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Thursday, May 25, 2017
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Season 3 - Episode 312

click for larger image Shreveport has joined other cities across the nation in creating a “pop-up” art site, Artspace. The market provides budding artists with free space to exhibit their work. At one time or another, everyone's been told not to "play with fire." Fortunately, some central Florida performers ignore that warning every day. Artist Sherry Tseng Hill creates bright, multicultural masks out of old computer boxes and scraps of paper. We’ll take a look at them. We’ll meet a Sacramento collage artist who makes pictures out of bits and pieces of her other works. Plus, the egrets are taking over Avery Island as they do every year from February through May. In our Louisiana Treasures segment, we will tell you how Edmund Avery McIlhenny went to great lengths to attract the birds.

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