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Thursday, January 18, 2018
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2017 Louisiana Legends Honorees

  • Julian E. Bailes, Jr., M.D.

    Julian E. Bailes, Jr., M.D.

    A recognized leader in the field of neurosurgery, Julian E. Bailes, MD, is the Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery and Co-Director of the NorthShore Neurological Institute. He earned his bachelor’s degree in general studies from LSU in 1978 and his M.D. from LSU School of Medicine in 1982.

    With a special interest in neurological athletic injuries, Dr. Bailes has been a team physician at either the NFL or collegiate level for twenty-two years. Since 1992, he has been the neurological consultant to the NFL Players’ Association (NFLPA), which has sponsored his research on the effects of head injuries on professional athletes. He is medical director of the Center for Study of Retired Athletes and chair of sports medicine for the American Association of Neurological Surgeons Congress of Neurological Surgeons. He has had more than 100 publications concerning various aspects of neurological surgery, including three books on neurological sports medicine, and performs editorial duties for numerous medical journals.

    Dr. Bailes has been honored as one of the U.S. best neurosurgeons for eight consecutive years in America’s Best Doctors, and U.S. Top Surgeons since 2006. He is the chairman of the Board West Virginia Health Information Network, serves as medical director of Pop Warner Football, and is a member of NFLPA Brain Injury Committee and director of its Second Opinion Network. He is also founder and director of the Brain Injury Research Institute, and is adviser to the National Collegiate Athletic Association for brain injury in collegiate sports.

    Dr. Bailes and his wife, Colleen, have five children - Julian III, Megan, Billy Jack, Melanie, and Clint.

  • James Moncus

    James Moncus

    Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Jim Moncus has had his fair share of struggles. Losing his father at the age of four, he and his siblings quickly learned the importance of hard work as they helped their mother support their family. His first job, as a boy of 10, was to deliver 100 newspapers daily by bicycle. He quickly learned the dynamics of business and the value of responsibility at this first job.

    As a youngster, one of the most impactful and pivotal points in Jim’s life was the influence, mentorship and friendship he received from a gentleman neighbor, Dr. Bruce Cameron. Dr. Cameron took Jim under his wings, spent quality time with him and influenced his engineering skills by allowing Jim to participate in the development, engineering and testing of his many inventions; the most notable being the swivel athletic shoe designed to reduce knee joint injuries. Jim graduated high school, went on to serve in the United States Marine Corp and returned to Houston in 1962 to work in the oil industry. He struggled in the industry and found himself homeless. On the advice of a friend, Jim traveled to Lafayette, home of Lamb Oil Company. Desperate and hungry, Jim asked for a job, preferable offshore where he knew there would be a bunk and food to eat. Luckily, Lamb hired him and sent him out that very night. He stayed with Lamb for over a decade, working his way up to International Sales. In 1974, Jim started brokering oilfield equipment on his own and founded Devin International. Throughout the years, he engineered and patented several oilfield instruments, employed upwards of 75 local employees and prospered.

    His tenacity and hard work paid off. In 2008, Jim sold his business and comfortably retired. Shortly thereafter, Jim established the James Devin Moncus Family Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to further the philanthropic intent of its founder by supporting organizations and individuals in the fields of education, healthcare, animal welfare and the arts. Jim’s single mother, their early struggles and the influence of Dr. Cameron were the primary inspiration for Jim’s charitable giving.

    Since 2008, Jim and his wife, Ruth, and the James Devin Moncus Family Foundation have distributed well over $8,000,000 to local education, healthcare, animal welfare and the arts. Jim married Ruth Hupp Moncus in 1998. She says she fell in love with his kindness, determination and good looks. Ruth was born in Eunice, Louisiana, and graduated from Eunice High School and became a Registered Nurse after graduation from LSU.

    Jim and Ruth share the same passion for faith in God, family, education, the arts and every aspect of the community. They share a blended family; children: Van Epps and family, Gena Epps Francis and family, Jennifer Moncus Lewis and family.

  • Juan Pierre

    Juan Pierre

    Juan Pierre, a native of Mobile, Ala., was a two-sport standout in basketball and baseball at Alexandria Senior High, He was a leadoff-hitting outfielder who played 14 seasons in the majors with the Colorado Rockies, Florida Marlins, Los Angels Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox and Philadelphia Phillies. Pierre compiled a career .295 batting average with three 200-hit seasons and led the National League in hits in 2004 (221) and ’06 (204).

