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Young Hero
Tiffany Cummins

Tiffany Cummins cares for her older brother who was paralyzed because of a football injury. She takes notes for him at college and tends to his many needs while maintaining a perfect 4.0 grade point average, being a member of the dance team and participating in a long list of clubs at Ouachita Parish High School.

Young Hero
Janeen Lenore Brinson

Janeen Brinson has been confined to a wheelchair since she was five years old but it hasn’t stopped her from ranking number one in her class and being a member of the Pep Squad at Calvin High School.

Young Hero
Lauren Goins

Things have not been easy for Lauren Goins. This academic all-star’s father died when she was in elementary school. Lauren had to become head of the household in 9th grade when her mother was in a car accident and became disable after a stroke and brain surgery. Lauren has a 4.65 grade point average in the prep/advanced honors curriculum at her school and is weighing offers from Harvard, MIT, and Johns Hopkins.

Young Hero
Tara Michelle Hinds

Tara Hinds has had surgery 33 times because of a congenital eye disorder and a heart problem. Despite her physical difficulties, Tara has volunteered over 200 hours and initiated a music program at Children’s Hospital and has also worked with the Audubon Zoo and the American Heart Association.

Young Hero
Adam Long

Adam Long has survived the loss of his mother to cancer and his own bout with cancer in his arm. Despite the numerous operations and chemotherapy, Adam has maintained a high B average and served as an inspiration to everyone who knows him.

Young Hero
Emily Schmidt

Emily Schmidt has maintained a 3.95 GPA at Lafayette High School while enduring the notoriety of her father being charged with attempted first degree murder in a nationally publicized case. She is a school leader with a long list of local, state and national accomplishments.

Young Hero
Beth Erin Verret

Beth Erin Verret was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was five weeks old and has been fighting a daily battle with the debilitating disease ever since. Despite her physical problems, Beth has been on the honor roll since the first grade and graduated fifth in her eighth grade class, plays in the band, helps deliver Christmas baskets and even plays sports when she can.

Young Hero
Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker has overcome his mother’s drug addiction and his own arrest on drug charges to become an outstanding student at John Ehret High School. Since his brush with the law, Walker has rededicated his life to getting an education with the goal of being a doctor. He is also an excellent role model for his brothers and sisters as well as the other students at his school, volunteers at a local nursing home and worked with the Youth Conservation Corps.

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