muralist Robert Dafford has made a lasting impression in cities across the country, as well as internationally. We look at this Lafayette native’s major works over the last four decades, and his contribution to the Louisiana art landscape. Bobbi Mastrangelo is internationally known for her artwork based on the theme of manhole covers; for five generations, the Frei family continues to apply Medieval techniques to the craft of stained glass windows; and we meet a Sculptural Landscape artist who enjoys bringing the urban and the natural worlds together in his public works of art. Our Louisiana Treasures segment looks at sculptures that indicate evacuation sites.

Season 2 - Episode 213

click for larger image Artist Tony Bernard grew as a painter during his relationship with his mentor, the late George Rodrigue, and now enjoys expressing the exuberance of Louisiana culture in his work. We visit the Museum of Jewish Heritage for insight into the lives and talents of Jews living in Nazi concentration camps during the holocaust. The Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado brings music from the 17th and 18th centuries to a modern audience; and metal sculptor Bill Reid creates amazing and delightful creatures with his movable, whimsical art. Our Louisiana Treasure this week is the Old State Capitol, a stunning example of gothic revival architecture.
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