    In total, Pierre had 2,217 career hits (225 doubles, 94 triples, 18 homers) -- and 517 RBI. Pierre also had 614 stolen bases, good for 18th on MLB’s all-time list, and led the league three times. He is one of only four players in MLB history to have at least 100 career steals with three different teams (Marlins, Rockies, Dodgers) and was the active leader in career stolen bases when he retired.

    Pierre also proved to be very durable at the major league level, playing in 821 consecutive games. He was the only player in baseball to play every inning of all his team’s games in 2004, and was only the third player to do it since 1971. He was named the 2003 team MVP of the World Series as a member of the Florida Marlins after hitting .305 and stealing a league-high 65 bases that season. In the World Series, he was the catalyst in leading the Marlins past the Yankees, hitting .333. He had a 16-game hitting streak to start his career, the second-longest streak to begin a career in MLB history.

  • Dee Dee Reilly

    Dee Dee Reilly

    Dee Dee Reilly grew up from one end of our country to the other. As the daughter of an Admiral she, her mother and two brothers enjoyed Navy life. Born in Coronado, CA, Dee Dee also lived on Pearl Harbor right after World War II and in the Mojave Desert during the time of the Sputnic lift-off. While living in Norfolk, VA, she met a young ensign at a dance.

    Dee Dee married that young ensign, Kevin P. Reilly Sr, in 1952, and they moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a two-year stint. After Kevin's military service, the couple returned to Kevin's hometown, where he enrolled in Harvard Business School.

    About a year into their life in Boston, Dee Dee's uncle, Charlie Lamar, convinced Kevin to take a leave from school to help him run a country/western radio station in Florida until a proper full-time manager could be hired. During that time Kevin got to meet Elvis Presley, although Dee Dee recommended Kevin refrain from speaking "on-air."

    Dee Dee and Kevin decided to launch their life together in Baton Rouge where Kevin took over Lamar Corporation. Dee Dee dove into the community. She was one of the founders of the Speech and Hearing Foundation, a storyteller, and the author of two children's books, Tibby and Teaching Agnes to Dance. As a puppeteer, she and her troupe performed at schools, libraries and national conferences. She said one of the highlights of her puppetry was meeting Big Bird. Dee Dee was also very busy having children - Kevin Jr, Wendell, Sean, and finally Anna. As the children grew so did Lamar, becoming what is today the largest outdoor advertising company in the US.

    Family and friends would agree that Dee Dee's middle name should be FUN. She spent much time creating one-of-a-kind adventures for her children, friends and extended family - there were trips on the houseboat. She taught everyone how to swim, canoe, kayak, ski, skipper a boat and basically take care of oneself on the water. Her house was the number one Halloween location thanks to Igor and his creepy rise from the coffin on her front yard.

    Kindness and gratitude are attributes of Dee Dee's philosophy. Social, health and educational issues and services have been top priority for Dee Dee, and she has proven her commitment to organizations time and again by her meaningful generosity, her leadership and service as a role model for other women. Dee Dee has been recognized by diverse organizations, including Planned Parenthood from whom she received the Margaret Sanger Award; City Year Baton Rouge where she was recognized as its 10th anniversary honoree in 2016, and from Louisiana State University, from which she was awarded an honorary doctoral degree. There is really no way to gauge the value of Dee Dee's kindnesses and contributions, simply because she doesn't talk about them. We do know they range from providing jobs for those down on their luck and helping young people find a pathway to college.

    What is Dee Dee most proud of? The kind of adults her children have become, and their collective influences on her eleven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

  • Toni and Emmet Stephenson

    Toni and Emmet Stephenson

    Toni and Emmet Stephenson share a romance that began as kindergarten sweethearts in 1950 in Bastrop, Louisiana where they were born only 37 days apart in1945 in the same hospital, delivered by the same doctor. They married in 1967 after both graduated from LSU and they have one daughter, Tessa, who is married and lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband, Richard Brand and their daughter Chloe, age 2.

    Both graduated from LSU in 1967, Emmet with a BS in Business and Toni with a BS from the College of Arts and Sciences. They were on the Student Council together, Toni representing her College and Emmet as President of the College of Business. During their college careers, Emmet graduated first in his business school class and Toni was on the LSU Darling Court and was Miss Baton Rouge in 1966. Toni was an officer of Delta Gamma sorority, and Emmet represented Kappa Sigma fraternity on the Interfraternity Council.

