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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Art Rocks Special Edition 2016

click for larger image LPB presents a special episode of Art Rocks! featuring artists from across Louisiana.

Part 1:
Mary Ann Caffery of Baton Rouge is best known for her work with stained glass and mosaics, but is also a very talented painter and photographer. We talk with Caffery about her work and why she transitioned into the art world after obtaining a degree in chemistry.

Candice Alexander of Lake Charles has traveled the country to get ideas for her art and to sell it. Her fleur de lis, pelicans, crawfish, and other Louisiana are a hit.

We visit Moonbot Studios in Shreveport to hear about the latest projects from Oscar-winning creative partners William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg.

Part 2:Pointe Coupee’s Judith Braggs has been making quilts for years, but folks are now raving about her folk art 3-D quilts. She tells us how she came up with the idea.

CC Lockwood is best known for his photos of the Atchafalaya Swamp. He tells us why his journey never grows old, and how we can also take interesting pictures.

Lafayette painter Jeromy Young shows us a painting that recently got rave reviews during a New Orleans auction.

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