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Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Season 5 - Episode 503

click for larger image Theatre Baton Rouge has been a beacon for the area’s most talented performers, presenting high quality community theater for more than 70 years, and it continues to gain momentum. We visit with the theatre’s Managing Artistic Director Jenny Ballard and cast members of its recent production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Then, we meet Miami-born, New York City-based artist Daniel Arsham, who has won national recognition for his daring sculptural and architectural works, and award-winning Wisconsin artist James Meyer, who became a photographer by accident. Find out how plus, take a tour of the beautiful St. John the Baptist Church in New Orleans, this week’s Louisiana Treasure. (503)

Season 5 - Episode 502

click for larger image In addition to traditional plein air paintings, Mandeville artist, Peg Usner creates what she calls an incredible feat, using two or more canvases to present one scene. Many of her paintings reveal the beauty of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. We meet stone carver Susan Zalkind, who travels the American Southwest to find the perfect pieces of alabaster to create magnificent pieces of art. Ohio artist, Toni Lipsey shows us how she uses beautiful yarns to create inspired creations. And Bob Pettit and Shaquille O’Neal are still drawing crowds at LSU. We take a close-up look at their images in bronze, this week’s Louisiana Treasure.

Season 5 - Episode 501

click for larger image This week on LPB’s Art Rocks!, Season 5 premieres with a look at art in public schools. We see works created by the talented students from Westdale Middle School in Baton Rouge, under the direction of their teacher and professional artist, Aliah James. Then, we’ll meet Lisa Garness Mallory, a Colorado artist who introduces us to her technique of etching photographs, and Ernest Miller, a ceramicist from Minnesota who creates signature pieces with custom glazes. Plus, we tour the Central School Art & Humanities Center in Lake Charles, this week’s Louisiana Treasure.

Season 4 - Episode 424

click for larger image It’s the blues edition! First, we meet one of the biggest musical names to come out of Baton Rouge and known throughout the nation - Grammy-nominated bluesman Kenny Neal. He tells us why he decided to move back to his hometown and about carrying on the music legacy of his father, harpist Raful Neal. Next, we meet Blues Hall-of-Famer Lazy Lester, originally from West Feliciana Parish, and who now resides in California. Only a handful of people know as much as Lazy Lester does about the early days of blues in the Capital City. He tells us how being in the right place at the right time launched his blues career. Kenny Neal and Lazy Lester play the blues for us and reminisce about the good old days including their experiences with the Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, and others.

Plus, we’ll hear how California artist Rufus Chalmers draws on jazz to create his paintings.

Season 4 - Episode 423

click for larger image Lake Charles painter Bill Iles was raised in a 135-year-old homestead in nearby Dry Creek and was inspired by long walks through the woodlands around his hometown, painting landscapes from memory. His forest scenes have great visual impact with their small - almost pointillist - brushstrokes, saturated color palette, and graphic aesthetic. In our Louisiana Treasures segment, we visit the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans.

Season 4 - Episode 422

click for larger image Meet Lake Charles artist Jeremy Price who discovered his love and ability for creating art while pursuing a degree in criminal justice. Today, Jeremy is helping preserve the familiar façades of his city, as well as transform otherwise blank walls into vibrant public art to the delight of residents and visitors.

Visit Florida sculptor Helen Harrison, who reveals the character of wood and found objects using color, texture, shape, and movement and then introduce you to the Broadway Dance Lab in New York City, a choreography incubator that gives theater dancers the resources they need to bring their visions to life. Plus, we’ll share the history of the 1911 Historic City Hall in Lake Charles, this week’s Louisiana Treasure.

Season 4 - Episode 421

click for larger image Meet James Michalopoulos, a New Orleans artist who has a way of making the historic homes in his city dance to the beat of its music. His expressionistic oils distort perception and memory in ways that seem to have a direct conduit to the essential rhythm of the city. Having been named the Official Artist of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival no fewer than six times, a thirty-year retrospective of his work is currently on view at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. James Michalopoulos talks with us about how he works his magic.

Next, we’ll visit a Colorado art gallery that looks more like a playground, then introduce you to the beautiful Missouri River country landscapes as captured by photographer, William Fields. Plus, in our Louisiana Treasures segment, learn which painting the legendary Louisiana artist, George Rodrigue believed sweetened his career.

Season 4 - Episode 420

click for larger image Meet the artist who left perhaps the most visible and historical interpretation of what life was like in Louisiana from the late 1920s to the late 1940s, muralist Conrad Albrizio. What causes a museum and exhibit designer to suddenly try his hand at making wine? Jerry Eisterhold shares his story with us. And an Ohio wood-turner creates beautiful bowls from old logs. Plus, as part of this week’s Louisiana Treasures segment, the compelling story behind LSU’s Memorial Tower.

(Image: Detail of Conrad Albrizio mural on the wall of Union Passenger Terminal, New Orleans, LA)

Season 4 - Episode 419

click for larger image Meet painter Ed Smith, whose passionate environmentalism is expressed in the gorgeous and color-saturated birds he paints—teeming multitudes huddled together in improbable profusion. Smith explains, “Moving here, I became very aware of the density of the landscape; there’s the feeling that if we, as humans, just stopped for a few years, nature would just swallow us up.” Although Smith credits the sheer life force of South Louisiana for making nature impossible to ignore, his work cautions viewers against taking it for granted. – excerpt Country Roads Magazine, March 2017

It has been 150 years since the story of Alice In Wonderland was first told. We’ll tell you how it came about and how it has evolved. Plus, as part of this week’s Louisiana Treasures segment, we visit a Conrad Albrizio mural that looms large at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum in Shreveport.

Season 4 - Episode 418

click for larger image Meet Shreveport artist Rachel Stuart-Haas, whose paintings evoke the obvious and the ethereal worlds of her female subjects. Rachel likes to imagine that each artwork captures the subject’s ability to exist in both worlds at once. Plus, opera directors often depend on their costumes to help convey the mood of their productions. We’ll show you what goes into the costume design process. Then, we’ll meet a man who plays Irish flute and combines it with Celtic music in an unexpected way. And as part of this week’s Louisiana Treasures segment, we’re reminded why sculptor Frank Hayden has such a lasting legacy in Louisiana’s capital city.
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