    Toni worked as a computer programmer to put Emmet through Harvard Business School to earn his MBA in 1969, and nearly 20 years later she returned to Boston to graduate from the Harvard Business School Owner/President Management program in 1990.

    After graduation, they moved to Denver, Colorado and over the next 5 decades started many businesses together as equal partners, including Stephenson & Co, a money management firm, and Stephenson Ventures, a private equity business that invested in approximately 200 different private companies over 50 years.

    Emmet and Toni founded and still own control of StarTek, Inc. (previously StarPak, Inc.) a business process outsourcing and medical services company, which was recognized in the INC Magazine America’s 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies five years in a row, resulting in their induction into the INC Magazine Hall of Fame in 1994. StarTek went public in 1997 on the New York Stock Exchange and has 14,000 employees on 3 continents.

    The couple was a control group investor in Danaher Corporation, which had only $10 million in revenue in 1982, subsequently becoming one of the most successful companies in U. S. business history, growing to over $20 billion revenue and over a $60 billion market cap. Emmet served 22 years as a director of this New York Stock Exchange medical and technology company now ranked number 133 in the Fortune 500.

    They founded General Communications, Inc. which was also chosen for the INC Magazine 500 three years in a row, and published Law Enforcement Product News, Public Safety Product News, Denver Magazine, Denver Business Magazine, and Vail Magazine, all of which were eventually sold to other publishers. They founded Charter Bank and Trust in Denver, where Emmet was Chairman and Toni was a Director, and briefly President, until it was sold to a large bank holding company in 1996. Both were underwriting members of Lloyds of London from 1978 to 1992.

    Domain.com, Inc., where Emmet is Chairman and Toni is President, own and operate with partners over 1,000 Internet sites, including Wedding.com, Annuities.com, Odds.com, ArmyReserves.com, Investments.com, Doctors.com, Hospitals.com, Airlines.com, Technology.com, Wholesale.com, Products.com, and Communications.com.

    In recognition of their business success, both have been inducted into the LSU College of Business Hall of Distinction, Emmet in 1998 and Toni in 2013, both served 4 years on the Harvard Business School Board of Dean’s Advisors from 2005 to 2009, and both have been recognized in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World for decades.

    Since not all of their activities were done as a pair, separately Toni was President of the Children’s Hospital Association of Volunteers in 1985 and served on the Board of Directors of Children’s Hospital of Denver and on the Board of St. Joseph’s Hospital. She served on the Board of Anchor Center for Blind Children for 5 years ending in 2003.

    Emmet was President of the Harvard Business School Alumni Association 1987-88 ending a 5-year term on the Board of Directors. He was honored with the Albert Einstein Award for Entrepreneurship in 1999 by the country of Israel, was inducted into the LSU Alumni Association Hall of Distinction in 2006 and the LSU Kappa Sigma Hall of Distinction 2005.

    Over the last 10 years, the couple has turned their attention to charity entrepreneurship with more than $50 million donated to new non-profit organizations they founded. In response to Hurricane Katrina, in 2006 they founded the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute at LSU to improve response to major disasters anywhere in the world. It was partnered with the existing, established applied research organization at LSU in 2011 to create the Stephenson National Center for Security Research and Training.

    Also in 2006, they founded the LSU Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute, which has evolved in 2016 into a new Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship and Information Sciences. Additional financial support was extended to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine and a new LSU Pet Hospital will be built with their support in the coming years.

    Toni and Emmet created and funded the annual Sean O’Keefe Leadership Award for the outstanding senior student leader at LSU. Their latest donation to LSU will support the founding of LSU Stephenson Technology Corporation, which will act as a monetizing liaison between LSU’s research operations and government and business.

    In medical research, Emmet, Toni, and Tessa have founded the Toni Stephenson Lymphoma Center at City of Hope Hospital in California with $10 million to find treatments and cures for cancers. They have attracted more than 20 scientists from MD Anderson in Houston, Northwestern University, New York University, and the University of Nebraska to join the existing world-class research team to establish one of the leading lymphoma research institutions in the world.

    The family has founded the Stephenson Family Personalized Medicine Center at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine with another $10 million to develop precision medicine using new genetics research to develop better treatments. In addition, Emmet and Toni have founded the Healthcare Innovation Network at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles to develop more effective procedures to reduce errors in operating rooms and hospitals using the same Kaizen techniques they used to build StarTek and Danaher. They founded and funded the Dr. Kenneth Adashek Surgical Excellence Award given annually to an outstanding young surgeon at Cedars-Sinai.

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